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McChrystal: Time to bring back the draft

Foreign Policy  Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former top commander of international forces in Afghanistan, said this week that the United States should bring back the draft if it ever goes to war again.

“I think we ought to have a draft. I think if a nation goes to war, it shouldn’t be solely be represented by a professional force, because it gets to be unrepresentative of the population,” McChrystal said at a late-night event June 29 at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival. “I think if a nation goes to war, every town, every city needs to be at risk. You make that decision and everybody has skin in the game.”

He argued that the burdens of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven’t been properly shared across the U.S. population, and emphasized that the U.S. military could train draftees so that there wouldn’t be a loss of effectiveness in the war effort.

“I’ve enjoyed the benefits of a professional service, but I think we’d be better if we actually went to a draft these days,” he said. “There would some loss of professionalism, but for the nation it would be a better course.”

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq placed unfair and extreme burdens on the professional military, especially reservists, and their families, McChrystal said.

“We’ve never done that in the United State before; we’ve never fought an extended war with an all- volunteer military. So what it means is you’ve got a very small population that you’re going to and you’re going to it over and over again,” he said. “Because it’s less than one percent of the population… people are very supportive but they don’t have the same connection to it.”

Reservists following multiple deployments have trouble maintaining careers and families and have a “frighteningly high” rate of suicide, he said.

“The reserve structure is designed for major war, you fight and then you stop, but what we’ve done instead is gone back over and over to the same people,” he said. “We’re going to have to relook the whole model because I don’t think we can do this again.”

McChrystal was speaking at a panel focused on how to manage marriage in the military. He was joined by Annie, his wife of 35 years, and the discussion was moderated by CNN’s SuzanneMalveaux.

Multiple deployments often result in divorces and split families, he said.

“The marriages I see most strained are the senior NCOs and officers who have four or five tours… you’re apart so much that it’s hard to have a marriage if you’re not together at least a critical mass of time, and that’s tough,” McChrystal said.

Malveaux asked McChrystal how he has managed to get through 35 years of marriage.

“One day at a time,” he responded.

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18 Responses to McChrystal: Time to bring back the draft

  1. jeff says:

    They must have something big planned for the future. But, just as he said “skin in the game” watch how quickly the wars will end then.hmmmmmm, the double edged sword of the draft

  2. It looks as if the troglodyte known as Stanley finally got something right!

    By all means restore the draft — the sooner the better!

    The moment middle class Americans — what remains of them, anyway — see the carcasses of THEIR progeny being offloaded at Dover, we’ll finally have a real antiwar movement!

    Cheers, JQP

  3. paris says:

    The draft was unlconstitutional during provious wars and is unconstitutional now (involuntary servitude). For all you potential draftees, there will come a time during your induction when you will be told “all those joining raise your hand” or “step forward” or some similar command. If you comply they can say you volunteered. Be aware and do not comply if you choose not to be drafted. Search the web for details.

  4. diggerdan says:

    Well now, lets start with Mr. Romney`s kids. I saw that he has two kids that are old enough right now and a few up and coming front liners to follow. Hey Obama, looks like in a few more years your daughters would make a fine accomplices for the draft right out there on the feilds. Be a real patriot and make them go you two fine role models Romney and Obama. And then we ccould go with some of them Mormons, after all they do enjoy having realy LARGE families. And not to mention all those ivy leagers, come on you ivies you can do it. And how about the top gun Tom Cruise types, hell then you can play top gun! All you guys stand up and be REAL ROLE MODELS AND HAVE YOUR KIDS BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO GET BLOWN TO BITS. Come on now we all got to go sometime and you guys aught to have your loved ones to be the first on the battle feild and not drinking your umbrella garnished drinks sitting in a room snickerin` to yourself! Go ahead and blow off your firecrackers! Show us all the real american leaders that you realy are! Oh, I forgot the elitists how about you religious fanatics, then you fanatics wont have to wait much longer to be knockin` on heavens door, Ha Ha Ha. Rember be the first to go and be true role models.

