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Let it begin here

Bob Owens

Easing into my 40s, I’m finally starting to understand the urgency of time, and the appeal of leaving a lasting legacy. What will I leave behind to my daughters, and my nieces and nephews? What can I do for my grandchildren before they’re even born, so that they have an opportunity for a life as blessed as mine has been? What is worth building, protecting, and passing on?

I, for one, cannot stand the thought of bowing my head for decades more, only to look back from the twilight of my life at my gathered children and grandchildren, knowing that I failed to act to protect their most precious liberty.

Then it struck me; do I love my children any less now, that I would not sacrifice all that I am for them at this moment, if that is what liberty demands?

Politicians in Illinois, New York, and Washington, DC are incapable of grasping the true meaning of that word, sacrifice.

To them, “sacrifice” is what someone else must give up in order for them to have their way. At best, “sacrifice” to them is having to delay their desires, of having to steal away what they would take from us in partial-measures, buried in massive bills that we have to pass to find out whats in them.


Word has come down in recent days that the President of the United States may attempt to gut the Second Amendment via an executive order, reclassifying popular self-loading firearms as Title II weapons the same as hand grenades, rocket launchers, and crew-served machine guns. In doing so, he would force you to register your firearms with the Federal government, pay a draconian tax for merely keeping what you already own, and shred your right to privacy, allowing the federal government into your home unannounced to “check up” on or confiscate your guns at any moment they see fit.

From NFA ’34, to GCA ’68, to FOPA ’86, and the ’94 Crime Bill, the federal government has chipped away at the rights of gun owners in the name of “public safety.” Tellingly, the safety they’ve sought to protect in each and every one of those laws has been their own, attempting to defang the people so that when the people finally realize they have been cornered by their would-be masters, they have nothing left with which to strike back in their own defense.

Not one step more. That is what I pledge to my children.

I will accept no executive orders that reclassifies the most common and popular sporting rifle in America into a de facto “machine gun” just because a narcissist son of a drunken communist claims it is his right to do so.

I will not accept a ban on any firearms, or magazines from a self-absorbed Congress or any other imagined superior.

I will not give up one more cartridge, one more inch, or one more right so that statists in either party can constrict our liberties yet again in the false claim of safety, a claim that only serves their desire for absolute power without consequence.

Captain John Parker was a veteran of the French and Indian War when he ordered his troops of the Lexington Militia—not Minutemen, mind you, but the normal regular militia—to muster on Lexington Green. Parker was dying of advanced tuberculosis; he’d be dead within six months. His orders to his men as he faced 700 approaching regulars with less than 70 men are recorded for posterity. “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

I can chart the path forward for no other man, but I will contest to their last breaths the desires of petty tyrants and their co-conspirators if they cross this red line that determines that the soap box, ballot box, and jury box have failed, and that the cartridge box is our last resort.

I will go to my death if this time comes to pass, orphaning and widowing those I hold most dear. For that I am truly regretful, just as I regret the lives I must attempt to cut short so that my children will breathe free. I know that in my sights will be another mother’s son or daughter, likely with children of their own. But they will have made their choice of whom to serve, and I have made mine.

There is no desire for bloodshed in my heart, but if they want a war, let it begin here.

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19 Responses to Let it begin here

  1. CXJ says:

    Dear Mr. Bob Owens,

    I am with you. Need I say anything else? Good day.

    Clayton X. Jones

  2. chris says:

    Let’s get this thing over with

    I want to see McChrystal hanging from the gallows by the time this thing is over.

  3. oldranger68 says:

    I guess it’s time to saddle up again. I’ve been at peace too long anyway. Now, let’s fight an enemy we were supposed to fight…the domestic bastards who threaten our country from within.

  4. robertsgt40 says:

    Well put.

  5. Eomer says:

    Hear, hear. To you Mr. Owens and all here.

  6. Whizerd67 says:

    It’s uncanny how exactly the same I feel.
    It’s going down soon…you better know where your priorities lie.

