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Mind Control Technicians Manufuring “Lone Gunmen” Like Microchips

Before It’s News – by muckraker1

There is a coven of Americans bound and determined to undermine Second Amendment rights.  Many are using unstable young Americans as tools to erode and destroy our gun rights. By using lone gunmen to create mass shooting atrocities, shadow mind controllers are preparing the American public for an assault on gun rights.

According to one theorist, these mass murderers are being manufactured:

Fast forward to the year 2012. The “lone gunmen” of the world are being manufactured by the mind control technicians in the U.S. deep state like microchips. The secret “manufacture-a-patsy” government industry has become so advanced and sophisticated that it has enabled the hijacked U.S. government to get away with the most atrocious of crimes against the American people and humanity.

Whenever a state crime is committed by the deep state a patsy mysteriously rises to the surface from the shadows.

There is disturbing evidence that suggests the “Dark Knight” shooter James Holmes is a shadow patsy who was involved in a secret government mind control program. He was catapulted onto the scene of the crime in the Colorado movie theatre after professional government killers finished off massacring movie goers in the dark of night.READMOREHERE

Those “lone gunmen” are reportedly beng manufactured to demonize American gun rights.

I am a mental health professional and I firmly believe many of the mass shootings in our recent history are mind control events with the goal of demonizing the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership in the USA. Don’t you find it interesting Obama and his hoard want to ban assault weapons so we have another assault weapon mass killing. It does appear the shooter’s gun jammed and he self destructed before killing a high number of people which the controllers no doubt hoped for. Yes our leaders are so corrupt and evil they will kill us indiscriminately to obtain their goals of power and control. READMOREHERE

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2 Responses to Mind Control Technicians Manufuring “Lone Gunmen” Like Microchips

  1. DOC says:

    I have to admit that the thought of this attack and others being part of a plan to get a gun control frenzy going occurred to me!! This was a tragedy without question!! But whether this was just a young man going way off the deep end or something much more insidious, remember people kill, not guns!! Also remember a citizen stripped of his arms quickly becomes a subject!! Simple fact!!
    I hope and pray that these families can find their peace & serenity some how.

  2. Karen Miller says:

    I pray that people have the guts to get over their fear and see this as what’s going on! That’s WHY it keeps! happening! Imagine the smugness of the Real Perpetrator. I pray for him too, that his mind goes to understand we are all connected – as He said, Love your brother AS yourself, because in fact, He IS YOUR SELF! At the higher level, he is certainly. And so, the mind will continue …. as soon as the guilt does register, the there will be fear, fear will spawn attack, attack will spawn guilt, guilt will spawn fear, etc.,,….. in a cycle that will not complete until the individual has lived the murders he has created – remember an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, meaning unless you obtain the grace for your own heartfelt efforts to forgive outwardly your brother, you cannot received it inwardly for yourself!

    And communication! This is not a way to communicate… fear interrupts communication… that’s why we are all here, to heal the fear of God… because in fact, we have to varying extents for each of us, severed our connection with our SOURCE.

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