  5. Dave says:

    He’s right, Israel needs more stupid Goyim to fight & die securing their racist little apartheid parasitic nation!

  6. Anti-Feminist says:

    Women must be drafted in the name of feminism’s call for equality. We must march young beautiful women to their deaths and when they get pregnant in a conflict zone to avoid combat (as they do now), we need to throw them in a Federal Prison.

    Men, let’s not fight wars for these wretched American women who scream equality while we die at an earlier age, have to retire at a later age and make up the vast majority of war casualties.

    American women have been abandoning American men for decades, because there is a financial incentive to leave a man and receive child support and/or alimony in conjunction with a new boyfriend’s income. They have abandoned us like an out of style wardrobe, and it’s fine time we turn the table’s on them for worshiping the all-mighty dollar instead of facing the responsibility to be a good wife and mother.

    Teach them a lesson they’ll never forget: When men willingly supported a woman’s life in exchange for her service as a good wife and mother; when women didn’t have to enter the workforce if they didn’t want to, they betrayed us.

    March American woman off to die. Support the draft of American women.

    Only then will we have women begging to be good wives and mothers again and stop this nonsense that they can do anything a man can do.

    US Army studies show women ages 20 – 30 have the aerobic abilities of a 50 year old man. The US Navy found women are incapable of performing 9 vital damage control tasks. If the ship gets hit, women are useless. Let these whores of capitalism die in waves. Whole female battalions obliterated because they are too weak to carry the gear they need and many have hands too small to even reach the trigger of the M16 or service pistol. Watch as all female destroyers and cruisers are sunk and these proud feminist idiots join Davey Jone’s locker where they belong.

    Support the draft of American women! Teach them the bloody horrifying reality that equality is a myth.

    • Joe Anonymous says:

      My sister was against the Vietnam War.It was like everything else that LBJ crooked scumbag was involved in and he was getting huge payoffs from Kellogg,Brown & Root to keep it going & expand.Also, Dow and Monsanto were using Agent Orange and arms & equipment & combat boats,planes, etc.

      It was all so the Bush crime family could run drugs like heroin and marijuana from southeast Asia.

      Henry Kissinger apparently solicited money from wealthy oil men supposedly to ransom American POWs while he was doing his infamous “shuttle diplomacy” to Paris,France with North Vietnam but since they remained there, old Kissinger must have kept the money after he gave someone their cut.LBJ?Nixon? Rumsfeld? We don’t know.

      My female cousin joined the service while the Vietnam War was starting to wind down and it had just gone to a volunteer army. She was a caring person,she had just lost her job as a case worker and the job market was bad so she said “the hell with it–why should men veterans be the only ones to serve.It’s my damn country too.” and so she signed up.

      Women were considered so worthless that a BA degree which should have got her an officer training program just got her in as a PFC. She went in with ex-cons who were told to lie about their records, militant lesbians,women who had lengthy psychiatric records, victims of family violence,orphans with no family (those were encouraged). The recruiters literally swept the streets to make their quotas.

