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I have been identified by the US. Department of Health and Human Services

Daily Paul – by dexterszyd

I received a letter over a month ago from the US Department Health and Human Services (DHHS). They were very excited to announce that my household had been selected to conduct a National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

It further explains that this is the Federal Governments primary source of national data on the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit substances.

The survey also contains questions on health and illegal behaviors and other topics associated with substance use.

According to the letter approximately 70,000 individuals, 12 years old and older, will be randomly selected and asked to voluntarily participate.

Included was the name of an organization named RTI that had been contracted to solicit this information from me. They were going to come to my house and ask me or my family members some questions. In return, they would pay each person that participated $30.00 “CASH” for their time.

Yes you heard me right, they want to send a stranger unknown to me, come to my house, sit down with my kids and ask them behavioral questions. In return, they have bribed us with $30.00 each of your money to do this. The whole idea creeps me out!


2 weeks ago I was cleaning my garage when a vehicle pulled into my driveway and a female with a company credential pinned to her chest that said RTI got out of her car and approached me. She said “Sir, may I speak to you for a moment?” I politely said “how may I help you”?

She went through a well rehearsed little script on who she was, why she was here and that the questions were completely confidential. She also said that she wanted to know how many people lived in my household, how many were children and what were their ages?

I immediately told her to please leave and that I had no interest in participating.

She then offered to pay cash for each person she spoke with and preceded her attempt to convince me how this information was extremely helpful to the Federal Government.

I again told her not to try to convince me and that I am 100% sure I did not want to participate so its time to say “goodbye” Incredibly she attempted yet another tactic on me. She said, “I know how you feel, I’m like you”….

I said, you have know idea what your talking about. You have no idea what I’m like!

She then said “I’ll just put on my sheet you didn’t want to talk. Then said “I’m anti-government too…

I responded and said I never told you I was ant-government and I would like you to please leave! I couldn’t believe the gull of this person to come here and interrogate me in my driveway.


I then received a second letter in the mail last week. It went into the fact that someone had stopped by and that they were unable to gather the information they were sent to collect. It requested I call an 800 number whereas they would further explain the importance of the survey. Then it stated that they would be sending someone back out again soon.


This morning my doorbell rings and when I answer there is another lady at the door with the same credential as the first lady. She begins her introduction and I interrupted and said “I know who you are” As I told the first lady I did not want to participate. Then she actually leaned into my door and said ” If you have any children, I can just ask them a few questions” …

I slammed the door nearly hitting her in the face with it.

Do you find this a little odd? The persistence or shall I say ” insistence” to speak with my children? or the fact that they have $2.1 million dollars in cash of your tax money at their disposal to use as bribe money?

WTF? Something is very wrong with this picture in a day of super surveillance and a looming fiscal crisis.

What do you think?


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13 Responses to I have been identified by the US. Department of Health and Human Services

  1. Angry Grandparent says:

    I would be very wary as it seems perhaps it was the children she was targetting?

    Could be a fishing trip on children’s friends to disclose about drug habits or crime, could be far more sinister as we here in the UK are watching as a state and establishment wide paedophile scandal is unfolding.

    Or perhaps she sought to make the children informants on the author, make friends, splash some cash about, little bit of linguistic programming in there, bearing in mind the US has adopted many Nazi policies for itself, why would it not seek another?

    • diggerdan says:

      sounds like another D.A.R.E. program piece of propoganda crap to me.

      • Angry Grandparent says:

        From Wikipedia…

        “Researchers at Indiana University, commissioned by Indiana school officials in 1992, found that those who completed the D.A.R.E. program subsequently had significantly higher rates of hallucinogenic drug use than those not exposed to the program”

        Over here in the UK it came in under the Ministry of Defence not the civilian police interestingly.

        • diggerdan says:

          yes, Angry grandparent, you are right. The D.A.R.E. program was just another piece of sewer sludge. The D.A.R.E program was just another BS program that was programed not to work here in this glorified 50 states.

          • Angry Grandparent says:

            The Wikipedia entry has some interesting stuff including tricking children into becoming informants on their own family, bearing in mind the track record of entrapment and false flag in US law enforcement, its not going to be hard to “gaslight” a child into false disclosure.

            RTI have operations running in 40 countries, where does their money come from? I suspect this is a front company.

            Where is the law enabling the sharing of private citizens and childrens details?

            “Some consumers have complained about RTI’s phone surveys, including repeat calls to numbers that have already indicated an unwillingness to participate. On 12 Nov 2010 RTI explained: “Before you get a call from RTI, you should receive mail explaining the purpose of the study. The “Do Not Call” registry does not apply because this is a nonprofit organization conducting research studies. If you don’t want to participate, you just need to answer and indicate that you don’t want to participate” (wikipedia RTI)

  2. uninformedLuddite says:

    I would be very interested to know the selection criteria used. I wonder why she was so interested in a quick word with the kids whilst the other lady supposedly had identified you as anti-government? Do you home school?

  3. Angel-NYC says:

    I have a very Big problem with your scenario. If we were back in TX, we would clearly post a NO TRESPASSING Sign on our property. It gives you every right to use arms. In NYC, I would tell them to “Mind their own business” and slam the door in their face. You Do NOT Have to SUBMIT to such intimidation.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Included was the name of an organization named RTI that had been contracted to solicit this information from me. They were going to come to my house and ask me or my family members some questions. In return, they would pay each person that participated $30.00 “CASH” for their time.”

    Interesting number – 30.

    The same amount Judas sold Jesus out for.

  5. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Allow me to assist you with the “correct” way to answer any of these types of people/questions:

    Her/Him from gov’t agency: Do you have any children?

    You: Go Fuk yourself.

    Her/Him: How many do you have?

    You: Go fuk yourself.

    Her/Him: Do you use any kind of drugs?

    You: Go Fuk yourself.

    Her/Him: How long have you been anti-gov’t?

    You: Go Fuk yourself.

    Her/Him: Ok,.. I can see your not in a cooperative mood, perhaps tommorrow?

    You: Go Fuk yourself.

    Her/Him: Ok then,,, have a good day.

    You: Go Fuk yourself.

    End Of Interrogation.

    The great part is,… your script is MUCH easier to remember than theirs is.

    JD – US Marines – Telling all these gov’t bags of flea-bitten filth: Go Fuk yourselves.

  6. TranceAm says:

    Shouldn’t the gov offer you your miranda rights when they want answers from you concerning: illicit substances & illegal behaviors.

    Lets look that one up, shall we.
    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.”

    The wording of the Miranda rights may vary from the statement above, as long as they fully convey the message. The officer must also ensure that the suspect understands his or her rights. Should the suspect not speak English, these rights must be translated to make sure they are understood.

    Miranda Rights were created in 1966 as a result of the United States Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona. The Miranda warning is intended to protect the suspect’s Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer self-incriminating questions.

    It is important to note that Miranda rights do not go into effect until after an arrest is made. The officer is free to ask questions before an arrest, but must inform the suspect that the questioning is voluntary and that he or she is free to leave at any time. The answers to these questions are admissible in court.

    So not… This is like a priest doing house calls for voluntary confessions.

    Just a sting/snitch operation camouflaged as something genuine by someone not obviously connected to law enforcement. Hehe, paranoia states, that it is possible that RTI is a rent a cop organization. And that makes you confess your crimes to a cop in his/her off time.

    This is what you get when the government lies to you.

  7. ARF says:

    NOTICE: I charge $15,000 per page to fill out any goverment form…Period!
    Payment in full before I pick up a pen…Nothings free in America!!

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