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Harry Reid Prepares to Annihilate Second Amendment

Free North Carolina – by Brock Townsend

“Our Founders intended the Senate to be a body where legislation was slowed down and subject to improvement through extended debate and amendment. [Harry] Reid’s proposed ‘reforms’ would remove two of the most fundamental rights traditionally reserved to all Senators — to freely debate and amend legislation. I shall not stand for that.”
— Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

On Election Day last November, several Democrat Senators were campaigning for reelection in pro-gun states.  And in order to get their constituents’ votes, they promised fealty to the Second Amendment.

On November 6, Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV), Bob Casey (PA) and Jon Tester (MT) all won their respective elections.  These seats, among others, were crucial to helping Harry Reid return to the top post in the Senate.

But only a month after the election returns were tallied, the Senate — under Majority Leader Harry Reid’s control — is now crusading to implement:

* Gun bans on semiautomatic firearms and magazines;

* An effective ban on gun shows;

* A ban on private gun sales, without going through a gun dealer; and,

* Changes in the Senate rules which would allow them to ban guns with a mere 50 Senate votes.

This last proposal is particularly insidious.  Gun grabbers are not going to be able to get 60 votes to break a Senate filibuster of gun control.  But, with the help of fake “pro-gun” Senate Democrats, they may be able to get 50.

So the question of whether Senate Democrats will need 50 votes or 60 votes will determine whether gun control -– and much of Obama’s agenda -– will be slammed through and passed into law.

This brings us to the “nuclear option.”

This is a trick which anti-gun Democrats intend to use the first day of the Senate session in order to obliterate the Senate rules and clear the way for 50-vote passage of gun control.

Your senator’s vote on the “nuclear option” may be the most important gun-related vote he casts during the 113th Congress.  It may be the difference between whether Obama can secure Senate passage of gun bans, magazine bans, gun show bans, and bans on private gun sales.

Anti-gun Democrats will try to tell you that the Senate is just following its precedents.

But that’s a bald-faced lie.  As Democrats made clear during the Bush administration when the Republicans were contemplating the “nuclear option,” the nuclear option has been threatened, but the trigger has never been pulled.

Anti-gun Democrats will try to tell you that the “nuclear option” can only be invoked on the first day.

That’s a lie.  Senate Rule 5, Paragraph 2, provides that the Senate rules continue from one Congress to the next, unless changed by 67 votes (needed to break a filibuster of rules changes).  If the Senate can use brute force to obliterate Rule 5 by 50 votes, it can use brute force to obliterate any rule at any time by 50 votes.

This is a major vote that will have huge ramifications for our republic.  Our gun rights are just one of the many freedoms that are on the chopping block right now.  And if Harry Reid can squelch his opposition by nuking the filibuster, it will be the first step towards completely obliterating our Constitution.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and tell them that the vote on the “nuclear option” will be the most important gun control vote of the 113th Congress.  Urge them to vote AGAINST changing the Senate rules.  Tell them to vote AGAINST the “nuclear option.”

You may also phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

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28 Responses to Harry Reid Prepares to Annihilate Second Amendment

  1. chris says:

    let’s get the farce over with.

    • ChewyBees says:

      Totally agree. What is going to happen cannot as long as the curtain over the Temple (Wizard’s control station) is still in place. All these life saving decisions are nothing more than a further crushing of the people, by a boot, on their face, forever…

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Amerians:

    It’s simple: Time to take out the trash!

    Let the dance music start.

    JD – US Marines – Day 20 Of 2nd Amereican Revolution

    • European American says:

      Yes, the longer the trash sits, waiting to be taken away, the greater the stench. In addition, as the roots of PsyOps grow deeper into the hives minds, the more we may loose (to the buy back and fear). The time to strike is now. Let them Ban all guns then let the show begin. Whoever signs the legislation will be the one’s first, up against the wall.