      The recruits went to AFEEs to be tested and sorted and sworn in.They were billeted in a second-rate,shabby hotel which had been quite the place in WW II.She said that the men who had signed up kept knocking on the door all night before the bus came to take them to AFEES but she did not open the door.she had speny her afternoon checking out a USO facility in a dusty storefront downtown with old magazines, a few board games, decks of cards all from WW II ear and even some faded crepe paper and yellowed decoration on a ledge with “VE” an “VJ” on them,some old 78 rpm big band record albums with no player and a couple of elderly women who seemed annoyed that WWII had ended and didn’t know how to handle female recruits. Further down the street was a business called the WAC SHACK which combined loan sharking with selling cheaply made but overpriced and colorful Mardi Gras-style trinkets, I guess like Indian traders sold to Amerinds when they cheated them out of their furs.”A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED.”
      She was rethinking her choice when she came down with the mumps or something she thinks she caught from the hotel room which was not very clean. She said they ate a lot of grits and powdered eggs.She started hoarding food like the soda crackers in the individual wrappings which saved her life later.(Not unlike former concentration camp prisoners.)
      At AFEES,she learned about “hurry up and wait” and was run through a battery of tests even though she signed a four-year enlistment contract that supposedly locked her into an Information Specialist job that meant she would turn out the canned Hometown News, FILL IN THE BLANK, press releases for Hometown newspapers…She also learned about “the needs of the service” and was tested for mechanical aptitude, intelligence tests, etc. all of which she got a perfect score which did not impress the military.she said they were dragging thing out in slow motion and aiming things to the lowest common denomination.
      She went into the delayed or deferred entry program and while taking the US Serviceman’s Oath meant a lot to her at the time, she remembered the guy who swore her in was drunk and it wasn’t even noon. She had noplace to live and managed to hang around the hotel before she shipped out to Fort McClellan,Alabama in two weeks. She was disappointed that her orders were cheaply mimeographed and someone else’s name and Social Security number were on them but had been crossed out.
      She was rounded up with several other women and they were taken to a commercial airliner. They went from San Antonio to Dallas and then to Georgia airports where they were taken to a military airfield and put in a medium-sized WWII armored plane that was refueled on the wings.It bucked in turbulence,scaring hell out of all hands.There were names,initials,”Kilroy faces”,peace signs, expletives scratched in the walls & on the seats. She said she could almost feel the auras of the previous passengers of the plane saying “You’ll be sorry” and “you poor bastard,you.” She could also sense the cold fear where she wanted to sense adventure and a sense of hope and acceptance.

      She said they somehow ended up in a bus depot in Selma where the Civil Rights movement had taken place– it was not a grand shrine she expected it to be but gritty and dirty with newspapers n the floor, candy and gum wrappers and she got as much candy and snacks as she could to stash in her clothes because things were going very,very wrong in her sense of foreboding,she recalled.

      There were rumors that some causalities from Vietnam were going to be shipped out on those very same buses– then it was time to get the bus that would take them to Anniston,Alabama and Fort McClellan which still is the headquarters of the Military Police and the largest Womens Army Corps (WAC) base in the country. At that time women were segregated from men–with a damn good reason!
      She said they were kept in a separate barracks for two weeks where they learned to make brown beds.She tried to make it so the quarter would bounce off it as she was told prior to entering the service that she would have to do.

      There was a lot of stuff going on. she said she believed they were considered expendable and were going to b e used in experiments for something called MK Ultra by the CIA. She was also told not to eat some food as it was spiked with LSD and other drugs…

      • Joe anonymous says:

        After learning how to make a brown bed, they learned to march in formation and get used to Army regulations.she said later it was the same orientation inmates get in minimum/medium security prisons.

        They were marches to the clothing warehouse where they got their clothing allotment and put their names on their duffel bags. There was only one space for her to put her name on the duffel bag because it had been issued to many before her and there was a line through their names.She began to get worried.

        There were no combat boots for her so she was issued a pair of white sneakers.

        She said the scene in the massive clothing warehouse was like something from Dante’s “Inferno” with lines of uniformed women working feverishly to find uniform issues and the smell of dye was overwhelming.At the time, it was light green pinstripes and the dress uniform was a forest green with a black tie that looped around your neck. The warehouse was only lighted in the work area.

        Their fingerprints were taken, they were told to put on their shirt,tie & jacket and sit in front of a flag and their photo was taken.They had a second photo taken for their Regular Army or RA military ID card.

        They were herded into classes for which they were promised college credit that never materialized. It was hot and muggy and no air conditioning in these barracks. women troops were not allowed to open the windows which were covered with military blankets because of the men in the barracks next door.

        The latrine was an adventure unto itself where she one found what appeared to be a suicide victim hanging in the doorway. Another woman attempted to drink Brasso, a uniform button and insignia polish to get out.

