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Mark Simmons, Rochester, NY Cop who Shot 13-Year Old Suicidal Girl, Promoted to Lieutenant

Cop Block – by Davy V.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Rochester, NY Police Sgt. Mark Simmons will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Emails, texts and messages on facebook went out congratulating Simmons on his promotion.

And, once again the Rochester, NY Police department, and current RPD Chief James Sheppard, continue a long practiced ‘Good ol’ boys club’ way of rewarding problem officers with promotions.

While many Rochester, NY residents have extremely short-term memories, others don’t.

I would put myself in the latter category.


A very sensitive subject for me.

In 1993, my Dad Mario Vara committed suicide in his bedroom, while me and my mom were downstairs.

Contrary to what people say, that things get better with time, they don’t.

Not a day passes by when I don’t remember that day.

I can still hear the loud gunshot.

I often think what if anything I could have done to stop my Dad from doing what he did.

Which brings me to Mark Simmons.

On July 10, 2005, 13-year old LaShedica Mason was suicidal, when she locked herself up in the bathroom of her home on St. Jacob Street on Rochester’s eastside.

Her relatives called 911 for assistance.

Minutes later, Rochester Police officer Mark Simmons entered the home and as soon as he saw Mason holding a knife, he shot the 13 year old girl three times, including once in her abdomen.

As a result of her injuries, LaShedica’s gall bladder, as well as several feet of her intestines had to be removed during surgery.

Ironically, just days before the shooting, acting Rochester Police Chief Cedric Alexander had announced the creation of the Rochester Police Department’s Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team (EDPRT) a team specially trained to deal with despondent, suicidal, and emotionally unstable individuals.

In fact, the team was developed, specifically for people just like LaShedica.

So why then, was a suicidal teen shot multiple times by a trigger-happy cop?

Where was this crisis intervention team who were trained to deal with situations like this?

Nowhere to be found.

They were never deployed.

Instead, a trigger-happy young RPD cop named Mark Simmons went Rambo, opening fire and trying to kill a young, suicidal girl who needed help.


Mark Simmons tried his best to kill young LaShedica.

Simmons shot the 13-year old in what police refer to as ‘center mass.’

It is that part of the body just below the neck and above the waist.

Police know that by shooting at this area of the body, the shots will most likely be fatal, and by shooting a young girl three times, Mark Simmons’ intentions were clear: Shoot to kill.

Not long after shooting LaShedica, Mark Simmons was promoted to the rank of Sgt., and, until recently, was Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard’s right hand man.

This latest promotion of Simmons by the RPD, will be the second of his approx. 9-year career with the department.

I often think of LaShedica.

I think of how bad one must feel to want to end one’s life, like my Dad did.

It has to be an unimaginable pain.

And then I think on top of how bad LaShedica was feeling, locked in that bathroom, holding a knife, contemplating ending her life, what she must have felt seeing RPD officer Mark Simmons, not there to help her, but instead trying his best to kill her himself.

I wonder if on Tuesday, in that ceremony when Rochester Police Sgt. Mark Simmons is promoted to Lieutenant, if he will remember LaShedica.

I wonder if he will remember, that the first time in his career that he had an opportunity to make a difference in a young suicidal girl’s life by helping her, that instead he tried to kill her.

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10 Responses to Mark Simmons, Rochester, NY Cop who Shot 13-Year Old Suicidal Girl, Promoted to Lieutenant

  1. Tim says:

    DRONE ATTACK? NDAA?- INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Splintered beams and boards on a piece of charred earth were all that remained Sunday where three Indianapolis homes were leveled in a blast that killed two people and rendered homes for blocks uninhabitable.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, it must’ve been the NDAA that destroyed those two houses.

      “rendered homes for blocks uninhabitable.”

      It does seem that the threshold for a house being “uninhabitable” is pretty low these days. Broken windows, a mess in the yard, or on the floors, and lack of electricity shouldn’t force people to abandon a house.