  3. Ben says:

    I’ll make it simple: Anyone that would enforce gun confiscation orders is summarily guilty of Treason against We the People…

    • ChewyBees says:

      Ben, I ask that you don’t take offense…be careful of ‘We the People’. I’m quite sure that it is all a part of the scam. We the People is an unprovable, untouchable, unestablished thing that was created to make individual men think they had power through a fiction; a fiction that had power over government when in fact that fiction is used against the actual people.

      I love the people of America, this is not to take away from them. Can I speak for you? If I were you, I would say not a chance in %#@*. In the same right, you aren’t allowed to speak for me under any circumstance, unless I give you contracted permission. Either way, giving permission to government authorities to act on our behalf in the name of “We the People” is complete claptrap. We the people is a non-existent thing. As is “representative government”. These are the contrivances of the greedy hoarders of money.

      • Ben says:

        No offense taken, I hadn’t read it from that perspective before.

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi Chewybees,

        Clearly your not American,.. and as such, it is also clear that the term, “We The People” is a completely alien concept to you.

        To call it, “claptrap” or any other degrading term is offensive in every sense,..but allow me to correct and educate you on a concept that your gov’t has exerted every effort to make sure you do NOT understand thru its deligent use of propaganda and lies.

        Given the nature of your transgression, it seems to me that maybe your a British subject,.. which would of course explain your complete failure to understand a uniquely American concept:

        First and Foremost: It is the very first words of the, “United States Constitution”, the first three words of the Preamble to be precise.

        The United States Constitution is the most important document ever written in human history, as it is the first, and only true treatise of the structure of a government for an entire peoples, and an entire nation that specifically codifies a concept unheard before, which is:


        NOT,… what it has been corrupted and multilated beyond all recognition to currently “imply”, which is:

        “People exist to serve the gov’t.”

        This malfeces of the sacredness of the “Individual Soveriegnty” was exported from this most perfidious and treachorous of countries,.. Great Britian, thru its banking system, hence why dumped it to begin with.

        For clarification – The only thing “Great” about Britian, is it’s exorbitant capacity for treachery and deciet thru out the world, and even its own peoples!

        Even thought the Rothchilds started their banking empire in Frankfurt, it was the corruption of the financial system in London that lead to the Global Organization of the current Financial Terrorist Network (The IMF World Bank, BIS, Fed Reserve, etc) that is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, 2 World Wars, and the misery of 85% of all humans since the 1800’s.

        Secondily: We The People applies to the notion that the citizens have the Right,. and the DUTY to hold our gov’t accountable for its actions, inactions,.. and crimes.

        It is also the responsiblity of the American citizens to abolish, arrest and replace that gov’t which becomes incompatible with American values, and the Rights Of The Individual, as ours has become.

        This does NOT mean ALL the people will uphold their duty, nor does it mean that they can all be counted on,.. but it does mean that when this gov’t has become destructive to the Rights & Liberties of, “We The People”,…. that is the signal to abolish it, or become enslaved by it.

        In the very near future, you shall see,.. “We The People”, once again discard a perfidious and treasonous gov’t, which has largely been corrupted and infiltrated by British agents via British Financial Treachery, and infected with British Disdain For Freedom.

        Yes there are other forces at work,… but to rid this planet of mankinds most infectious disease merely requires turning Britian into a smoking hole with a Nuclear Bomb Slavo, The same for Israel, and of course, and ANY/ALL parts of the Global Banking/Financial System.

        In closing,… I would expect that the phase, “We The People is wholly irrational to you,… but to us, we built an entire nation with it, only to have it destroyed by people who despise the notion of Freedom and Liberty for the individual.

        School is done for today. Hope you learned something.

        JD – US Marines – Defender of, “We The People”.

        • ChewyBees says:

          I heartily disagree. No I am not a British subject. I happen to like most of your writing, so I’m not going to trade accusatory blows here. I do find it interesting that because I don’t worship the papers you do, it makes me un-American. I’ve done my share of research on the subject, and how I determine the meaning and use of words on paper is my own opinion, just as it is yours to view those words as sanctimonious.