        “You had to keep ironing your uniform and spray starch was the order of the day and you were told what a worthless piece of scum you were constantly beat down mentally,” she said. she actually broke down in tears when the instructor said something nice to her.He actually took her on a motorcycle ride even though he was living with –but not married to –another woman because she spoke his native language. She had another encounter with a young MP in the woods,under a pine tree but she kept her mouth shut about it until many years later.

        There was a part of the base that had not been used since WW II and there were rumors that people were murdered there — tied up and locked in a wall locker or a footlocker and left to die there!.There were rumors about everything and various alerts were tossed about so you were in a constant state of readiness. Things were always in flux at a fever pitch….

        There was the EM/EW Club where you were allowed to go and drink lousy booze,play pool–there were a lot of pool tables, in the day room at the barracks too where there was a TV but they weren’t allowed to watch it. There was a big rule against “fraternization” between enlisted and officers but she said there were real skanky guys,some not even bothering to take off their wedding rings coming over on Friday and Saturday nights to check out the fresh meat. they promised they could make life better for the recruits in basic training but they were just puppets too.

        For some reason, she,and a lesbian, and a recent Muslim convert ( this is years before 9/11) were singled out as undesireables and had to fight every night when the collar rank insignia were passed out and they were the only three PFCs in their group. The first time my cousin was attacked she ran downstairs where a lesbian corporal was kissing another woman. and they quickly ran back upstairs only to find everyone pretending to be asleep and,of course, no one saw anything –just like in a prison. Nobody would speak in their behalf and except to try to trip them or stab them, the fight was on.

        They were pulled out of line and given English language comprehension tests and usual tests given to non-English speakers.Harassed because they did not cut their hair and forced to do calisthenics until their hair fell down and thus was falling past their collars which was forbidden. Then they were written up and got extra time on a work detail which policed the area or cleaned it up.
        Part of the duty was field stripping cigarettes which meant disassembling cigarette butts and throwing them into disposal bags, since she was allergic to the grass pollen and the cigarette butts, she went to the base hospital where she found she was treated like a person and it was “OK to eat the food.she filled her pockets with “saltine soda crackers” and remembers being so hungry she was shaking, nauseous and had heat exhaustion from the hot,humid weather. She also remembers going to what was like a convenience store on base and buying things to hide to eat later and she bought a paperback copy of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelago” which helped her to survive. she developed a deep understanding and empathy with the Russian people and a hatred of Communism,Nazis or any totalitarianism –especially the military and she decided she wanted O-U-T.

        Childhood asthma attacks returned and she was exempted from the”poison gas” excercise where she was fitted with a gas mask, an “Oscar,” and you were expected to find your way to the door,give your name rank and social security number without the mask on, in the midst of the chemicals then you were either carried out or staggered out and they would dunk your head in a bucket of water. No one was told what was in the gas –WW II mustard gas, CS gas, CO2 –nobody knew and if you asked, youjwere labeled a troublemaker.
        You were supposed to blindly obey while being herded about like a sheep.

        All initiative,self-esteem,independent thought are beat out of you, you are pushed to your breaking point with sleepless nights, all sorts of wild-ass rumors and nobody you can trust. This doesn’t build teamwork.It builds distrust,alienation an d fear and you get a Bradley Manning or a Jonathan Pollard.
        They woke up at 0500 hrs, made their bunks in the White Bed style with envelope corners,showered, dressed, ate, went to classes,came back, ironed their uniforms, back to class, marched on the parade ground,calisthenics,more classes and she had to concentrate to even know what day of the week it was, Radios & newspapers were forbidden and your instructors were supposed to give you morning news briefings but that never happened. She did hear snippets of how bad the war in Vietnam was going, she found a document of “Operation Northwoods” and heard some things about a New World Order and how many people in the military spoke with admiration of the Nazi Germans.
        You were not allowed to wear any religious items outside your uniform but your religion was stamped on your dog tag. You could go to the chapel services if you were Muslim or Jewish on Saturday but if so,you faced relentless persecution and attending chapel in Sunday was strongly discouraged. Those who had families got two sheets of paper,an envelope and the drill instructor told you what to rite and you were expected to write home at least once week.