    Who’s gonna fight harder…those who think they have everything, or those that know they have nothing?

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  7. Robert says:

    You’ll lose. Obama the Commie will drone your house killing you AND your wife and children, and he won’t shed a single tear, just as he DIDN’T shed a single tear on national TV but faked the whole thing in response to the Newtown shooting.

    Obama is a lying asshole. Just as George W. Bush was a lying asshole.
    Just as the entire Democrat and Republican parties are lying assholes. They have been your enemies for DECADES, and only a small minority knew it. The money power has them all, and until that damnable bank is demolished and the brick shipped back to the Bank of England, nothing will change and your freedom FROM these lying assholes will become so small it may as well not exist.

    So, they come for your guns now. I suppose it was Okay when they did away with the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Ten Amendments. Not a whimper out of the so called “Patriots”. Oh, but when they come for the guns, oh its “They’ll never take me alive.”

    You’re right. They won’t take you alive.

    • chris says:

      Patrick Henry, 1775:

      “They tell us that we are weak — unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Three million people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”

      I hope you are joking or trolling because the lame, “…b-b-but drones”
      or the “har har they have tanks what is your AR going to do” is so useless at this point in the game.

      If your serious then you should probably just give your weapons to someone with a little more spine. Maybe go out and replace them with a safe can of pepper spray, or better yet how about a rape whistle? I’m sure they both holster nicely in your rectum as you must be good and loosened up by now.

      I suppose that we should occupy or march, that’ll sure show them!

      It took several years before open hostilities kicked off during the revolution and the war of words over the last decade has drawn to a close. Guess what comes next?

    • Drutch says:

      As long as a breath fills our lungs in this world, we will resist. If the world becomes so unbarelable that we should be forced under complete despotism, that we should be forced to have every aspect of our lives dictated, that we shuold be forced to fear uttering a sound in defiance of tyrants; then let the tyrants send us all to the next world or let them die trying. There is no value to life without a voice, without peace and without the spear to ward off parasites. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      Robert, I think you’re trying to hide cowardice behind phoney wisdom by suggesting that “you’ll lose,” were some kind of reason not to fight. Do you think we’ll “win” if we don’t fight? What realistic options do we have other than fighting these bastards?

      Any what ridiculous reason do you have for thinking we’ll lose? Do you know something about warfare that everyone else is missing? I ask this because the history of every past conflict of this nature tends to indicate that we’ll win, with far fewer guns and numbers than we actually have.

      Some of us will die, and I”ll probably be one of the first to go, but that’s a much nicer option for me than enduring this tyranny, and surviving to watch it get a lot worse. Or are you stupid enough to think that if we just give up our guns they’ll just leave us alone?

      No one wants violence, but sometimes it’s the only option you’re given. If you know a better, or a non-violent approach that hasn’t been tried a hundred times in the last couple decades, please let us hear it. No one woke up this morning and said “let’s start shooting.” The people involved in this struggle have been at it for a long time. We’ve arrived at this juncture because peaceful means have been exhausted.

  8. gary says:

    I hear a lot of blow but no go. What must we do to organize and bring back our rights? Anyone have a plan for a total up-rise against these bastards? The only hope I see is getting the men who serve our country to stand up and start doing just that, serve and protect our country instead of being brainwashed to attack it’s own people. If they come demanding our guns then is when the bloodshed and revolution will start but in the mean time they will have ruined our economy to the point of no return.

  9. rollsthepaul says:

    “You are either with us or you are with the government terrorists”
    Bizarro Dubya

    Apparently we have all entered a bizarro America. This is war and the stakes are nothing less, than the survival of the Republic. Knuckle under or stand up. Your call.

  10. Marty says:

    I am with you, I took the chance of dying in a rice field 10,000 miles from home 42 years ago to defend someone elses freedom so I am damn sure willing to die in my back yard to defend our constitution and our own freedoms….

