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High-Tech Guard Tower To Spy on Buffalo Residents

Infowars- by Paul Joseph Watson

Downtown Buffalo residents were shocked yesterday to see that a high-tech police guard tower had been erected to spy on Thanksgiving revelers using the same technology deployed against illegal aliens on the border.

The SkyWatch command tower is elevated 30 feet above ground level to give police a panoramic view of the streets and is fitted with sophisticated surveillance equipment. The manufacturer of the device boasts that the tower can be used for “civilian security operations” and “crowd control”.

“It allows us to be able to see in various directions. The cameras have amazing clarity and it’s an expansion of our police camera surveillance system,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told WKBW News.

The spy tower is basically just a high-tech version of an almost identical-looking guard tower from a detention camp, for example the one used at Guantanamo Bay used to watch over terrorists.

The justification behind police using SkyWatch is to “keep everyone safe” during Thanksgiving. The tower was funded by a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

The guard towers are not only being used on busy street corners in major cities like Buffalo.

In December 2010, we carried a report of a similar device being set up on a quiet back street in a small town in New Jersey. The tower was situated next to a city park in a low crime area where it remained for several days.

Last year, US lawmakers were given a special demonstration of the Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST), an elevated monitoring tower similar to SkyWatch that is set to be used by law enforcement in the United States as part of an emergency response to civil unrest.

An anonymous narcotics officer quoted by Homeland Security Newswire admitted that border authorities were “Using this unit basically for national security. We are watching to make sure the violence does not pour onto United States soil.”

“The portable surveillance vehicle has already been purchased by police departments across the United States and it has been deployed along the Texas border by several sheriff’s departments,” stated the HSNW report.

The SkyWatch guard tower currently being used in Buffalo “is also used by Border Patrol on the U.S.-Mexican border,” reports WKBW. Congressman Ron Paul has previously warned that technology used on the border to catch illegal immigrants is now being turned against the American people.


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21 Responses to High-Tech Guard Tower To Spy on Buffalo Residents

  1. RedTail Hawk says:

    And we fund this with our tax dollars….. Aren’t we nice…..
    Crazy how far they will go……How far they push it and nobody says shit.
    WTF? (and yes, saw previous post) This is nothing more than Bull$hit!
    Frickin’ stand up PEOPLE! SHEEPLE!

  2. diggerdan says:

    We, as amerikans do not spy on each other, so that means to me that they are either not amerikans or they voluntary work for a organization that does spy on people! Think about it people.This is supposed to be the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE, RIGHT? – well if we let this kind of crap go on I guess that we are no longer the land of the free and of the brave are we. What kind of people are we if this is the case – if ya`ll get my drift. This is what I have been saying and have done time now since the late 60`s damn it.

  3. NC says:

    Hey all, I sent this in because Buffalo, NY is my hometown and I am disgusted with Mayor Brown’s use of taxpayer’s money to watch people on a party street. Chippewa is like the 6th Street of Austin, TX. People go there for nightclubs, dancing, beer, party and to have a good time.

    So instead of the mayor just hiring more cops to patrol and walk the beat, he feels the need to spend a massive amount of taxpayers money on a stupid tower to watch people like they are in a concentration camp, all in time for the holidays!! Well, isn’t that special…. Especially when our economy is basically bankrupt and can’t afford it.

    But some of my family and relatives who still live there still believe that we are not in a police state. Go figure. To them, I’m a crazy outcast. So be it.

  4. NC says:

    Mayor Brown ought to be shot. He looks like a retarded Eddie Murphy who doesn’t have a clue as to how to run a city. The only way he got to be mayor was probably through corruption and as a puppet and the chief of police looks as dumb and gullible as Bloominidiot in NYC.

    • diggerdan says:

      All it would take is one of them war hero sharp shooters NC! Actualy a martyr to run up to the F`ers to blow him up like they do over seas, think about it. That would even probobly take out his bought off body guards!!!

  5. NC says:

    Imagine if they could spend this much taxpayers money on proper education and health. Oh that’s right, WHO CARES!!!!??? Right? Keep that war machine going.

    I’m surprised no one has knocked that piece of shit machine down. All you need is a good truck to smash through it and TTTTTTIIIIIIMMMMMMMBBBBBEERRR!!!!!!!!!……….BOOOM!!

  6. RedTail Hawk says:

    Amerikans, you said it diggerdan….sad it is….Free is me, til I’m on the ground….
    NC, yeah…all in time for the holidays and special it is, wouldn’t be surprized if they kept it up through Christmas and why not then around malls too, just to make sure everyone stays “safe?” … : )
    I think better to be a crazy outcast. Many facets, nice to see all!

  7. RedTail Hawk says:

    NC “Imagine if they could spend this much taxpayers money on proper education and health” Hehe! They wouldn’t/don’t let the pubic know about how bad GMO’s are for them in the first place. They wouldn’t teach anybody about good health and stop Mosanto, Dow and Corning & others…Education, as far as I can figure (Public Education) is only to indoctrinate them newho. Not wanting my tax $ going to either of those places. I would like a form at the end of the year asking me where I would like to donate money (If I would like to donate to medicare ect.), not a freakin’ tax bill where they take my money and invest in themselves. And no I don’t believe in taxation! I put my $ to use where I believe it should go. My 3 cents 🙂

  8. RedTail Hawk says:

    Back to work in the a.m., best wishes for a Great rest of the weekend.. Thanx once agin for thr great articles! Like I have said b4, I don’t always have time to post, but always read. Thank you again! My Best!

  9. RedTail Hawk says:

    again & the

  10. BentSpear says:

    Nothing a couple of tires & a can of gas couldn’t take care of. See over on Drudge the Grunge the herd is already starting to stampede for Rainbow Friday give-aways.

  11. TranceAm says:

    Charlotte NC used the same thing to keep a day and night eye on the Occupy Camp..

    They are also used on parking lots of malls here, with big letters “SECURITY” on them.

    And the tires and gas.. They are basically mobile camera posts. As the infomercial stated: ‘ Direct contact with HQ’ .

  12. maggie says:

    Those things are all over Broward County in Florida. Any parking lot that has space, even at the Shriner’s Hall on 4th avenue in Dania, and that one is in a residential area. I worked at the Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale. My drive from Hollywood to the mall consisted of three of these same towers and four traffic cameras.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Haven’t seen any around here yet.

      But then, as bad as traffic is here, I try to limit my driving as much as possible.

      I’m sure they’re around somewhere.

  13. Greg Bacon says:

    Looks like those guard towers Israel has along the Apartheid Wall on/in the West Bank.

    How long before they start putting up concrete barriers and how many gun ports does each tower have?

  14. john says:

    light a fire under one.

  15. Bullwinkle says:

    How hard is it to tip these towers over?
    I would not want to volunteer to stay in one of those towers.
    After they are tipped once, they will not go up again.
    They will then need a squad of policy enforcers to guard the towers.
    This will leave many other area unguarded or the policy enforcers will soon
    be so fatigued from overtime as to be ineffective.

    How like sheep the people have become.
    Worse, the people are afflicted with the Stockholm syndrome.

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