        On numerous occasions, their entire platoon was told to run around a track as fast as they could while a form of toxic gas was released and they were told to breathe as deeply as they could.

        Because she had no boots,she was exempted from the 50-mile forced march with the heavy packs. Those who went on the march had serious blisters from cheap,ill-fitting boots and some got serious infections from chemicals in the boots and lesions that went deep into the skin. Nobody told them to cover your heels and toes with bandaids first.

        She discovered if she went out on sick call, she could skip the food in the dining hall which was often infested with flies or rodent droppings and laced with who knows what kind of drugs and end up at the hospital where she got fed great food with the medical personnel for lunch. Sh e heard a lot and saw a lot as most of the medical personnel were officers.

        The days weren’t so bad as were the attacks at night, She had to disarm one recruit who tried to stab here with a huge kitchen knife. There was what was called an “amnesty box” at the front of the barracks where recruits were encouraged to put contraband items like firearms,drugs and other weapons. Shakedowns or searches were announced when you were told what you could and could not have in your wall locker and/or your footlocker and an inspection would be announced and the Drill Instructor with witnesses would come and search and all contraband would be confiscated.

        She said she was tired of the fighting and started calling relatives on her behalf to get her petition her congressman who was head of the House Armed Forces Committee to get her out before she was killed or injured. One recruit had already been thrown off the top of the barracks although her family was told it was a regrettable accident.

        One night, while she was talking on the pay phone in the dark, the bodies covered up in the white sheets on gurneys started coming from up stairs and she prayed no one would see her because she was not supposed to be on the phone, they ignored her. She understood that the bodies were going to be used for various purposes like if they were needed to stage an accident or parts were needed and she realized they were suicides, maybe even homicide victims, and it might be reported they died in action on a mission or used to test ammunition and that was why they took your photo so early on in the game.

        No one saw her and she thanked God that perhaps He had given her the gift to be insignificant and unnoticed,something she hoped that enlisting in the military would cause her to lose and now it saved her life.

        The one drill instructor got her orders to go to Korea and shipped out. She did ask my cousin if she was related to a certain general because of her ethnic surname who was her commanding officer and she hated with a passion. Turned out my cousin had been catching hell because the DI ASSUMED she was a daughter or niece of this guy she had never even met,. “When you assume, divide it down the middle and you make and ass out of you and me.”
        She made no apology.

        The next DI was a woman from Guam who often was mistaken for black. The hell for my cousin didn’t stop and one of her main tormenters told the DI my cousin had called her a n-word. The fights were growing in intensity and were even taking place in the classroom. It continued to be ignored.

        The harassment also got worse after the recruits were to get a multiple unknown substance vaccine with the same injection implement used on cattle, persons vaccinated one after the other without sanitation and cleaning of the multiple needles used between subjects. The Muslim, the lesbian and my cousin refused the shots on religious grounds, even though they had taken would have taken them had they been given individually and explained. Turned out it was some sort of experiment and may of the subjects got complications.Some allegedly died.

        The bullies were told to get rid of everyone who did not fit in and do what everybody else did.

        At night,persons in civilian clothes started to come in the barracks with clipboards escorted by women in military uniforms. My cousin had started staying in the latrine as she was the last time she went to sleep in her bunk, one of the bullied had tried to suffocate her with a plastic laundry bag over her face and forced some of it down her throat. She overheard them say something about MK Ultra and Virginia and experimental subjects. Since women were not in combat, they were ideal expendable guinea pigs for whatever any agency had in mind. She said she felt cold chills and started shaking.
        She was sent to see the psychiatrist and prescribed about five psychotropic medications which was going to be kept in the infirmary in the barracks and sent there to get her meds every morning.She had to sign for them and spit them out as soon as she could.
        She was in the latrine, hiding in a stall when she heard the bullies who were going to enlist the aid of a couple of male enlisted males to take her over to the abandoned barracks rape her and kill her or afterwards, they would just wrap her in plastic and leave her in a wall locker. They were going to kidnap her when they were on bivouac which was happening that weekend.