          “We the People” cannot be produced. It cannot be defined. It is not a solid object. You can’t take a picture of it and show it to me. It doesn’t have measure. Under those conditions, it is not factual but rather a fictional image. That image is used by government as a tool against the rights of people. Every single Federal statute, including the ones discussed in this comment board regarding guns, are backed by the term “We the People”. The MCA, the NDSS, the Patriot Act(s) are all backed by “We the People”.

          If that term “We the People” includes the all powerful force that you suggest is going save all of our lives, then how is it that same force is being used to destroy them?

          If government is not using We the People as their authoritative backing for destroying the constitution, a document with a Preamble that starts with “We the People…”, then what is their authoritative backing? Whatever it is, if it is not the image of We the People, then it must be some magical spell I am unaware of, because “We the People” are for the most part falling for it hook, line and sinker, and have been for centuries. I for one, am not one of those “We the People”.

          • ChewyBees says:

            BTW, I never said “We the People” was claptrap, I said that the government use of “We the People” against us is claptrap. There’s quite a difference in those two things.

            I would have no problem with any part of the constitutional system if it worked in the manner the government sells it as. It does not, and is instead used against us as Federal presumes it gives them unbridled power because Federal said so. The majority doesn’t argue, so Federal gets away with their presumption of authority. In my estimation, the majority that is the “We the People” are just as much of a problem as Federal itself. Federal cannot operate (nor can any government or agency) without the backing of the labor energy value of the masses.

          • Henry Shivley says:

            Chewy Bees,
            The term “We the People” and the Constitution are being used just as you described.
            As the NDAA has been used to place an injunction on our Bill of Rights, we are back to 1775. It is we the American nationals, absolutely identifiable as such, enforcing our Bill of Rights, also absolutely identifiable as such.

  4. CXJ says:

    Ban Gun Shows?! Hah!! Law or no law gun shows will continue. What law enforcement agency is going to attempt to stop a gun show? Maybe the national guard will play the role of government enforcers? Nevertheless, the people must produce and attend gun shows.

    Just before the first allegedly illegal gun show the gun show promoters must inform the local sheriff of their intentions and request his protection from the federal authorities, state police, and local police. Citizen “Petitioners” must line the entrances to local military bases asking them to refuse orders to shut down a gun show. The civilian petitioners must picket in front of the local police department headquarters and substations that may be called upon to close down the gun show event asking police officers not to engage the gun show promoters or their patrons. Furthermore, the people must ask law officers to stand with them to defend their imperative need to buy and sell firearms.

    If the there is no 2nd Amendment there are no other amendments. The Americans will be slaves.

    Say hell no to the government. Close ranks people and stand against the tyranny. Good day.

  5. NC says:

    Harry Reid, the senile son of a bitch needs to retire in the old folks ward of the Federal penitentiary.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi NC,

      Actually,.. Harry Reid knows exactly what is is doing,… he is selling his country out for the shiny bobbles that his paymasters in the NWO have promised him.

      The ONLY proper punishment for him, and all the other traitors,.. is a public hanging, where his body, and the bodies of the other traitors are simply left hanging from the rope until they rot off of it.

      I pray we can take back this country, and then have the equivalent of a Nuremburg Trial here for the traitors, and as in Nuremburg,.. the guilty swung from the Gallows Pole.

      JD – US Marines – Lets not forget, the traitors will hang.

  6. carl hammel says:

    Second Amendment prepares to annihilate Harry Reid.

  7. Julie T. says:

    Seems like some don’t understand what Ben meant when he said We The People. It will only take 1 event til the UK, Australia and others are a POLICE STATE and PRIME for the NOW……Yep….those found fathers had it right…WE THE PEOPLE…AND DON’T FORGET WHAT THE MEANS! how about you?

