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Maybe Voters Didn’t Know Their Lives Really Did Depend On The Outcome

The Western Center for Journalism – by Doug Book

Many have called the 2012 election the most important in their lifetime. But in citing the economy, unemployment, foreign affairs, gas prices, healthcare, and the burgeoning corruption of the American judiciary, political pundits may have universally ignored the real threat to the American public and the reason it was imperative to remove the Obama Regime from power.

It happened back in March. Republican representative Tom Graves of Georgia asked FBI Director Robert Mueller whether the Administration’s “…policy of extra-judicial killings of American citizens abroad could also apply in the United States.”  Incredibly, Mueller responded “I have to go back. Uh, I’m not certain whether that was addressed or not.”

Graves then made it a bit easier, asking whether “…from a historical perspective the federal government has the ability to kill a United States citizen on United States soil, or just overseas.”  “I’m going to defer that to others in the Department of Justice, said Mueller.”

What was this all about?

On New Year’s Eve, Barack Hussein Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In language passed overwhelmingly by Congress, the Act provides the president the immutable power to, on his own authority, order the death of anyone he considers an “enemy combatant” (that is, a terror threat to the United States.) It is a command to kill that cannot be questioned or overridden.

Obama alone has the power to assign guilt and mete out the punishment of death. The Constitutional rights of Due Process no longer exist. And as Director Mueller made so patently clear, even the FBI doesn’t know if this death sentence may apply to American citizens both abroad and on US soil.

Language permitting the murder of American citizens by the federal government was added to the NDAA in 2010. There were few complaints either in the House or the Senate as politicians feared accusations of being soft on terrorism far more than they regretted their outright assassination of the Constitution. And now, 300 million people face the possibility of being targeted for death by their own government.

Would voters have behaved differently had they known their lives might depend on the outcome? Probably not. Those living on government (i.e. taxpayer) largesse would hardly have cared. Empty-headed females responsible for putting every liberal from Carter to Obama in the White House would have undoubtedly voted in exactly the same way as well, unable as they are to differentiate between stark reality and the fantasy world of Oprah Winfrey.

And would the election of Mitt Romney have changed anything? No. New England liberals are hardly known for their spirited commitment to Constitutional rights. After all, Mitt was the proud engineer of an “assault weapons” ban in Massachusetts, wasn’t he?!

For nearly 30 years, presidential elections have featured everything but a conservative candidate. As a result, more and more Americans have stayed home on Election Day, allowing liberal Republicans and Marxist Democrats to wreak havoc on their nation and their Constitution.

Sooner or later, the lives of citizens WILL be forfeit to a corrupt political class that no longer recognizes or cares about the constitutional rights of their constituents. What’s that about blood watering the tree of liberty? Could be that’s the only thing that will awaken the American public to the loss of their nation.

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6 Responses to Maybe Voters Didn’t Know Their Lives Really Did Depend On The Outcome

  1. oldvet says:

    Informative but deceptive.
    The article makes it appear that the public had a choice and could have changed this all.
    In reality even if Ron Paul….(SUPPOSEDLY THE PUBLICS CHAMPION OF FREEDOM) had been elected, most of it would remain in affect. He would had to have issued a PEO to nullify this .
    RP is really no different than any other Politician. Mr. NO has remained in Washington for a long time. If a Man is truly for freedom and the Citizens of this republic….that person would have been eliminated long ago.

    Also the danger lies in Executive Orders period. No one individual should have absolute authority or unchallenged power. This is the reason we have slid down the hill to the sewer .

    Voters…….wow there is a joke. Vote for change…err….CHAINS.
    If voting were effective…it would be outlawed

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    This article is pure bull.

    The “Western Center For Journalism” and “Doug Book” are perfect examples of Propoganda.

    If either one had an ounce of honesty or honest intend, the whole article above would have been about the fact that our electorial system is wholly corrupted, and Americans have NOT choosen its President for decades.

    The US President is appointed by the Wealthy Elite, who for a lack of a better term we call the NWO, the International Banksters, The Corporate Elite, the Shadow Gov’t,… all basically the same idea, and the same group of people.

    If the article, the organization or the author had wished to have any measure of credibilty, it would have discussed the mathematical impossiblity of someone like this criminal Ocrapo, his jobs destruction, and his middleclass destruction,… getting “Re-Elected”
    (Yeah,… I’m sure that the better part of the 73% of White America voted for this POS-NIC,… uh-huh,…sure,.. right.)

    Ocrapo was NOT elected,… most Americans that did vote, did NOT vote for this pile of human garbage, and our electorial system is a complete fraud and a sham.

    Lets see this Propaganda organization, “The Western Center For Journalism” and one of its treasonous mouth pieces, Doug Book, talk about that.

    JD – US Marines – Sick & tired of treasonous organizations and traitors that infect this country with their poison.

    • oldvet says:

      Dayum JD…you word it out so much clearer than I do…!

      I will remember to save an extra P38 or two for you in-case we meet bro

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi oldvet,


        If you have one,… I prefer a Rudger P90.

        Its a 45 cal that fits my hand just right for better aim.

        Thanks all the same!

        JD – US Marines

        PS: Oldvet,.. are you any where near Central NJ (Old Bridge area)? – JD

        • oldvet says:

          JD,…I meant an old fashion can opener……a P38…or commonly called a JOHN WAYNE……..

          Well on the Pistole…Im armed up with my old School .45’s..

          My local…..NJ?…no bro……..midlands of S.C.

  3. Steadysteve says:

    I am convinced that the majority of Americans are not able to think or reason critically. This is why so many fall for the fable of endless free stuff. After all, the debt has never been a problem, has it? This is why the coming crash will hit the sheeple so hard. Most will be easy to control and would walk right into the extermination camps knowing what they face. All of us here and our families are facing a rough future. God willing we will again bequeath liberty to our decendants.

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