        She requested to see the chaplain and waited outside, never knowing whether or not she was going to b e jumped again.
        The lesbian was already in casual detachment and going back home to Maryland. The Muslim had broken her leg after she “fell” down stairs while mopping the barracks –the story she was advised to tell the medical personnel and she was getting a medical discharge and going back to Detroit. .She managed to get a neutral party to tell my cousin that she had been pushed down the stairs and they were going to come for her too.

        My cousin told the chaplain what was happening but he seemed more interested in his tee time than anything she had to say. She then went to sick call and asked to see the psychiatrist.
        About that time, her Congressman sent a request to the commanding officer that she be released from duty for purposes of a home emergency or some pretext.
        The psychiatrist was apparently worried about his tee time but he signed a recommendation that she be honorably discharged.

        The military reviewed her perfect scores and wanted to keep her, to put her n a special training company for very slow recruits but the Congressional aide was adamant.

        • joe anonymous says:

          My cousin learned that she was in the last WACS–women only–basic Training class and she did not train with a weapons. She didn’t much care the next Basic was going to be with men or that such an experiment ad been tried and women who weren’t raped were beaten,kicked and bad things happened.

          As soon as she heard she was to report to Casual detachment,she flagged down a female MP and asked her to accompany her to the barracks where she removed all her belongings and left her Oscar gas mask in the wall locker. While she was on her last trip,she was attacked again by seven women and this time she broke bones,slammed people into wall lockers,cracked ribs and knees and managed to get everything out except the Oscar.

          She was confronted about the Oscar later and was threatened with Courts Marshal but an aide to the Commanding Officer on behest of the Congressman’s aide managed to locate the Oscar hidden in a wall locker.
          So much for the Army being a warm,friendly party as it had been portrayed in the movies–a wonderful hazardous adventure but my cousin told me she never dreamed she’d be fighting “our own.”

          She remembered she felt exhausted and empty inside as the MP gave her a courtesy ride to the Casual detachment barracks. she was developing the beginnings of Post Traumatic stress Syndrome and confided in me that she had slept in increments in dumpsters,on the ground in the dirt,under piles of brush whenever she’d been send out to police the area.Most disturbing, she said she would have no trouble beating someone to a pulp and doing serious damage. This was not my cousin whom we all thought would be helping the homeless and the elderly.

          She said Casual attachment was for the women who were going to be separating from the service and nobody bothered to debrief her,
          They were regarded as a temporary labor pool and assigned to work details wherever the Army needed them to be.
          One of the places she worked was the testing center where she tabulated key words and opinions of those who had completed Basic Training.The profanity and hostility amazed even her. Her lieutenant she recalls as a scatterbrained Yankee lady from Massachusetts,one of the “Sister” schools like Wellsley or Vassar who was always singing show tines,”Brigadoon” was a favorite. The constant complaints a bout abusemterror and hostility shocked her as well.
          My cousin was reassigned to the clothing warehouse where she said she knew what it was like to be a concentration camp inmate seeing the young scared,hopeful,even self-confident women recruits come in having no idea of what was going to happen to them and how the Army was going to attempt to beat them down.
          She guessed that 24 years old, she had been too old to go into a military she felt had been designed for high school kids.
          She said her on;y thought was how soon was she going to go home.
          All sorts if people began to be nicer to her–even officers paid court to her and asked her to mention them kindly to the Congressman when they found out he had interceded to get her out of the Army.
          She was able to go any place on the Base and when there was no work,she rode the military bus or the military taxi around the base. She said she saw “weekend warriors” being treated like kings — the reserves who came to drill and Civil Servants with a GS rating also treated much better. Often,she would be the only passenger on the military bus.
          Women NCOs were also begging her to say, telling er she could take correspondence classes at the Ivy League schools.

          “If you can’t make it here, you won’t be able to make it here,” they admonished but she was too badly broken and disillusioned, telling me it took all of self-discipline and courage from flying into those “smug bitches.”

