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January 5 is first day of 2013 without NYPD-involved shooting


Saturday marked the first day of the new year in which there were no NYPD-involved shootings.

On New Year’s Day, two officers approached a car in the Bronx. The driver accelerated, striking one of the officers, and the second officer fired at the driver, shooting him in the leg. The driver took off, but was apprehended when he hit a parked car. He was taken to Jacobi Hospital in stable condition, and the officer was treated for a leg injury.

On January 2, a distraught woman flagged down an officer on foot in Fort Greene, reporting an emotionally unstable person inside a nearby apartment building, at 48 Fort Greene Place. The officer entered the premises to find a 40-year-old man holding scissors to his own throat. The man threw the woman on the ground and threatened to stab her. The officer fired twice, shooting the man in the stomach. The man was transported to Kings County Hospital in critical condition. The officer was treated for tinnitus.

On January 3, a total of three officers were shot: one while off-duty during a robbery at his family’s car dealership in the Bronx; two in plainclothes working undercover on the platform of the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop on the N line, while attempting to give a man a summons for walking between train cars. One of the officers in the second incident fired back, fatally wounding the shooter.

In East New York on January 4, two officers witnessed two men banging on a door in a Cypress Hill housing complex. One of the men took off, and when one of the officers chased him, the turned and pointed a gun in the officer’s direction. The officer shot the man in the left buttock. The man was taken to the hospital in stable condition. The officer was treated for tinnitus.–january-5-is-first-day-of-2013-without-nypd-involved-shooting

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3 Responses to January 5 is first day of 2013 without NYPD-involved shooting

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    So what do they want, a plaque or something?

  2. Paul W of Stamford says:

    Wow. You mean they shot no dogs?

  3. PJ London says:

    “The officer was treated for tinnitus.”?????
    They are kidding, right?
    No. 2 ? “The officer was treated for tinnitus.”?
    They are not kidding!!
    Shoot a gun, get a week off on full pay.
    They call this “policing”. ” in plainclothes working undercover – attempting to give a man a summons for walking between train cars”
    Obviously, they do not have any unsolved murders, rapes, assaults, burglaries in New York.
    And they wonder why we do not respect them!

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