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LA offers groceries for guns in annual buyback

Yahoo News – Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Long lines of cars and people formed Wednesday to take advantage of a guns-for-groceries exchange program that was moved up in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting.

Police officers filled bins with more than 1,500 rifles and handguns outside the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and the Van Nuys Masonic Temple, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Officials were mindful of both the massacre of students and teachers in Newtown, Conn., and a gunman’s ambush that killed two firefighters in Webster, N.Y.

“All of us are still mourning the tragedy at Newtown, Conn.,” saidMayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “So many young innocent children were mass-murdered in the way that they were, and now the assassination of two firefighters … just breaks the heart of so many of us, particularly in this holiday season.”

The anonymous buyback program allowed weapons to be turned in with no questions asked. Handguns, rifles and shotguns could be exchanged for $100 Ralphs grocery store gift cards. Assault weapons earned a $200 card.

The program, designed to get guns off the streets, usually is held in May. Villaraigosa decided to do it now in the wake of the Dec. 14 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The last buyback netted about 1,700 guns.

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10 Responses to LA offers groceries for guns in annual buyback

  1. NC says:

    What do you expect coming from people in L.A.? What a bunch of pathetic sheeple.

  2. NC says:

    “The last buyback netted about 1,700 guns.”


    Yahoo propaganda at its finest.

  3. NC says:

    “assassination of two firefighters”.

    HAHAHAAHAHA!!! Assassination? Are you kidding me? What makes these firefighters so special compared to anyone else that they need to use the word, “Assassination” instead of “murder”? Unbelievable!

  4. REDHORSE says:

    Maybe i should have one of those buy backs at my place and hand out cash.An AR for $200.00 sounds worth it to me.Only in calif are the sheeple that stupid.

  5. chris says:

    Boy when the supply chain stops, those used up gift cards will come in handy!

    When they finish with the cards they can holster them right up their asses so they can have them ready to go when they need to throw them at the bad guys.

    I know people use these things to dump their bad guns but those that actually turned in good working weapons are beyond saving. I hope they either get robbed of those cards (at gunpoint lol) or choke on the GMOs they’ll be buying with them.

  6. Fud says:

    What a great way to get rid of junk guns. I have a 22 revolver I bought 40 years ago for $5. Can’t wait to turn it in for a hundred or so. It would also be a good idea to buy any junk guns you find at yard sales/flea markets. Pick up a few bucks from the gov.

  7. BentSpear says:

    Heads Up on this tactic! Castro did the EXACT same thing to disarm Cuba right after the “Revolution”. Those that didn’t were hunted down & killed.

    This pretty much settles this 2nd Amendment argument; The Commies in the United States government are making their move for total disarmament of America. New World Order, Zioturds, Builderturd Group, whatever label one puts on this sh!t, it’s still Communism. If we disarm, the FEMA Camps (Gulags), the government housing (ghettos) and government medical (re-education drugging) will flourish. All that will need done is to use the open strip mining pits for the bodies of “Enemies of the State”.

    Whatever carrot these evil bastards offer, don’t bite. If you do, it will probably be the last for you & yours.

  8. robertsgt40 says:

    Look for those guns to be stolen or beaters or both. Anything valued at over $100 would be sold on the open or underground markets. This is PR stunt. For every gun turned in 100k have been purchased in last couple days.

  9. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I always find out about these things too late, since I don’t watch t.v.

    Could have gone down there with some cash and at least done some window shopping.


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