      People in NJ are abandoning houses simply because the insides flooded, whereas others happily live in houses that have flooded more than once.

  2. NC says:

    Don’t you just love the police…. I say, “SHOOT THEM ALL!!” And if you don’t have any more bullets, then taser their balls until they fall off!

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The point of the article is NEVER, EVER CALL THE COPS!!!

    Unless you plan to shoot them first, of course.

    Disclaimer: this is in no way advocating violence against the pigs, er…….. I mean cops.

    • NC says:

      As to your disclaimer, SSsssuurreee…………..I’ll have to talk to the Israeli Lobbyist, Patrick Clawson about that one. I’m sure he’d like to share some ideas that he doesn’t “advocate”, as well, with you. lol

  4. mary says:

    Who are the women who sleep with these disgusting excuses for men?

    I would not ever ever ever date a cop. I know there are a few decent guys out there in the profession but they are sorely outnumbered by their peers. With odds like that, I would never take such an uneccesary risk.

    I wouldn’t want one near me or near anyone I love. So from a strictly Darwinian perspective, why do we have so many of them?

    • TranceAm says:

      Heh, well if you want to talk genetically.

      2000+ years of war, where traditionally the containers of peaceful genes are conquered and killed by the ruthless ones.

      Guess what becomes dominant in the genepool?

  5. Rev. Frank Morales has gotten violent NYC cops removed from their beats and given desk jobs in the basement. How? He calls for a demonstration RIGHT ON THE SIDEWALK OUTSIDE THE COP’S HOME. Usually the cop gets transferred even before the demonstrators show up.

    I still advocate starting a website posting home addresses of power-abusers who currently enjoy impunity, and calling for peaceful demonstrations outside their homes. I think we could save thousands of lives every year with such a website.

    • diggerdan says:

      Absolutley agreed. also, think about it – they know where we live if they want so why not us know where they live – what`s fair is fair, the cop would not have anything to worry about if he was a fair/honest cop. GEEZE, I JUST REMEMBERED, There is no such thing as a fair /honest cop though. D.A.`s, judges, lawers, etc. etc. are mostly – and probobly all – all the same bought off trash.

  6. FirstnFreedom says:

    NEVER, EVER call cops for someone suicidal ! My 50 yr old cerebral palsey sister with tunnel vision was shot & killed 2/4/08 by over zealous Orange County (Orlando) Fl Sheriff SWAT team when my paranoid schizophrenic mother called because my sister was having an emotional breakdown & had a pistol. When I finally met with the detective, they wheeled in an officer who was partially paralyzed, I guess to make us understand what could happen to them. I was so distraught, I could barely think. Come to find out that the negotiator was negotiating with the “hostage”, my schizo mother who wasn’t taking her meds. They planted that hostage scenario in my mom. There was an hour or so standoff while they never spoke with my sister. I believe the hospital gave mom that drug that makes you forget trauma cuz she doesn’t remember much from that day. They knew who they were dealing with. I’m sure there is an extensive file on that address. My mom had a habit of call them regularly. Neighbors tried to tell them what they were doing was not necessary. They were pushed back and told to get away. They even had one of those tank type vehicles there. My mom and sister had lived there for 40 years. I live states away & my sister never disclosed to me about any of the previous episodes of mom’s calling cops on neighbors & such. My mom lives with me now. Believe me, I’m more afraid of cops than terrorist. They claim my sister exited the back door pointing the pistol like a pro. She had difficulty walking, much less seeing. Yes, she committed suicide by cop, but it didn’t have to be that way. The cops must learn how to deal with the mentally disabled without killing them. She didn’t have to die that way. 5 shots, 3 hits. I cannot bring myself to file for her autopsy. Tears flowing as typing. My father was a cop, back when they were peace officers. Cops didn’t shoot people like that back in the 60’s. I guess their agenda is to kill. God forgive me for not being there.

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