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Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed in Montana

Stop the Drug War – by Phillip Smith

They’re back. Although a late effort to get on the ballot this year fell short, Montana marijuana activists are determined to get on the ballot in 2014, and just 10 days after the election, they submitted the first 2014 ballot question received by the secretary of state’s office.

The constitutional initiative is proposed by East Helena medical marijuana advocate Barb Trego and lists as contact person Chris Lindsay, former partner in Montana Cannabis and now a convicted federal marijuana offender for his efforts.

The language of the 2014 initiative is not yet on file with the secretary of state’s office, but it is said to mirror this year’s failed CI-110, which would have amended the state constitution so that “adults have the right to responsibly purchase, consume, produce, and possess marijuana, subject to reasonable limitations, regulations, and taxation.  Except for actions that endanger minors, children, or public safety, no criminal offense or penalty of this state shall apply to such activities.”

To qualify for the ballot, initiative organizers must obtain the signatures of 10% of qualified voters, as well as 10% of qualified voters in each of the state’s 40 legislative House districts. It’s not clear yet what the exact numbers are — they are based on this month’s election results — but this year, organizers needed about 45,000 signatures and came up with only 19,000.

This next time around, organizers will have the benefit of more time. They will also have the benefit of the examples of successful legalization initiatives this year in Colorado and Washington.

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4 Responses to Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed in Montana

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “This next time around, organizers will have the benefit of more time.”

    I seriously doubt there’ll be a next time around. Time is the one thing we have very little of left, before the SHTF.

    What’s up Smilardog? Haven’t seen you posting any comments lately.

  2. diggerdan says:

    Putting your signature on something like this – I think – would be kind of like putting your name on a watch list. I am for legalization of all drugs but I would never sign things like this. Marijuana should never have been illegal in the first place.

  3. ToM says:

    Legalization is still government control.
    The government is the drug dealer…So we are asking to legalize something that a corrupt and criminal government is providing?

    All drugs should be decriminalized and abuse should be treated as a medical problem, not a criminal problem. Take the money out of the equation and then you take the criminal government out too…but that would cost the CIA too much money and then who’s going to give them the cash for their illegal operations?

    You can’t legislate morals…you can’t regulate, you educate.

    It is the best of times for the worst of crimes. And consensual crimes are the worst of crimes, not for the usual reasons, but because they have no business being crimes. Simply put, you should be allowed to do whatever you want with your own person and property, so long as you don’t physically harm the person or the property of another.

    Today’s laws make many of those basic consensual acts illegal. In Michigan alone, more than 135 people are currently serving life sentences without possibility of parole for the mere possession of illegal drugs.

    All this crap is nothing but an exercise in futility. The system is crooked, the government is crooked, they generate bogus reports…drugs are illegal for why? You mean the government cares about us that much they need to protect us from a weed that grows in the ground? Right.

    The hypocrisy of the Drug War is only matched by the stupidity of the American sheople.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Drugs are illegal because it is FAR more profitable for the so-called ‘government’ to sell them illegally, arrest and incarcerate those that buy them or send them to ‘rehab’, all of which generate ‘revenue’.

      Their profits would plummet if drugs were legalized.

      Never happen.

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