Military members say they’ll quit if vax is mandatory

8 thoughts on “Military members say they’ll quit if vax is mandatory

  1. It is disturbing to see, even in this late stage of a time when by now, EVERYONE should have put 2 and 2 together to know this whole thing is such a collosal SHAM…but they don’t. Umm, 2020 just called, and even 2020 said its fake. Smfh. They just won’t let this go.

  2. How about the military just do their job and cast out our foreign government in occupation and help us install a new one FOR the people and BY the people? Then Crazy Joe will think twice about using nukes and tanks against us.

    But that would require balls and guts from top brass and the like that they haven’t had since probably WWII.

    So now we have quitters instead of those who will defend our country from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!

    1. If the ‘top brass and the like’ had any guts and/or balls, we would never have been in any of those pointless wars. There has been no shortage of domestic terrorists here since the beginning.

  3. Yeah we all hate a quitter but hopefully for at least some of them “quitting” is code for “I’m finally starting to see the light & am going to join the good side with my fellow freedom fighters!”.

  4. technically they won’t be able to quit. they’ll be considered AWOL which is now called UA unauthorized absence.. after 30 days you’re then considered.. are.. a deserter. which in their courts is punishable by death.. they don’t.. but they might.. to set an example.. a “precedent”.. like Henry says.. it’s hard to talk about. everything they do is fraud so there’s plenty of “yeah buts” and “what ifs”.. it would be interesting to see the media report on 42000 DESERTIONS!! from our fine warrior democracy spreading hero military.

  5. When you signed up
    You gave away your choice for anything
    They own you
    And they can do whatever they want with you
    When you go to prison for defecting the overlords chattel , guess what ?
    You’ll get the shot in prison

    So many people never look far enough a head on their life choices
    It’s bad enough to be owned as a tax slave
    Let alone owned ,body mind and soul to the evil

    They have not learned from all those that came before them
    Because they wanted to be some kind of hero ?
    You mean nothing to those who will use you like a condom , when it’s all over
    You’ll be snapped off and flushed
    Like so many before you

    History proves me right

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