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Gun Control Crowd Wants To Be Called ‘Gun Safety’ Crowd


Anyone who’s written the words “gun control” since the push for gun violence prevention began in the wake of the Newtown shooting has received the emails. It’s not called “gun control” anymore, proponents of new and more stringent regulations on firearms write. Start calling it “gun safety.”

Gun control supporters say the term “gun safety” is less, well, loaded than “gun control,” the standard name for the push by groups like the Brady Campaign and others for decades. As part of their efforts to change the gun control push to make it more palatable politically, some are suggesting the phrase “gun control” be dropped once and for all.

During a brief press appearance on Thursday, Vice President Biden didn’t use the words “gun control” at all while talking about what actions the White House may push to help prevent future gun violence. But he did say “gun safety” three times in reference to groups like Brady, which favor new regulations on firearms.

The head of the Brady Campaign said gun control advocates have pushed to change the nomenclature. It’s another part of the movement’s attempt to learn the lessons of past defeats. Gun regulation advocates have promised to be more politically aggressive,punishing politicians who oppose their efforts and working to build the kind of financial and political infrastructure the gun rights community has relied on for years. Changing the wording is part of that process.

“I do think that unfortunately the term ‘gun control’ has become the short hand and marginalized to an extent,” Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign, told TPM on Thursday. He said that the term draws less support in polls than the specific policies those in the movement are calling for, such as universal background checks. “Talking about it in terms of safety is we think a very important thing because that’s really what we’re for. Not what we’re against.”

Not all advocates for new gun regulation use the term “gun safety.” The Advancement Project, a group calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and specifically opposing efforts by the National Rifle Association to put more armed guards in schools. The group is among those that have met with Biden’s gun violence task force and it favors the phrase “gun control.” For now.

“I could see a case for changing it. ‘Gun control’ has kind of a negative connotation. It almost implies taking something away, you know?” said Rich Robinson, spokesperson for the Advancement Project. “I think ‘gun safety’ makes good sense because ultimately that’s the goal right? It’s gun safety.”

“It’s funny, we’re still officially using the phrase ‘gun control’ in our literature right now,” Robinson said. “But I should actually talk to my boss about that.”

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12 Responses to Gun Control Crowd Wants To Be Called ‘Gun Safety’ Crowd

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I hope all their heads roll down the street, regardless of what they call it.

    The Liberal agenda IS the Zionist agenda. Woman’s “liberation”, Gay “liberation”, the eco-freaks, gun control, abortion, M.A.D.D., and even the hippie movement were (are) all tools of the Zionists, and all funded by them to work toward the Commie takeover that’s coming to fruition right now.
    “Better dead than Red”, as the old saying goes.

  2. Bryan says:

    This is a good example of political correctness, as good old fashioned deceit, and lying, in all its malodorous repugnance, and in this particular instance, irony.

    Taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens is anything but gun safety.

    Gun safety is what a law abiding citizen learns at a good shooting range.

    McChrystal talks about not being able to imagine anyone ‘in the streets’ needing military fire power. I dare say he’s being cynical, insincere. That is, I’m sure he does know. As a former high ranking military officer, I’m sure he knows very well. I’m also certain he’s familiar with the US Constitution, and the Second Amendment. I’ll bet he even knows about the Bolshevik revolution, the French revolution, chairman Mao, and others.

  3. Canuck says:

    I think ‘gun safety’ is a far more appropriate name for the pro 2nd amendment crowd. Go for it NRA LOL!

  4. Eomer says:

    The propagandists are hard at work trying to come up with decieving words and terms to sway pubilc opinion. This is a common and familiar tactic they’ve been using for a long time. Take a look at Agenda 21 and you will see this formula used across the board. They come up with friendly words that people couldn’t possibly go against. I mean who can say they don’t want to be “safe” with a gun or who wouldn’t want “sustainable” energy. The trick is, you just need to read the facts behind their plan of action and when you see that these facts don’t coincide with the terminology, you know they’re trying to sell you their agenda. WE are exactly the opposite. We call it what it is. Control, authoritarianism, totalitarianism. In fact, I just found a better word for the anti-gun crowd. Because they’re really not anti guns at all. They’re pro guns when their guards are armed. They’re pro guns when they’re protected by police. They’re pro guns when they conquer people with them. How does GUN AUTHORITARIANS sound? It’s so fitting and TRUE that I think that’s what I will call them from now on.

  5. Yeims says:

    How about “brain safety” — we could all vote for that.

  6. NC says:

    Yes, let’s call gun control crowds, GUN SAFETY CROWDS.

    Let’s call the Cockpit, THE FLIGHT CABIN.

    Let’s call Merry Christmas, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

    Let’s call the gay rights activists, THE RAINBOW CROWD.

    Let’s call the our government, THE U.N.

    Let’s just F**KING STOP with the political correctness bullshit and call a spade a damn spade!!! I’m so sick of this re-writing history/1984 brainwashing propaganda. Stop making up new words for words that already exist. It is what it is. Leave it alone. If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT! Stop this “We need to find ways to make it better” bullshit. NO YOU DON’T!! It was fine the way it was. No one else is bitching about it but you and your Zionists/Elitists friends, so leave it the HELL ALONE!!!

    • Angel-NYC says:

      Agreed. However, instead of PC, my first thought was…Advertising…Media…rephrase to (try to) “Make the Sale”.
      (BTW, did you ever get to watch “Wag The Dog”?)

  7. chris says:

    These are the same class of jackoffs that describe the operation of a weapon thusly (I’ve actually heard this before), “You just point and click”.

  8. Eomer says:

    You’re right Angel, this isn’t pc-ism as it is propaganda. They try to trick the public by using words that people wont oppose such as ‘safety’. Nobody says I want to be unsafe, unequal or unsustainable. This is how they sway the public opinion without the public even knowing.

  9. PJ London says:

    The answer is to move on to the offensive. All pro-2cnd-amendment supporters should start using the term “Gun Grabbers” for these people. Words do matter, we need to be ahead of the curve and not forever fighting a rear-guard action.
    They have the smartest and best paid propagandists in the world on their side, all we have is the truth.
    Create a Meme to offset their theirs.
    Start with a competition to describe their actions.
    “Stealing our childrens’ security”
    “Empowering criminals”
    “Dissing (or Disrespecting) our founders”
    “Piers Morgan, a modern Benedict Arnold”
    And then use the phrases over and over and over and over, until these images are in the mainstream.
    get discussion points and call them “liars”.
    Why are there millions of 30 round magazines on back order, if “most” Americans agree that they should be banned?
    How can an “Executive Order” apply to anyone not directly working for the White House?
    I am far away and totally out of your battle, but you will never win if all the initiative is with them.
    Anyone who can afford it should grab the billboards and airwaves and pump a positive message.
    Messages such ” you will take my gun from my cold dead hand” is cr*p, it should be “Your cold dead hand will never get to take my guns”.
    “The founders believed that God gave me the right to protect myself and my loved ones, he did not give you the right to place restrictions on how I do it.”
    Get positive, get active, take the lead in this war on your rights.

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