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American National Militia – by Drake

Pay attention people…

The bad guys have done a lot of things.

I will be talking about this so long as a select few believe ‘they’ can play with any of our God Given RIGHTS!The MAIN ONE is to go along with outsiders who want all Americans to be helpless…

I refer to Our Constitution and the fact that ALL those who refuse to follow it and the laws (real ones) of Our land, are Guilty of Insurrection- see Insurrection Act of 1807.

Charles Reid

The understanding used in this article is accurate. The basis of our Second Amendment Rights are found within this. (Supreme Court agrees)

Further – NOTE that the basic stipulation goes directly to MILITIA’S. These are the ‘unorganized’ Militias made up of We The People.

NOTE – it is We The People who are to enforce our laws.

NOTE – we are allowed to own as many of every type of firearm we can afford to purchase. (military style)

THE responsibility of We The People is to ensure past, present, and future generations their Rights as understood and written.

The regulations offered through ‘administrative processes’ are up to We The People, not those who would impose their rule upon all of us.

We decide according to Common Law, Constitutional provision, and securing those Unalienable Rights as recorded in our Bill Of Rights for everyone.

~ Drake

348 – The Dick Act of 1902

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