  8. Eomer says:

    Well said JD. I’m sick and tired of people making it magically appear that the founding fathers created a flawed system in which the Constitution and the Bill of Rights has failed to work. The system they created hasn’t failed. It was infiltrated, abused and twisted. While most Americans, through time, were trying to create businesses, families and live the American dream, traitors have infiltrated the political system and the colleges and universities. Well here we are. Now the rest of the world can watch as We The People clean house and restore the Republic and make sure this never happens again. This is exactly why Jefferson said it would be healthy to have a revolution every 20 years.

  9. PARACLETE says:

    The cretens which are at work with-in our Republic can pass any “illegal” law they want….
    They “WILL” eventually be arrested, held for trial, and punished !
    The ONLY thing that matters, is what OUR Constitution says, as our Founders wrote it.
    “Anything” that violates Our Founding Principles, will be considered “Treason”, and an “ACT” of war upon the American Republic !
    “Everyone” who participates in any, “Illegal Action”, will be held accountable for “ALL” their transgressions against this Republic…..
    Regardless who they think they are !
    Those who “Attack” the citizens of this Republic will be put down “HARD”
    Regardless of where their country of origin is.
    We consider “Illegal Laws” (all attempts to deprive Americans of “ANY” of their rights)
    to be “ABSOLUTE” treason.
    They “WILL” be dealt with, accordingly !
    This is NOT a threat, This is a “PROMISE” !

    South Carolina CHRISTIAN Militia –
    Palmetto Volunteers – S.C.C.M.
    Regimental Headquarters

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Paraclete,

      Bravo brother!!!!

      I sure wish we had some of you guys up here in Nazi Jersey!!

      As it is,.. Not only can I NOT find a militia up here,.. hell,.. I can’t even find any men! All that’s left in this state is a bunch of ball-less, dickless unicks that can’t even fein courage or patriotism.

      Keep up the good work down there, becuase there is mostly faggots and sheep herders up here in Nazi Jersey, which are USELESS when it comes to defending this country, the Constitution, or even themselves.

      JD – US Marines – Thank God I was born in a real state,.. NY.

  10. Eomer says:

    The Founding Fathers were light years ahead any of these losers who are in Washington now. Their biggest scam is going to be them trying to make the Constitution and Bill of Rights look outdated and their new favorite word unsustainable. If anyone has a brain and can read they can do the research and find out this is false.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Eomer,

      Right you are my friend,

      They MUST attack the foundation of what made this country great,.. the family unit (hence the appalling push of the gay agenda), self reliance (hence the desturction of our private industry), and of course,.. the notion that gov’t exists to protect the soverign rights of the individual, hence their depiction that the Constitution needs to go! (like the family unit and jobs…)

      There is only one workable solution: Time to abolish this perfidous filth called the US Fed Gov’t, arrest, try and convict ALL of those who participated in the destruction of this country, … and hang the traitors,… literally.

      JD – US Marines – The only thing outdated in this country,.. is our tolerance of traitors!

  11. GREGO says:

    Utah has a gun show this weekend, we will see how it goes, I will report back with all the goodies..

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi Grego,

      Ok,.. great.

      Let us know how packed the show was,.. but more importantly,.. as your making your way around the show,.. could you do us a favor?

      Ask people do they realize there is only one outcome here,… servitude,.. or civil war.

      See of you can get a feel for people sentiments, do they realize the US Fed Gov’t is a complete criminal enterprise,… they MUST disarm us to enslave us,.. and the ONLY solution that will provide the proper relief,… is civil war?

      Let us know what people said to you, and how the show went.

      Thanks – JD – US Marines

    • chris says:

      Take lots of pictures and make sure to zoom out to fit as much of the crowd in the frame as possible, and of course don’t forget to send them in to the trenches.

  12. robertsgt40 says:

    Too bad Rand Paul didn’t have the cajones to back his father. This topic wouldn’t be up for debate under Ron Paul, the statesman.

  13. leo bourne says:

    I wish this site had a member log in and we could send private messages to each other. What are the chances of that? Anyone else interested in this option?

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