          In the Army,she learned to smile,wear a poker face,pretend everything was OK and bide her time.

          she thought the Army would be tough but she never dreamed she’d be bullied by the people she was supposed to be working with as a team.

          • joe anonymous says:

            Other work assignments in the Casual Detachment included learning how to operate a commercial dish washer when she was assigned to the officer’s dining facility and ate very well.She also learned to run a floor buffer and mop floors with something that smelled like Pine-Sol so she was learning civilian transition job skills. She was also signed to clean mens’ urinals,and there was such a shortage of personnel who could drive a standard shift vehicles,she got to be a driver in an old-fashioned WW II jeep.
            There was no one to talk to because there were supposedly Army Intelligence informants in eery barracks and she just wanted to go home, wherever that was going to be.She said most of the women in Casual appeared to have severe emotional problems and many had broken arms and legs. A couple of them were apparently professional prostitutes in civilian life and sneaked out late at night, returning with fistsful of cash and various clothes and jewelry items. One of them was even engaged to some enlisted guy/
            My cousin said that she had no idea what she was going to do after the military.She said sometimes she was just thinking in the immediate present,second by second,surviving until she got out. It was like high school and the penitentiary combine and she could never understand why she was penalized for loving her country and wanting to serve.
            Finally, she and a few other women were told to report to the out processing center.
            My cousin reluctantly signed the papers indicating that she was signing “under duress” but that didn’t seem to matter.
            She got an Honorable Discharge” alright for something like “Failure to Adapt to Military Life” but the Army had another proviso — a nastygram called “SPIN NUMBERS” which contained the supposed reason you were supposedly released from military service.
            Why the Army would release a dangerous psychotic individual on the streets without any follow-up psychiatric care is anyone’s guess. My cousin questioned it and the guy who was giving out the paperwork said it wasn’t her fault she had a bad reaction to her military experience because thousands and thousands of other female troops did too and she had better take the discharge because the Army could do anything to you that they wanted to and there was nothing you could do about it.
            After being forced to sign papers,she collected her last paycheck and got a bus ticket back to Texas — no airplane tickets for failures…
            She ran back to Casual barracks where the sergeant in charge had been advised of the Congressional intercession that allowed her to resign from the Army and she was now trying to make nice in the hopes some of that influential sunshine would favor her but my cousin said, she grabbed her luggage, two footlockers, a cosmetic case and a large red plaid suitcase, loaded it up into te taxi and didn’t exhale until she was at the bus station in Selma,thanking God the entire journey.
            She told me about seeing Tin Pan alley in Nashville early in the morning during a bus layover and how she found out the Army had shorted her the busfare back to San Antonio but she only had a ticket to Dallas and how she bluffed her way on the bus anyway.
            She was never the same.She would not eat grits or even Cream of Wheat and for years she would not talk about what happened to her.she got a letter from the VA informing her she was eligible for services but she shredded it.
            Hearing about what was happening to many young female recruits in our military in the Middle East and receiving that VA letter, prompted her to tell me what happened to her in 1970s.
            She learned she may be eligible for benefits but she doesn’t want to take the chance the military will do what they threatened her with over 40 years ago.
            I posted this so women who want to join up will read this and it may keep them from making a decision they will be sorrow for in the depths of their soul –assuming they survive it,that is.

  7. Large Scale Aggressor says:

    May want to rethink that. Draftees are more likely to frag their COs.

  8. Mopan says:

    Blow it out your ass, you warmongering piece of shit.

  9. Jay says:

    Any truly great society has no shortage of young people willing to fight for it. Enthusiasm and pride are natural qualities of the young and easily harnessed. But in America, the consumerist culture has planned to make people weak, apathetic and insecure so that they will buy what madison avenue tells them. This is not speculation there are number of writers such as Kettering who specifically calculated how to make people unhappy so that they would buy more stuff. Commercialism has produced a society of such weaklings that a draft is needed just for it to defend itself. the Native Americans didn’t need any damn draft, say what you will about them, one thing is for sure, they knew how to raise children to be fierce, proud warriors.

