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Message To Special Forces Members

Published on Apr 18, 2013 by roypotterqa

A serious message to SF of all branches and operatives. Time to hold your oath to the Constitution above your oath against unauthorized disclosure where you have information that your activities were used in a false flag, willingly or not. The uncovering of crimes (THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS, witness Nurrnberg) is your calling, duty, responsibility, and true warrior spirit. Time is short.

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10 Responses to Message To Special Forces Members

  1. Johahn says:

    Don`t hold your breath.This generation simply doesn`t care.Look at the smug smile on this traitorous bastard:×550.jpg

  2. hp says:

    Maybe this will help.

    Surely you don’t think you’re the only people taking names, making lists and checking them twice..

  3. hp says:

    It’s for any federals who might be reading.
    It might be helpful for them to know this.
    Ya think?

    • Steve Apple says:

      Hp ohhhhhhh you meant the TRAITOROUS FILTH THE SEDITIOUS TREASONOUS ANTIAMERICAN FREEDOM HATERS WHO ARE SOON TO BE CHARGED TRIED CONVICTED QUICKLY HUNG with the fading sound of NEXXXXT being the last words they here on this rock?
      Why didnt you just speak plain ol english its easy say what you mean in clear english word no codes are needed around these parts as the TRUTH doesnt offend REAL AMERICANS.


  4. hp says:

    And you’re perhaps a little too REAL, Steve.
    How’s that?

    • Steve Apple says:

      To real? Is that like 110% is an impossibility! How about your a fkn COWARD whispering while our whole fkn country and way of life ,our homes and traditions being STOLEN by traitors and j-w infiltraitors fifth column seditious bastards who think of me and mine as CATTLE.Slink away from here you yuppie sweet talker this is mans work of which you apparently DONT HAVE A CLUE.Hows that for “real” you smug little shite

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