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GunUp Starts Selling Guns, Limited Supplies Of ARs / AKs Available


SEATTLE, WA –-( We are now selling guns at

This is in direct response to a number of notable gun stores suspending the sale of firearms.

While the shooting in Connecticut was a horrific, evil act by a mentally ill person, we do not believe that retailers should be abandoning gun owners in this uncertain time.

We have pushed up our timeline for gun sales dramatically and will be launching features regularly over the next couple of weeks. Bear with us during this time as we update our site, we felt it absolutely essential to immediately support our customers and gun owners in light of current events.

We have a limited supply of AR and AK style rifles in stock. Due to the recent political blow-back from the shooting, these types of firearms are completely out of stock from all the national distributors. We are doing everything in our power to get these products for our customers.

Current In Stock

  • 3 x Smith & Wesson M&P15 Optic Ready, 811003, 16″, .223, 2 x 30 round mags, for $999 with free shipping.
  • 10 x Century Arms Saiga AK 47 / 74, RI2071EM-N, 16″, 5.45x39mm, 30 round mag for $699 with free shipping.
  • 3 x POF 415P AR Pistol, R415P76T223, 7.25″, .223, 30 round mag for $1899 with free shipping. 2 x Black, 1 x Black / Nickel.

These are first come, first serve. Please contact us at 888-511-7505 or to order these firearms or if you are looking for other models (pistol, rifle, shotgun, and revolver). We will have real-time pricing and inventory up by the new year and will let you know when we do. Thanks,

About GunUp, Inc.
GunUp, Inc., located in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 2010 by Dan Hall, a combat veteran and firearms enthusiast. Working with a team of like-minded, Internet savvy technicians and programmers, they created the only online firearms community where new and experienced gun owners can access current product information and access subject matter experts in the firearms industry.


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