    Any society that needs to resort to a draft deserves to die. Train your children to be strong and healthy and they will fight to the teeth to defend you.

    But it does not bode well that military commanders are talking of a draft. Despite popular conceptions, the military for the most part has been against a draft. It would decrease professionalism in the ranks, but if you need troops bad enough, they could overlook that.

    • Joe Anonymous says:

      Troops? Ha! It was more like cannon fodder.
      in the Army,you learn that nobody gives a damn about you and you better look out for yourself and anyone you are capable of protecting.

  10. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    Did I read that right? ” the United States should bring back the draft IF it ever goes to war again “? This clown makes it sound as if this is optional, or just a remote possibility. Or is that what the military considers ‘humor’?

    • diggerdan says:

      Yes #1 NWO Hatr. It does seem that war to some people is nothing more than pure entertainment.

    • Joe Anonymous says:

      Dick Cheney wants us in a state of Perpetual War like Richard Perle,Paul Wolfowitz,Donald Rumsfeld,Karl Rove, and Bill Kristol.
      Henry Kissinger is still around and so is that other troll Zagreb Brzezinski.

      They have names and faces and they can’t hide anymore.
      The more war.the more kickbacks they get.
      I wonder how long those bastards would last in the field.

      Leon Panetta is in charge of the Pentagon now.He comes from the CIA. Enough said.. In 1964, he joined the United States Army as a Second Lieutenant, where he served as an officer in Army Military Intelligence. There he received the Army Commendation Medal, and was discharged in 1966 as a First Lieutenant. So he has some real military experience, unlike Barack Obamawhateerhisrealnameis, who,IF he ever served,it wasn’t in the US Army!

      What about General David Petraeus, the drunk, who knows a lot. He’s going to be babysat by the CIA as it twas somewhat of an embarrassment when he passed out on national TV news and it was blamed on “dehydration.” Panetta had a few roadtracks on his big nose too.

      Petraeus married Holly Knowlton, a graduate of Dickinson College and daughter of Army General William A. Knowlton, who was superintendent of West Point at the time.[20] Holly, who is multi-lingual, was a National Merit Scholar in high school, and graduated summa cum laude from Dickinson College. They have a daughter and son, Anne and Stephen. Petraeus administered the oath of office at his son’s 2009 commissioning into the Army after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His son went on to serve in Afghanistan as a member of Alpha Company, 3rd Platoon, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

      Petraeus’s official domicile in the United States is a rustic property in the small community of Springfield, New Hampshire, which his wife inherited from her family.

      Life is sweet for General Stanley McChrystal. On August 16,2010, Yale University announced that it had hired McChrystal to teach a graduate seminar in modern leadership at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.In November 2010, JetBlue Airways announced that McChrystal would join its board of directors. On February 16, 2011, Navistar announced that McChrystal would join its board of directors. General McChrystal is currently a Partner and co-founder at the McChrystalGroup, a leadership solutions firm.
      Pentagon Inquiry

      “Afghanistan general Stanley McChrystal cleared of wrongdoing”

      Although Michael Hastings and Eric Bates, Executive Editor of Rolling Stone, repeatedly defended the accuracy of Hastings’ article about General McChrystal, an inquiry by the Defense Department inspector general has found no proof of wrongdoing by General McChrystal or his military and civilian associates The Pentagon report also challenged the accuracy of Mr. Hastings’ article “The Runaway General,” disputing key incidents or comments reported in Mr. Hastings’ article. The report from the inquiry states “In some instances, we found no witness who acknowledged making or hearing the comments as reported. In other instances, we confirmed that the general substance of an incident at issue occurred, but not in the exact context described in the article.” In response, Rolling Stone stated that “The report by the Pentagon’s inspector general offers no credible source — or indeed, any named source — contradicting the facts as reported in our story, ‘The Runaway General.'” After the report was made public, the White House tapped General McChrystal to head a new advisory board to support military families, an initiative led by First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of the vice president. The selection of McChrystal was announced on April 12, four days after the inspector general’s report was finished.

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