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Hurst Officer Fired After “Embarrassing” Video

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NBC DFW 5 – by Frank Heinz

Hurst police officer Disraeli Arnold has been fired after being recorded on video threatening a teen and using profane language.

Arnold was recorded in November running to assist an officer subduing a teenager and ultimately kneeing the teen in the back of the head while yelling and threatening him.

The teen’s mother, Kelly Pope, didn’t object to her son being arrested, just the force used to take the teen into custody.

“He [her son] knows that he handled it badly at first, that he should have been a little more cooperative. But, you know, the second officer — there was no reason for it,” Pope said in November. “He (Arnold) comes up at a jolting sprint, kneed him in the back of the head and, as you can see on the video, he says, ‘If you move I’m going to [expletive] kill you.'”

While the teen was in custody and being escorted to a police car, Arnold then paraded in front of the teen’s friend, who was recording the arrest, and said, “You got it on tape? Arnold, 654!”

Using the video as evidence, the teen’s mother filed a complaint with the Hurst Police Department that led to an internal affairs investigation. The mother said she hoped the officer would either turn in his badge or be fired.

Dashcam video released several days later showed the teen, prior to Arnold arriving at the scene, arguing with Officer Miguel Jimenez and resisting arrest — a offense for which he was charged.

On Thursday, Hurst police said Arnold was “indefinitely suspended for violations of Hurst Police Department General Orders and Civil Service rules relating to his actions on Nov. 20, 2012” and “an internal affairs investigation was conducted for violations … to include the unnecessary use of force, being disrespectful to a citizen, and the use of indecent, profane, or harsh language in the performance of official duties.”

Despite Pope’s claim of excessive force, the internal affairs investigation determined the amount of force used by Arnold was reasonable since he believed Jimenez was struggling to subdue the teen.

The investigation did find, however, that Arnold was disrespectful to a citizen and “used indecent, profane, and harsh language in the performance of his official duties, and conducted himself in a manner which brought discredit to himself and the Hurst Police Department.”

“You can’t help but be embarrassed — not only for the officers that work in our department, but for anybody in the law enforcement profession,” Hurst Assistant Chief Steve Niekamp said in November. “You just expect when an officer shows up, they’re going to be in charge. You don’t want the foul language, anything that looks like it might be overreaction. You just want to be professional, calm and in control of the scene.”

Prior to the department’s latest ruling, Arnold had been placed on administrative leave.

Arnold had been with the department for four years and, according to a performance assessment and disciplinary file released by Hurst police after the incident, he met or exceeded police standards in nearly every assessment. The document also noted in May, 2010, that “Officer Arnold’s enthusiasm may make him overzealous at times, which can cloud his judgment when it comes to policy, procedure and tactics. Sometimes he needs to step back and see the big picture and risks involved.”

Arnold has 10 days to appeal the termination.

NBC 5’s Scott Gordon contributed to this report.

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7 Responses to Hurst Officer Fired After “Embarrassing” Video

  1. pringle says:

    Officer Arnold is a vicious and obnoxious asshole – he deserves to be fired. I hope he has trouble getting any kind of other job – in short, I want him to go to hell.

  2. diggerdan says:

    Yea, Arnold 654 should be tested for drugs. That Arnold 654 is kind of acting like he is on drugs, hehehe. If anyone else would act that way the cops would say that the suspect acted like he was on drugs and was intoxicated. How about a drug or breathalizer for Arnold 654. Yea Arnold reminds me of the pig on Green Acres, LOL – just the name cause the pig on Green Acres has more class than this or any pig.cop.

  3. pete says:

    i would have f#@ked him up if i’d been there.
    seriously, i cant stand seeing people being victimised – i have to step in.
    usually with actions rather than words!

  4. jb says:

    steroids. it’s what’s for dinner

  5. Glenn says:

    This just in; officer Disraeli Arnold has been hired by a neighboring police department. Situation normal, nothing to see here, please support your local mafia racket otherwise known as the Fraternal Order of Police.

  6. Epiphanyswr says:

    They only hire cops with average to low IQ’s, so there is little chance they will ever step back and take a look at the big picture. When you are dumb and uneducated, you mainly act on instincts, which in the case of cops means violence, not reason. They are just too dumb to do anything else. I wouldn’t hire a cop to work at a fast food restaurant because it would likely be way beyond their mental capacity. The fact people hire these thugs and give them guns and a license to abuse the public just bewilders me.

    If cops acted alone, that would be one thing, but this “thin blue line” crap means they are an organized gang, not just individual thugs. There are no bad apples, the entire apple cart is bad.

  7. MAX says:

    Unit 654 your fired – TEN – FOUR.

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