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Military Prepping for President Obama’s Executive Order on Gun Control?

Published on Dec 18, 2012 by ArizonaAdventuress

Military Prepping for President Obama’s Executive Order on Gun Control?

Is the military prepping for SOMETHING???

Military training in full view of the traveling public.

Filmed in 1080p HD
Filmed by ArizonaAdventuresS on December 16th, 2012 near Palm Springs, California.

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4 Responses to Military Prepping for President Obama’s Executive Order on Gun Control?

  1. diggerdan says:

    My play back works just fine on my end – and I got a older pc.- and also works just fine on other peoples pc`s that I know that on this site daily Maybe what you should do is check your settings. I have never had any prob.s on this site except for when we were attacted by Go daddy

  2. Henry Shivley says:

    We have been experiencing a troll attack directed against From the Trenches. Apparently, there have been a few trolls who have been laying low and acting like they are a part of the movement.
    The attacks have been directed not at me, but at our site, starting with ChewyBees saying we were acting in coalition with the mainstream media in putting up an article about the flag being stomped on.
    And then there was oldranger68 who wrote a comment so profane in his description of homosexual acts that I took it down immediately. Again, it was suggested that From the Trenches was a controlled site. For any of you regulars who would like to see this trashy comment I will email it to you and you can judge for yourself.
    Then this morning we have Erin who asks the question, “Is From the Trenches censoring our posts?” Why would we post something and then censor it?
    This could be just a straight up government attack because we have been instrumental in attacking this gun confiscation bullshit for what it is. Or it could be a John Stadmiller/Alex Jones attack as Alex Jones has been saying all week that anyone who says anything negative about him is working with the new world order. Of course he does not identify those in the new world order as for some reason he can’t say the word, “Z-Z-Zionist”.
    Look for these treasonous trolling parasites to be slandering our site on other patriot sites and let them know that we know exactly who and what they are and that From the Trenches is not going to be stopped.
    We have seen our enemies try every trick in the book to shut us down but if they think a couple of no talent pukes can harm us in slander, they do not understand what this site is and the nature of our resolve.
    Make no mistake; our enemies hate us because we refuse to buy into any kind of divide. In reality this post isn’t even necessary but I felt compelled to vent. LOL

    • diggerdan says:

      Yea Henry, zoom some of them troll articles to me if you could . Me and my bro`s here in west central Wi. are on the side of this site and plan to be for a good long time. I would like to know just what town that these trolls are living in so we all can monitor them and know just where they live when the SHTF. Us guys here on FTTWR are unbeatable and we don`t need any damned govt. trolls except for some ta*g*t practice .

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