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If You Are On This List You May Be In Grave Danger

Also sent in by chris

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Over the weekend a mainstream media web site on the east coast published, presumably in the interest of public safety, a complete list of individuals and businesses that are licensed to carry or own handguns.

Much to the amusement of those who would confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens, the list, complete with an interactive map, essentially allows those who are preparing to commit such crimes as burglary, robbery or worse to locate specific addresses where residents are armed.

The problem, of course, is that in their haste to publicly out and embarrass legal gun owners, The Journal News actually did exactly the opposite of the intended purpose of their exclusive breaking report.

You see, now when a criminal gang decides to target a particular home they can utilize the new map to zoom in on specific homes in a neighborhood to determine if they will be faced with any sort of danger should they choose to attack a particular target.

Put yourself into the criminal mind and consider what you might do should you be compelled to rob a home or business at gunpoint. With that new map available to you, would you be headed to the residence where there is a strong likelihood that someone is armed, or would you skip over that particular house and head to where you know there would be little, if any, resistance?

It’s the epitome of irony.

When gun-grabbers and their ilk laugh about the new interactive map publicly exposing lawful gun owners, what they have actually done is outed those citizens who have no means of defending themselves.

It’s pretty safe to say that if one were to have a sign placed in front of their home, Americans would overwhelmingly prefer to have this one:

As opposed to being the neighbor in this photo:

In the near future criminals are going to realize the internet is a powerful tool for determining the feasibility of striking certain targets. It’s only a matter of time beforeflash mobs begin to organize, not against gas stations or pharmacies, but private citizens and residences. Should such a thing happen, and fifty people kick in your door and intend to have their way with your family and property, those millions of assault rifles that have been flying off the shelves around the country are going to come in real handy.

While we cherish our privacy and agree that the outing of gun owners has gone beyond responsible journalism, if their is going to be a list, we’d rather be on the one that has our residence listed as heavily armed as opposed to the alternative.

You may be one of those proud non-gun owners who didn’t make the east coast list.

And if you are, you should be terrified, because you may very well be in grave danger.

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14 Responses to If You Are On This List You May Be In Grave Danger

  1. Ned says:

    In Australia some time ago the NSW police detected a gang of housebreakers. They had mapped out all residences with dogs and avoided those homes. Common sense really!

  2. dave says:

    If this map depicted Florida, it would be solid, deep, dark purple…

  3. Justin Thought says:

    When I first heard of this list a couple’a days ago, my first thought was, it would be an honor to be on the list. While extreme cerebral activity isn’t one of the prerequisites for being a crook, it wouldn’t take long for the word to get around the underworld circles to check the list before making a stop; pass by those houses marked as gun owners, in favor of someone who counts on the local constabulary to protect them.

    This amounts to a massive fail!

  4. NC says:

    I absolutely love that Grand Theft Auto sign, “NO TRESSPASSING: Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again!”.

    I don’t know if that saying has been around a long time, but it wasn’t until Grand Theft Auto III came out that this sign seemed to gain worldwide attention to people such as myself when I was 19 years old at the time. Since that game came out with that saying, it become a popular worldwide quote to the young generation of that time up to now, whether serious and/or sarcastic.

  5. NC says:

    “While we cherish our privacy and agree that the outing of gun owners has gone beyond responsible journalism, if their is going to be a list, we’d rather be on the one that has our residence listed as heavily armed as opposed to the alternative.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    However, you can look at it another way, too. Would you rather be facing a gang of common criminals without a gun or a gang of government criminals with a gun? I guess with a gun, at least you’ll go out fighting and taking a couple of them with ya.

  6. Chris says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing about the list as this article. Lions attack the weakest animal (the easiest prey). They just helped the criminal predators find the easy prey. I would not be surprised if this list leads to a surge in home invasions in New York state, and a large number of new applicants for gun permits.

  7. Joe says:

    Hmmm, so the article squarely contradicts its own headline? Shouldn’t it read “If you’re not on this list and live around here…”?

    And if my question is incorrect and those ON the list are the ones in more danger, why does the article say the opposite? It would suck the reader in in either case.

    Any sort of list resembling this is probably intended to increase gun violence in general. In a community WITH guns, the gun ban people would want to increase the level of gun violence by way of justifying tighter regulation. It ruins their argument when guns are successfully used in self-defense. If this list were taken seriously by criminals, it would act to REDUCE the statistic in this area of successful self-defense use of firearms in the households which are armed, since they would not be mistakenly targeted, but avoided by criminals.

    Perhaps the publication is going for the “angry mob-torches-and-pitchforks-witch-hunt” style of “justice” against the gun households, which most people would oppose for the same reason police stations aren’t generally attacked to disarm them or take their guns.

    At any rate it’s pretty clear that the decision to publish this list was shortsighted wishful thinking at best. Since the people with real authority to confiscate firearms in some cases already have the list, logically it’s better to be on it than off it if it is to be published.

  8. Steve in Iowa says:

    One thing the list left out was shotguns and rifles. I’d much rather have a shotgun in close quarters than a pistol.

  9. ww says:

    We need to post the names and home addresses of the owners and executives of that newspaper on the internet.

  10. ww says:

    Like Joe above said, the title of this article should read:

    *If You Are Not On This List You May Be In Grave Danger*

  11. Lance says:

    Guns give people power. Guns empower people. Information gives people power. Information empowers people. Money gives people power. Money empowers people. People have a very hard time handling power. Why? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Everyday the evidence to prove this old saying true is provided to us right in front of our faces, yet people just don’t get it!

  12. Al Honold says:

    Shotguns are the preferred gun for home protection here in Georgia. Drywall is cheap.

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