8 thoughts on “I’ll see you in the Trenches

  1. Nice Jamal…the day approaches where we all must do fkn something, real…!!

    This will start as a guerrilla war …!

    The trenches will be dug by us as individuals and manned by us as individuals..

    We will be the lone man on a hill with a flag…The bill of rights flag…!!

    Death to the NWO and The terrified, petrified Tory organized militias…!!! Eternal

    They have already crossed every fkn line for the most part…!

    They have earned any and all deadly resistance and heyduke operations that are to be employed

    And all these corps, biz and Gov entities playing along in our own local communities along with he propaganda media machine and it’s talking robots need to be primary points for eradication…!

    The Suits….! Shall not get away…!!

    1. Thanks Norm! That quite a vision you created of “the lone man on a hill with a flag…the bill of rights flag…!!” Made me tear up a bit.


  2. Thanks, Jamal. I appreciate your voice. I’m posting this here because I think it relates to your message. I wrote it last night but wasn’t sure about sharing it. Please excuse the length of it. Jus’ some stirrings I needed to write down since so many of us are readying to face the enemy. Maybe I’m wrong here, but this is how I’m seeing it right now.

    On popular Internet broadcaster Max Igan, whom I’m no fan of:

    Well on both Rense and The Richie Allen Show, I made myself listen to a bit of Max’s account of having to flee his homeland of Australia because of how bad things have gotten over there. The whole account kind of disgusted me. Okay, he’s playing the B-string circuit to tell his story, justify his stance, but to me it does not look courageous. He spoke of how accelerated the tyranny is and how he had to go to Mexico to be safe. Says he’s temporarily staying with Jeff (Dollar Vigilante) Berwick in Acapulco. Sure, anyone is free to go wherever he or she wants, but what a time to flee.

    Max went on to tell his listeners that it’s all over if we don’t take a stand now. Well Max, wondered I, is running away taking a stand? Does not seem so. I’d be curious to know what his people think about him fleeing. Would some feel abandoned by him, see him as a deserter? And even though many brave individuals are ready to help stop it, does he think anywhere on the planet won’t eventually be plagued with pervasive communistic tyranny? So he left and he left his belongings to his son. Was it not difficult for him to leave family especially while things are as horrific as they are in Australia?

    I know most of the population there was/is disarmed, but it’s no secret that there are more ways to fight than with guns, more creative weapons and methods. The waters of slavery are washing up to the door. Who will stem the tide? Not those who run away. On a video he says he’s too old (64) for the physical fight and would only end up wounded and then be a burden needing to be taken care of. And how long before the people of Mexico where he moved to, come to resent expats? In fact, I hear that’s already happening, and in a lot of countries. “No place like home” is taking on new meaning. Where we are is where we stand. What we love is what we defend. For Max… he may never be allowed to return home as they are speaking of letting only those who’ve taken the jab back into the country.

    Max has a favorite saying: “You gotta face infinity without flinching.” I don’t know how he interprets that. And okay, maybe I am too harsh, and maybe I don’t have a full understanding of his experience, but I do know that many are facing the very same challenge, the very same enemy. Again, who will stem the tide? Oh look over there!! I see many hands going up in The Trench. 🙂


    1. Samuel Whittemore was 78 years old when he became the oldest known colonial combatant in the American Revolutionary War.
      No matter how old you are, running away is cowardice.
      “I might get wounded.”
      Samuel Whittemore recovered from his wounds and no doubt killed a few more British before he saw the end of the war.
      You can run but you cannot hide and history will remember your chicken-shit excuses with disdain as many older than you will have fought, died, or lived shutting this attempt at a one world order down.
      And tell me this, if you are twenty or seventy, you could get wounded and someone would have to take care of you.
      No, this guy is a coward and I care not what he has to say.

      1. I appreciate this, Henry. People all over the Internet are sympathizing with him, even praising him. I just couldn’t be quiet. Sam Whittemore is the greatest example you could have held up.


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