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Hillary Clinton Conveniently Won’t Testify On Benghazi Due To Concussion

Confessions of a Closet Republican

Hillary Clinton collapsed and suffered a concussion? Really? How convenient. Now ‘m not one to buy into conspiracy theories, but it seems rather odd that she will now not have to testify on the Benghazi terror attack incident before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as scheduled next week.

Yes, I know she was sick last week, or so she said, so a trip abroad was also cancelled. But it’s all very strange.

The State Department said Saturday that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion, but did not specify when that happened or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

She will not testify this week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Sept. 11 attacks on Benghazi as scheduled, a Senate aide said.

Clinton, 65, cancelled a trip to the Middle East and North Africa earlier this week because she had been suffering from a stomach flu.

Clinton’s fainting episode took place earlier this week, State spokesman Philippe Reines said Saturday, although he did give additional details. On Thursday, asked by POLITICO during the day if she’d been hospitalized, Reines responded only that evening that she had seen her doctors and was home, without additional details. He said Saturday she was not and never had been hospitalized.

Reines did not respond to questions about why Clinton’s fainting was not disclosed sooner.
According to Reines’s Saturday statement, Clinton fainted while she was dehydrated and suffered a concussion when she fell. She is now recovering at home and is being attended to by doctors, he said.

The rest on Politico.

I still think she took the fall for Barack Obama on Benghazi, and both know far more about dropping the ball than they are willing to admit.

That said, I wish her a speedy recovery.

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22 Responses to Hillary Clinton Conveniently Won’t Testify On Benghazi Due To Concussion

  1. David2 says:

    The wicked witch form hell would have politicized an appropriate means to defend the indefensible even if she was in front of the stupid charade commission on Benghazi. Does anyone with a brain cell functioning really expect for anything of consequence to come from this congressional commission? ?

    The NWO have all power, the supreme court has given them corporate control. The CON gress is a rubber stamp for NWO corporate fascism, NWO corporate terrorism and soon all wealth having first impoverished the working people and the middle class.

    Long may her illness last and if there is a goodness for witches with the POX, may it last and grow and last and grow so that she can no longer spread her NWO POX around the globe.

    In this regard I am sure to be joined by the wishes of the kids of Palestine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan and anywhere else she has spread her NATO kill list for the installation of The Mossad Brotherhood.

  2. TaterSalad says:

    The following three articles will show America how the Obama regime works and how they delay and subvert the Benghazi killings with deceit and delays. Sec. of State Clinton is suppose to testify next week which would produce either of two scenarios. One….she tells the truth of the Benghazi killings and blows the lid off of the Obama regimes lies to America or………she delays her testimony until she leaves office and then becomes a private citizen. You be the judge!





    • David2 says:

      The NWO installed the Mossad Brotherhood in Libya. The NWO installed the members of CON gress to rubber stamp their NWO corporate fascism and their NWO corporate terrorism worldwide with a view to taking all wealth.

      For a while we all dreamed that Ron Paul would be the president, they GET you to believe !!.

      Do not play their game of charades, it uses up valuable strength and shows the mark of the beast. Conspiracy, Conflict and Control are their tools to divide and conquer.

      The NWO thanks to SCOTUS have all power. Anything else is chatter. No revelations of significance just as in 911 will be revealed by the commission of that you can be Guaranteed.

      • David2 says:

        Apologies Tater as I understand that you sincerely want to prove that the bastards were in on the Benghazi attack and you feel it important for the truth to come out. These things as soon as they happen are blended together in the realm of conspiracy so that truth can never be pin pointed, there are thousands of spin doctors on their payroll and they feed the spin to the main steam media for the GOYIM. Anyone who holds information that would embarrass the NWO will be disposed of.

        They have all power.

        It is necessary to think like they do, to them GOYIM are offensive so you must see them as what they are an offense to humanity. Do not carry the mark of the beast as a person, do not play their game, hand the mark of the beast back to them, laugh out loud at their offense.

        Until enough people see their game, refuse to play it and call their offense they will continue with their occult power game of Conspiracy, Conflict and Control.

        If a gift is not accepted to whom then does the gift belong to?

        If an insult is not accepted to whom then does it belong?

  3. RobW says:

    Ha ha ha, the “concussion” will be an excellent excuse for the “I don’t recall” answer. I think they’re sidelining the bitch because the “diplomats” she deals with have had a bellyful of dishonesty and hypocrisy. Of course, her replacement will just regurgitate more of the same. Its sickening, but sick entertainment is in style these days.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Did anyone NOT see this coming, after the article on her “fainting” was posted???

  5. bargain bob says:

    please, please, drop a house on this witch!

  6. BentSpear says:

    I believe her body is shutting down to morph into a even more satanic life form.

  7. NC says:

    “According to Reines’s Saturday statement, Clinton fainted while she was dehydrated and suffered a concussion when she fell.”

    The Secretary of State and the former First Lady, DEHYDRATED???? Is that even possible??? Can’t she afford bottled water on her pay? Maybe she became dehydrated at the thought of possibly getting lost in the Sahara Desert? Maybe she can’t adjust to the heat of the scandal? Maybe she really is turning into her original form as Brent suggested? lol

  8. Tail-Gunner says:

    In other words . . . . .
    do the ritual and compel the demon to appear.

  9. Tail-Gunner says:

    the ritual is simple, get a warrent, serve it, plug a video camera in and shove it in her official oath breaking face.

  10. TranceAm says:

    She can work from home and testify by laptop and internet connection.

    No Excuse not to testify.

    • NC says:

      She’s too good for that. That would be an insult to her witchcraft. She is an elitist. She needs the full media attention and reporters following her for everything she does like she is the special evil queen.

  11. Tail-Gunner says:

    exactly TranceAm

  12. NC says:

    The poor witch must have accidentally cast a spell on herself. lol

  13. Tail-Gunner says:

    It’s bad how all these new laws want to spy on us, but when it comes to them, you can’t spy a peep on what they do. They want electronic exploitation dictatorship, yet provide ZERO public oversight, the court system doesn’t even want jurrors to know about Jury Nullification.

    This is evil, oath breaking stuff, and it must be stopped. I can’t even understand the law anymore, it’s not in ENGLISH!

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