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Gunman dead after shooting 3 cops at N.J. police station

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NBC News – by Jason White

The gunman who shot three officers after a “violent struggle” at a New Jersey police station early Friday is dead, officials said.

The suspected shooter had been brought into Gloucester Township Police station for a domestic incident when he got into a confrontation with officers, reported NBC’s Philadelphia affiliate, NBC 10.

“A violent struggle occurred while the suspect was being processed,” Deputy Chief David Harkins said. The man was able to grab a gun and then opened fire.

One of the injured officers, who was rushed to surgery after being shot below his bulletproof vest, is listed in stable condition. The other two were treated for graze wounds and released.

The shooter was killed by police during the confrontation, according to Chief W. Harry Earle. The investigation was ongoing.

Gloucester is located in central New Jersey, about 15 miles outside Philadelphia.

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4 Responses to Gunman dead after shooting 3 cops at N.J. police station

  1. chris says:

    Watch for them to use this to start pushing the them or us narrative to cops.

  2. NC says:

    Well, imagine that. Someone actually started shooting cops while in a police station.

    As my mother in law in China always says after hearing about cops getting shot at like this, “He didn’t kill enough.”.


  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    He’s presented with an outstanding opportunity to do the community a HUGE favor.

    A gun, a police station FULL of cops, and he dropped the ball on the goal line.

    • NC says:

      Don’t forget to spike the ball in the end! That should set off many more firecrackers in the station, making it more exciting for the masses.

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