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Loaded pistol found in package of frozen meat

Yahoo News – by Eric Pfeiffer

UFOs aren’t the only unexplained oddity happening in Roswell these days. A worker at an Albertsons grocery store in the New Mexico city found a loaded pistol inside a package of frozen meat.

So far, law enforcement officials tell local affiliate KRQE-TV that they have no idea where the gun came from. The Albertsons employee turned over the .38 Super, which was loaded with seven rounds of ammunition.

“I have personally never heard of this,” Sgt. Jim Preston of the Roswell Police Department told the station.

Police say the frozen meat came from the Swift meatpacking plant in Greeley, Colo., and is dated June 8, 2011.

“We could speculate on a lot of things,” Preston said. “It could have been someone just dropped it there, or it could have been something that someone put in there trying to hide it for 100 different reasons.”

Both Colorado and New Mexico police say the gun has not been reported stolen. Unfortunately, the Albertsons employee wiped down the gun before handing it over, meaning there are no fingerprints or other evidence for police to collect in their investigation. Still, they are able to use the gun’s serial number to track it to the last location from where it was sold.

“If we would have been notified while it was still in the box and no one would have touched it, there could have possibly been some forensic evidence that we could have actually looked into,” Preston said.

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5 Responses to Loaded pistol found in package of frozen meat

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s probably a “fast and furious” gun.

    I think the message here is:
    “Oh boy…..those evil little guns are just turning up everywhere. Only a complete handgun ban can save us”.

    And your average dope will hear that sentiment reinforced a hundred times before he shuts off his TV for the day.

    • BentSpear says:

      Fast & Furious gun; YOU BET! The caliber .38 Super gives it away. That particular cartridge & caliber has something to do with Mexican laws that deal with firearms in Mexico. I ran into this law back in the early 80’s when I was crossing the border there. Couldn’t bring my Colt 1911 .45ACP into country, but could bring a Colt Combat Commander .38 Super in with no problem. Seems that even Mexican civilians can own calibers that have no military application once they pay off the local Constabulary.

      Maybe a Mexican National can fill in more on this quirk of Mexican Law.

      Guess our own USDA is on the ball as usual at their strict inspection standards.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      That’s probably a good call, JR. I hadn’t thought of that when I came across this one.

      What I was thinking is that idiot that turned it in is going to regret doing so in the near future.

      Unless he’s already well-armed to begin with.

  2. diggerdan says:

    That would have been a good gun to stash shomewhere for possible future use, Ya`ll know. If a package of meat was shipped with a gun wrapped with the meat, how do we know that the meat wasn`t human meat. I wonder if they still soled the meat .

  3. Cathleen says:

    So does this mean we are eating packaged meat from Mexico?

    I have a Hispanic (US Citizen) friend who owns a Mexican restaurant here in my town. She still has family in Mexico. I was asking her how they treat the meat after they kill a cow. Here in the U.S. we bleed it out, but she tells me in Mexico they kill it, share it with family members and eat they it right away because in some places there are homes in Mexico that have no refrigeration.

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