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Immigration: Rand Paul to back path to citizenship


Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is endorsing a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

In a speech to be delivered Tuesday morning to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the potential 2016 presidential candidate declares, “If you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you.” A copy of the speech was obtained in advance by The Associated Press.  

Paul’s path to citizenship would come with conditions that could make it long and difficult for illegal immigrants. Chief among these, Congress would have to agree first that progress was being made on border security.

Nonetheless, Paul’s endorsement of allowing illegal immigrants an eventual way to become citizens puts him in line with a growing number of Republicans who are embracing action on immigration as a way to broaden the GOP’s appeal to Latinos. On Monday, a Republican National Committee report called on the GOP to support comprehensive reform, though without specifying whether it should include a pathway to citizenship, which is decried by some conservatives as amnesty.

Paul’s move also comes as a bipartisan group of senators is nearing agreement on sweeping legislation to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, an effort that could get a boost from Paul’s stance. In an interview, Paul said he could foresee backing the Senate group’s emerging bill, although he plans to try to amend it on the floor with some of his own ideas.

Paul’s speech is peppered with Spanish phrases from his youth in Texas, references to his immigrant grandparents and praise for Latino culture. He says his party must adopt a new face toward Hispanics and says conservatives must be part of it.

“Immigration reform will not occur until conservative Republicans, like myself, become part of the solution. I am here today to begin that conversation,” Paul says.

“Let’s start that conversation by acknowledging we aren’t going to deport” the millions already here, he says.

For Paul, there are political overtones to his newly articulated stance, since he’s viewed as a potential presidential candidate and Hispanics are an increasingly important part of the electorate. Latino voters overwhelmingly backed President Barack Obama last year, helping seal his re-election, and Paul said the GOP needs to reverse that trend or risk “permanent minority status.”

In his speech, Paul lays out broad elements of a comprehensive immigration overhaul that has some overlap with the approach contemplated by the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of Eight, which hopes to release its legislation next month. The Senate group aims to secure the border, improve legal immigration and boost workplace enforcement, as well as create a pathway to citizenship.

Like the Senate group, Paul would aim to secure the border before illegal immigrants could begin taking steps toward citizenship, and he emphasizes this as a necessary first step to get support from conservatives.

He doesn’t specify how the border would be made more secure but says the Border Patrol and an inspector general would have to sign off. Congress would also have to agree annually for five years that border security was progressing in order for the other reforms Paul envisions to keep moving forward.

In year two of his plan, illegal immigrants would begin to be issued temporary work visas, and would have to wait in line behind those already in the system before moving forward toward citizenship. A bipartisan panel would determine the number of visas per year. High-tech visas would be expanded and a special visa for entrepreneurs would be issued.

Different from other approaches, Paul would not attempt to crack down on employers by expanding working verification systems, something he says is tantamount to “forcing businesses to become policemen.”

“My plan will not grant amnesty or move anyone to the front of the line,” Paul says. “But what we have now is de facto amnesty.”

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10 Responses to Immigration: Rand Paul to back path to citizenship

  1. Richard says:

    Rand Paul just sold out to the wetbacks. Just for votes. He is a common WHORE.

  2. Strayhorse says:

    What happened to secuirng the border first? What secures America’s borders from the next wave of 12 million+ illegals from entering the nation and further complicating the sheer costs on the infrastructure? America can no longer economically afford such burdens.

  3. Scotty says:

    This guy is all over the road. He backed Mitt Romney instead of his father in the presidential campaign. He pissed off a lot of people and sheepishly disappeared until the dust settled. Then last week he pulls a 13 hour filibuster “supporting” the Constitution to look like a hero and wins the CPAC award. Now he’s supporting immigration reforms that further undermine US citizens by adding to the welfare population that we can’t afford as it is. He is the poster child for Zionist puppets and no different from any other politician holding a dual citizenship. He’s transparent alright; clearly he works for Israhell. Grade-A NWO ass kisser. If he REALLY wanted legitimate immigration to work favorably for ALL involved, he would change the laws to resemble those in other countries where citizenship can be granted ONLY if the immigrants coming to this country have cash in their pockets and proof of guaranteed employment. I’d like to bitch slap this litle punk HARD!

  4. NC says:




    And those idiots like Tony Elliot can go kiss my ass! How do you like Rand Paul now, you dumbasses? You’re new, so-called savior just betrayed the U.S. CONSTITUTION!!!

    The damn Benedict Arnold ought to be thrown to the dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  5. Jolly Roger says:

    There you go….is there any doubt now that he’s working for the enemy?

    There is NO ONE in our present political establishment that will help us. We’re on our own, so we better organize, unite, and prepare to fight.

  6. NunyaBWax says:

    Does any politician have the balls to stand up for our country? Instead of caving and going along with those who would dilute our country to third world status, is there anyone who will stand up for our country and our citizens? I’m not holding my breath. Our country is slowly be taken over by foreigners with the help of traitors we have elected to represent us. Rand Paul is just sold us out like all the other sleazy, self-serving politicians. President someday?……NO WAY!

  7. Large Scale Aggressor says:

    I trust this guy about as much as I trust Dianne Feinstein, maybe less. At least Dianne is open and consistent about what a turd she is. Rand is all over the place, lying almost as much as BO.

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