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Mayor Bloomberg Compares Living Wage Bill To Soviet Communism

Huffington Post  Mayor Bloomberg took time out of his busy Friday morning kissing Miss Piggy to take a jab at city council’s living wage bill, comparing the legislation to communism.

On his regular appearance on WORS radio, Bloomberg said, “The last time we really had a big managed economy was the USSR and that didn’t work out so well,” adding, “You cannot stop the tides from coming in.”

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced a watered down deal on the living wage agreement Wednesday, which will require businesses receiving $1 million or more in city subsidies and earning more than $5 million a year in revenue to pay their workers at least $11.50 an hour, or $10 with benefits.

Quinn called the bill “the most impactful living-wage law in the United States,” according to Capital New York. After some businesses were exempted from the measure, however, experts say it will effect roughly only 500 New Yorkers.

And yet, Bloomberg has vowed to veto the bill.

“No matter how much you try to carve out certain industries and certain locations and certain size businesses, you’re gonna hurt somebody … ” hizzoner said. “I will veto any bill.”

And if the veto is overridden? “We certainly will go to court and sue,” the mayor stated. “Whether you win or not, you never know.”

The spat between Bloomberg and Quinn is rare in the pair’s close political relationships. Quinn, who many see as the frontrunner to succeed Bloomberg, has received hisquiet, unofficial endorsement.

The mayor also took the opportunity to call a measure requiring certain businesses to offer their employees paid sick leave a “god-awful bill.” On this bill, the mayor and Quinn agree.

Minimum wage in New York City is currently $7.25 an hour.

Cities across the United States have already implemented living wage laws, including Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

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3 Responses to Mayor Bloomberg Compares Living Wage Bill To Soviet Communism

  1. carl hammel says:

    Carl Hammel compares soviet communism to marxism,fascism,nazism,republicanism and democratism.All of this nonsensical rhetoric is Rothschildism.You’re free or you’re not.Controlled systems of government,economy or law will always suppress you and never liberate you.This is why we have a constitution that is not to be judged by the courts and imposed upon the people,but one that is judged by the people and imposed upon the courts.Unfortunately,this simple principle has been turned on its head over time and it’s high time we check our chinese watches for to realize time is running out.Pesonally,I don’t like Bloomberg because it seems to me that he don’t give a shit about me or my kid or you and yours.Anyone who has resigned themselves to accept a minimum wage bill may as well resign themselves to surviving on pure bullshit,for there are more nutrients in shit than in fiat currency.

    • Henry Shivley - OR says:

      You are absolutely right. Bloomberg is an international socialist who would disarm the American people tomorrow for his communist masters. He is an Obamanite and the point man for the Kosher Mafia in New York.
      The bill is communistic but we have to ask ourselves, would this even be an issue if we the American people had control of our individual estates, hence our natural resources? The fact is all of these sleazebags are not only unnecessary to our existence, but are in fact a detriment there to.

  2. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    This is what we are up against. Pure evil…..This guy belongs someplace cold and dank for awhile to re-group and re-think what the hell is coming out of his mouth.

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