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Is The U.S. Congress On Its Way Out?

Economic Policy Journal – by Chris Rossini

The lust for an iron-fisted Executive is nothing new. The U.S. Constitution was supposed to protect against it. That lasted all but 9 years until John Adams’ Alien and Sedition Acts.

Each President since has made his contribution.

Teddy Bear Roosevelt even bragged about his contributions:

“Whenever I could establish a precedent for strength in the executive, as I did for instance as regards external affairs in the case of sending the fleet around the world, taking Panama, settling affairs of Santo Domingo and Cuba; or as I did in internal affairs in settling the anthracite coal strike, in keeping order in Nevada this year when the Federation of Miners threatened anarchy, or as I have done in bringing the big corporations to book — why, in all these cases I have felt not merely that my action was right in itself, but that in showing the strength of, or in giving strength to, the executive, I was establishing a precedent of value.”

The trend has been steady all the way to the present day.

Looking at the state-controlled mainstream media can make you wonder: “Are they preparing us for something?”

TIME has it’s time-tested Executive worship:

And then you have the “Babies” known as the U.S. Congress:

Recent headlines also paint a picture:

Are ideas being planted?

Are Americans being softened to the idea of dictatorship?

Anyone with an operating brain can tell that the U.S. financial system and welfare state are a complete house of cards.

What happens when the house of cards collapses?

Will The State be completely surprised? That’s highly unlikely.

Is the media preparing us for a white knight with an iron fist? Someone who will have to clean things up without the “Babies”?

Maureen Dowd believes that it could be Conquistadora Hillary:

But history will no doubt record that withering Republicans were finally wiped from the earth in 2016 when the relentless (and rested) Conquistadora Hillary marched in, General Bill on a horse behind her, and finished them off.

Are the days of U.S. Congress numbered?

Who knows?

It wouldn’t be the first time. In days of old, Kings would regularly dismiss parliaments and operate without them. Dictators are a dime a dozen throughout history.

The U.S. was supposed to be different though. While not perfect, the ideas of liberty took root here. Was it just a flash-in-the-pan fluke? A bump in the road, as Slick Willy likes to say?

Let’s hope not.

No matter what happens, libertarians need to step it up. Our ideas will need enough believers in order to fend off whatever it is that comes our way.

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6 Responses to Is The U.S. Congress On Its Way Out?

  1. chris says:

    How much do you want to bet that the dissolution of congress by executive fiat or by their own mandate (most likely a senate resolution) during the next major event?

  2. Leo says:

    If the U S Congress is on its way out, so is the Republic, which would not shock me since we have a Communist in the White House, over the years the Presidency has been continuously gaining more and more power, which gives the oval office dictatorial powers to a setting President . all by clever design .

    • RobW says:

      Yep, and if you really want to “read all about it”, just read a couple translations of “Protocols of the learned elders of zion”. If you’re still interested, read translations of the “talmud” books. If this has piqued your interest, study a bit of history.
      Congress will probably be kept around as a distraction for awhile, but it has been irrelevant for many years.
      BTW, b.o. can be called a commie, a fascist, or whatever, but he’s still just a puppet. What are puppets for? Entertainment.
      Be well, Leo, Rob

  3. fading banana republik says:

    I was wondering when the other branches of government were going to wake up and realize they are just window dressing with an imperial executive. Hopefully the traitors, thieves and rats will start turning against each other.

    • RobW says:

      Are you perhaps referring to the the kangaroo courts, up to and including the 9 shill traitors in DC? I, too hope the rats will consume each other.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    First, they would have to appoint a Congressional oversight committee to do a feasibility study to see whether the lobbyists would suffer severe psychological and emotional withdrawals, were Congress to disband.

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