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Hundreds rally for gun rights at Zebulon steakhouse

About 400 people turned up to a Zebulon steakhouse Wednesday to hear local sheriffs’ responses to President Barack Obama’s proposed gun measures.

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4 Responses to Hundreds rally for gun rights at Zebulon steakhouse

  1. Paraclete says:

    The sheriff who spoke about “NO” absolutes, shouldn’t be trusted.
    The 2 A is as ABSOLUTE as anything can be.
    Whoever or whatever tries to alter the 2 A, will find out just how “ABSOLUTE” something can be………….

    • diggerdan says:

      That is just another example of a pig that wants to have everything his way or no way. Put that pig on the front lines then if that is how he thinks and we will see about his “no” absolutes.

  2. David S says:

    In Coeur d’ alene, Idaho we had about one thousand attend the 2nd Amendment rally at Black Sheep Sporting Goods. The Founder of Oath Keepers spoke, along with local officials and others. The news crews who were there early quickly left when the crowd reached a thousand.

  3. kd says:

    North Carolina is used for national opinion, because they have been conditioned for media manipulation and justification for years. Since helms delivered his diatribes on the wral evening news.
    I believe helms was the test to see how far a false election and media coverage could be pushed to convince north carolinians that they had in fact continuously voted for someone they detest.

    The trick was keeping the separation between “city” and “rural” people, a sort of tension between them, easily fostered and made somewhat real. You had to maintain a good ole boy network, and now they are biting back. And good for them!

    It’s a shame they were so easily convinced to vote for helms, but hate breeds easily in malarial climates. The best times of my life were in Beaufort NC, and love them all. Stay safe, I know that you will!

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