  11. Another Bob says:

    The first of us to go down will signal the rest of us to engage. Sir, I don’t think they have a clue about what they are doing. If they did, sir, they would back off. They seem to be oblivious of the “death by one thousand cuts” principal. Death by one hundred milling cuts boggles the mind. We will not stand down. We will not comply. We’ve gone along to get along while watching our own government, like an idiot moron, make contradictory laws to The Second Amendment and The Dick Act. While spouting phrases like “The Rule Of Law” and such. They insult the principal of the rule of law as they seek to enslave us.

    I echo your sentiments, sir.

    And to those that say that we lose, they simply aren’t facing reality. Oh, some of us will, but, we’ve never drawn a line in the sand. Once fired upon, once the first patriot goes down the feds and law enforcement will think hell hath come to earth. What is it they say? “All is fair in love and war?” I’m a born again believer and one of the things I believe in is agressors forfeit their rights. All of their rights. The first patriot falls and it will be like kicking one hundred million hornet nests. If you all want to criticize, go ahead and hand in your guns while you lick the hands of those that feed you.

    We will not back down. We will not comply. I will not live as a serf and those who attempt to make me live like that will not survive.

    To those who say they see “all blow and no show” I say, “fools rush in” and you can cram provacateur attituded right up your butt. “Do not fire unless fired upon.” The bluster is coming from the District of Criminals. We meet bluster with bluster, action with action.

    Ever pull a pin on a grenade? When you pull it, it just makes a sizzle. At the end of that little sizzle is a big boom and you better not be close by when the sizzle stops. They haven’t even pulled the pin. They keep threatening to. “We’re going to do it!!!” “We have to do it for the children!!!” “We must do something!!!” All I hear is blow and no go, too, from the other side. When they started blowing, we, the patriots, started stripping the gun stores to the walls. If you call that “all blow and no go” well, then, I guess my answer is, “You’re correct.” You think we bought all that stuff to have something to register?

    Do not pull that pin. We do not want to fight. We love our peaceful lives but we value freedom more. We don’t want to find out what will happen if the line is crossed.

  12. Steve says:

    So, what you are saying is that the next time the feds converge on some benighted compound of folks that they claim have run afoul of firearm laws (or some other mandated stupidity), you are going to load up and rush to aid in their defense? Waco certainly would have turned out differently if a couple of hundred like minded folks showed up to put a stop to the draconian federal troops.

    Kudos to you sir – I hope that such a scenario never comes to pass, and yet I find that I am in agreement in seeing the need to deal harshly with federal aggressors if such a situation should arise again.

  13. Eomer says:

    Hey Robert, while yes it would be a huge advantage if everyone woke up the day they were born and unplugged themselves from the matrix, I say it’s never too late to have another person join our side, no matter how late in the game it is. Maybe since you’re so bright and have known everything all along, you can put yourself in charge of the white flag division and when they come to you’re neighborhood you can run out and say “they went thataway sir!”…”I told them it was too late in the game to even THINK about fighting back!”.Then they’ll say “Good boy Robert. Well done.”. If you think that technology wins the war then take a look at the 2 wars we’re in now and Vietnam. Also, look at Afghani people when they took on the USSR. In fact you’re using a similar argument that the gun grabbers use. “Do you really think you can take on the US govt with your rifle?”. Unbelievable!

  14. Eomer says:

    Look guys, some of you are thinking way too big, overwelming yourselves and giving up before the fight. It’s not worth worrying about some group of gun activists you dont even know, clear across the state or even the country. Think small and hold down the fort in your own region. Thats the beautiful thing about Pick 7. If we all do this, we will be a dangerous force to be reckoned with. The thing is youve got to do it and not sit on your ass and whine. One of the most important things is communication. Dont just rely on cell phones. Get some cheap cb’s and right then you’ve got a small local force. Take things one day at a time as they come. If things get worse we can go from there and turn Pick 7 into bigger units and band together.

  15. Tranitus3 says:

    Keep your powder dry ill see you guys on the battlefield!

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