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Mark Koernke: The Storm Is Upon Us

I encourage everyone to view these, in the order which they run and then encourage others that you know to do the same.

These videos speak of what we see emerging today, the attempted and complete overthrow of Our Constitution, which in turn, will bring Tyranny and Oppression to all who live in this Republic.

This has been in the process for many years….as some of you all ready know.

But only in the last 20 years have the enemies of Our Republic become so emboldened.

Many folks are unable to put the pieces together because of the long time frame which these actions have been taking place.

These videos lay it all out, as one is looking forward, to our present time and place in American history.

As one is traveling along, looking at a map that reveals where one is headed.

The plans of America’s enemies are not new, and they’ve been in effect for some time.

Their objectives have not changed; the only thing that’s changed is the date on the calendar.

Even now these days are running short, for the enemies of this Republic, will be moving faster to achieve their goals.

Now we’re about to witness the attempted disarming of the American people.

The enemies of Our Republic have sold us into indentured servitude through debt.

Now they cannot begin to pay back the interest they owe to the lenders.

The dis-arming of the American people, will allow them to take possession of the collateral.


Along with Our Nations resources, OUR PROPERTY is all that’s left.

They’ve taken Our industries, jobs, and technologies.

In order to take Our property, they must disarm the people.

The question remains, “What will YOU do?”

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