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“ITCCS Citizens Arrest Warrant for Peter Montague” The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

Published on Mar 9, 2013 rainbowwarriorspeak

What is happening world wide with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State is important to me as the faith-keeper of the Land of Peace, and to the world. It is an action that supersedes federal law and crumbles the corporate government, the corporate agenda and the bottom line. My efforts and support is whole-heartily behind the actions of Rev. Kevin Annett and the men and women working as one around the globe getting results where the judiciary, government and the legal system who are in collusion, will be forced again to police each other. This action of ITCCS by all legal definitions supersedes federal law and finally we have an authority with clout acting on behalf of a hurt and suffering people that can barely defend themselves.
Rev. Joshua JD Lemmens
The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

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2 Responses to “ITCCS Citizens Arrest Warrant for Peter Montague” The Rainbow Warrior Speaks

  1. Ben says:

    As with many other matters, I’ll believe it when I see results…

  2. It is not about as with all kinds of matter and believing when seeing Ben, there are so many things going on right now, and the world is in peril. Right now we are invaded with the water being poisoned, the salmon in our area of BC are riddled with ISA, chemtrails are leaving our earth full of barium, strontium and levels of aluminum oxide making our food at times unfit for human consumption. Our social services are taking children without cause, our health authority is chlorinating water that has no problems and men are marginalized to the point of not being human. I could ramble on for hours. When are we going to get off our ass and do something? When we are being carted off to some FEMA camp. All of these things are really happening and if you want to be the frog that comes to a boil then so be it. I am going to let the world know, that enough is enough and that in the instance of the ITCCS initiative?, the greavous atrocities that have been done to the First Nations people is unimaginable. When you have held an elder man or woman in your arms after finally telling their story of the torture and abuse they have suffered under the hands of the church, I would hope that you too would act to stand up against the sickness that I for one will no longer allow to go unseen and unpunished. Wake up!

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