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Iceland gives bankers 9 months in prison – while in the UK we knight them

Before It’s News – by Pride’s Purge

Iceland has just jailed two of its bankers for fraud stemming from the 2008 economic crisis.

While in the UK we’ve just given a knighthood to former Financial Services Authority chief executive Hector Sants whose incompetence allowed bankers to cause the financial crisis to happen – and while other countries in Europe have decided to bail out their bankers and allow them to continue to award themselves massive pay and bonus packages while telling everyone else they have to suffer massive cuts to jobs, salaries and services – Iceland decided to put their wrongdoers in prison instead.

Two former executives at an Icelandic bank which collapsed in the 2008 financial meltdown have both been sentenced to 9 months in jail for fraud by a Reykjavik court.

And in a twist of unbelievable self-parody, over here ‘Sir’ Hector Sants has also just been hired by Barclays Bank – to help them clamp down on their out-of-control executive bonus and pay structure  – on a salary of £3m:

Barclays Pays Executive £3m – to Clamp Down on High Pay!

I know Iceland is supposed to be populated mainly by sheep but I bet they can’t match the 62 and a half million we seem to have got residing over here in the UK.

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3 Responses to Iceland gives bankers 9 months in prison – while in the UK we knight them

  1. carl hammel says:

    Woe to Iceland if the U.S. citizens don’t demand in sufficient numbers that we follow their prudent example.Perhaps their next move will be to introduce money into their economic system, backed by gold,to compete with the fiat currency of the international central banking cartel.Then any Nation with half a brain to be free would link their money to the Icelandic Thor,or whatever they may choose to call it,because its market value would be defined and stable over time.This would encourage savings which would create capital to loan for sound entrepreunerial investment.This would make Nations prosper to the point that banks would be needed only as a safe store of money rather than a counterfeiter of it.Then undoubtedly U.S.,N.A.T.O. and U.N forces would have to invade this new terroristic threat to financial tyranny.We will surely show them the beauty of Democracy,although Democracy can leave 49% without representation and we’re supposed to be a republic where Government exists only to ensure individual rights.Iceland huh?Isn’t that where that Assange guy hails from?Or was that Barry Soetorro?Gotta’ close now.I’m getting confused.

  2. Bluesman says:

    Does anyone believe for one second that once the banking cartel regains control, it *won’t* go after Iceland the same as they originally went after the US, UK, and EU financial systems?…

    … If so I have a bridge to sell you, conveniently located in central London 😉

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    A slap on the wrist.

    Nine years would have been more appropriate.

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