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How 1% asset-holes’ offshore tax havens hide $21 – $32 trillion

Examiner – by Carl Herman

McKinsey Chief Economist James Henry leads explanation in this brilliant 53-minute video tour of how the 1% hide $21 to $32 trillion in tax havens. The US top seven banks hide over $10 trillion, many top US corporations claim income losses, while the bottom 90%’s tax burden increases – in part to pay top corporations’ tax refunds.

Only the middle class and poor pay taxes.  

Since 1966, inflation-adjusted annual income for the bottom 90% of Americans increased just $59, while the 1% increased income average by $625,000, and the 1% of the 1% increased average incomes by $18,700,000 per year.

Our choices seem to be only two:

  • Arrest these asset-holes in leadership for crimes in unlawful wars and criminal economic fraud, or
  • Surrender all previous Americans’ sacrifices for our freedoms, and damn our children to escalating psychopathic policies of war-murders and debt slavery.

The video is from Taxodus.

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