6 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse did the right thing

  1. Spot on Jamal !! I have been watching the sham trial on line paying attention to the live chat as well. There are many many in support of Kyle including Latinos and Blacks. The true Americans know he was in the right. This young man should NEVER have been put through this bs but we know it is show for the anti gun (anti BoR) agenda

    1. Thank you Mary. 100% for show. It also baffles me how so many don’t get outraged he’s on trial and not the commie MF who literally tried to murder him on camera. This shit boils my blood.

  2. ‘P&P’, brother. Paycheck & Pension. The name I’ve given to this ‘going along’ crap. It’s the ONLY thing that’s important to most these days.

    Once again, spot-on

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