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NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013

Published on Aug 31, 2013 by Jason A

Comet Ison Solar Flare emp electric grid down janet Napolitano warns of unprecedented event

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4 Responses to NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013

  1. flek says:

    The ultimate false flag would be an EMP that was blamed on the sun….


    • Cathleen says:

      My thoughts exactly Flek. Looks like the reports are lining it up to scare the people about a very real man-made disaster. Remember, “their” code of conduct of the Elite is … “they have to tell us what they’re going to do before they do it”.

      While the beast is cornered right now, if he lashes out, this could be the ultimate result. And it’s very possible to make an EMP false flag happen only in the U.S. and not world wide.
      . . .

  2. JoeRepublic says:

    Is it just me, or does that bull dyke have 5 o’clock shadow going on?

  3. federalist39 says:

    cme or coronal mass ejections are a norm. the earth has a natural magnetic field in which the sun constantly intimately interacts with earth. a perfect example that is seen here in the states as well as other parts of the world is the aurora borealis or the northern lights which our magnetic field protects us from and the interference is seen in our atmosphere. it is possible and has occurred were radio frequency and electromagnetic interference has affected our communications on a small scale. “smart” devices are not necessary for survival. zeitgeist, the intellectual moral and cultural state of this era may say otherwise.

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