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NDAA Bill Would Strip Servicemen Of Their Rights To Have Guns

Gun Owners of America

Over this past year, we have alerted you to the dangers of last year’s National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA for short).

The NDAA could impact all Americans, including gun owners, by allowing them to be indefinitely detained without trial, based on simple membership in certain pro-gun groups or because of particular firearm-related activities.

But in addition to its problems with indefinite detention without trial, this year’s NDAA also contains, in the House version, a provision that would allow military psychiatrists and commanders to question large numbers of servicemen about the firearms they own.

This could open the door for the psychiatrists to send the names of active servicemen to the NICS system in West Virginia. If this were to happen, tens of thousands of soldiers could permanently lose their Second Amendment rights.

The issue first came before Congress during last year’s defense authorization bill, which prohibited military commanders from asking servicemen about their private firearms.

This provision was a justifiable response to efforts by the military to register and, in some cases, ban firearms privately owned by servicemen, both on- and off-base.

Now, a suicide-prevention group has argued that, by trimming last year’s law to allow military commanders and psychiatrists to inventory the firearms ownership of persons they “reasonably” suspect could present a problem, this will somehow be the “silver bullet” to suicide prevention.

So legislators have tacked such language onto the House-passed version of the DOD bill. The problem is that this “reasonable” standard is a very low threshold.

Here’s what we fear: Under legislation enacted into law in 2008, the military psychiatrist’s opinion, in and of itself, would be enough to send the serviceman’s name to the NICS system and thereby take away his Second Amendment rights. It is possible that, if the information is in a federal database, it could be trolled by the ATF and placed in the NICS system.

Already, more than 150,000 veterans have had their gun rights removed under exactly the same process.

Is it fanciful to assume this would happen with active duty servicemen? Already, it is standard army practice to take away a soldier’s service rifle when a commander suspects he may be a problem.

So, if the conference adopts the new anti-gun language without simultaneously adopting an amendment — offered by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) — to require a court order before banning a soldier from owning guns, we are convinced that the bill could create horrible Second Amendment problems.

Obviously, the federal government should not be involved in gun control at all. The Second Amendment has clearly stated that our firearm rights “shall not be infringed.”

But Senator Burr has offered his language as a way to protect Americans who served their country honorably. Hence, the Burr amendment would require a court, rather than a “shrink,” to make a determination of suicide danger, before a soldier’s name could be sent to NICS and his Second Amendment rights could be permanently taken away.

The Burr amendment was unanimously passed out of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee as a free-standing bill, and should not be particularly controversial. So, if commanders and psychiatrists are going to probe into servicemen’s gun ownership, why would we not want to add this protection to the mix?

The bottom line: Before a serviceman, who has served this country honorably, loses his Second Amendment rights for the rest of his life, he should, at least, have a modicum of due process. He should have his “day in court,” rather than being “adjudicated” solely by a psychiatrist.

And before groups with a record of failure begin scapegoating guns, it’s important to insure that these psychiatric inquiries don’t become a conveyer belt for taking away servicemen’s Second Amendment rights by routinely placing their names on the NICS list.

Veterans and active duty servicemen have served our country honorably and courageously. They deserve from us, at least, an element of due process. They deserve their day in court, rather than being stripped of their constitutional rights in nothing but a “trial by shrink.”

ACTION: Your Senator is on the NDAA conference committee. Click here to them the pre-written message. Tell them to either:

* Delete the House language which would allow commanders or military psychiatrists to question servicemen about gun ownership; or

* Adopt the Burr language which would prohibit them from sending the names of these servicemen to the NICS system and permanently taking away their Second Amendment rights.

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18 Responses to NDAA Bill Would Strip Servicemen Of Their Rights To Have Guns

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    THEY KNOW,…… Our treasonous gov’t KNOWS!!!!

    When it is time to abolish the Traitorous organzation called the US Fed Gov’t, and ALL its criminal agencies,…. that Veterans will fight to be first on the firing line!


    The US Fed Gov’t IS an “Enemy Force In Occupation”, bar none.

    It is NOT here to protect Americans, the Constitution, or even your life,.. the criminal organzation called the US Fed Gov’t is here for ONE purpose only,… to ENSLAVE YOU.

    As Mr. Shivley says all the time: “God bless the Republic, death to international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.”

    Mr. Shivley,.. let us hope that God has heard you,… and will grant us our plea.

    JD – US Marines – The only solution – Arm every veteran you know…..

    • diggerdan says:

      JD – I do not understand what you mean when you say ” arm every veteran you know “. I know a lot of veterans that do not deserve the fight to even own/carry a BB gun!!! Think about what you said there JD!!! I have known a lot of people that were vetrans that are not worthy of owning or carrying a damn tooth pick!!!!!!

      • NC says:

        I think he means those veterans who swore to uphold the constitution and protect we the people from enemies both foreign and domestic. Not veteran cops or the young recruits who don’t know what the hell is going on. I think he means the REAL veterans and those that DO KNOW what is going on. The TRUE patriots.

        • diggerdan says:

          Yea, NC I am sure that is what JD meant. I know a lot more good vets than bad guy vets. Yea , some of those I was thinking of went on to be hot headed cops that liked to pick fights just to have an excuse to shoot someone. That was a realy dumnb statement I said above there replying to JD. Hell, I made some realy realy just plain stupid comments last night. Had a few too many cranberry vodkas last night – something I`m going to have to stop doing, and them comments made by me last night is a good reason why.

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Well said NC,

        Exactly,… not all verterans are “equal”.

        I know some veterans that are more deeply dug into the matrix than Obama himself.

        I know some verterans that are not worth spit.

        I know some verterans that couldn’t give a flying rats-ass one way or the other what this gov’t is doing.

        Fortuanately,.. those kinds of veterans tend to be few and far between, and a lot of them seem to be the older generation, for some reason,.. although not the Vietnam guys (my favorite bunch of guys) as they seem to be the most keenly tuned to the crimes of this government, but you take the Korean guys, peacetime guys, stateside guys and the 70’s/80’s, did nothing guys, and you have a lot of the types I have met and am describing. This does not go for all of them of course, but I have been frequently shocked at how the old timers, especially the ones with little field experience DEFEND the gov’t and refuse to even hear how the 9/11 gov’ts story is physically impossible. They prefer to stay in the comfort of their Bernaysian world.

        As I said,.. it actually a small percentage of the veterans that are like that, no matter era we aere talking about.

        As for arming Verterans – Many have “lost” the right to possess firerarms, contrary to the Constitution of course. Whether its some form of court manufactured label, or any one of the hundreds of ways the gov’t has devised to do so, its all illegal.

        According to the 2nd Amendment – EVERYBODY has the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND IT SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

        The majority of reason for this particular clause is simple – so when it is time to abolish a treasonous or tyrannical gov’t,.. we have the means to do so,.. period,.. bar none.

        The real reason the gov’t is disarming veterans is the gov’t knows that their is nothing more dangerous to its designs to complete its overthrow of this country, than someone trained in the use of firearms, dedicated to this country, and understands military strategies, tactics and munitions.

        By “arming” veterans, that does not mean give those who have had their RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS stolen from them, a firearm today,… but theoretically, theoretically mind you,….if you should have an “extra one or two” when the firestorm hits, who is to say you can’t “loan” them as you see fit, as the moment you decide to resist this tyranny in a forceful manner,.. you too have now “surrendered” your “Right” to own firearms,.. at least in this criminal gov’ts eyes, so what difference would it really make to not loan anything?

        In closing,.. your right that not every veteran is a worthy veteran,.. some are just degenerated people that once served, or worse, are now self created gov’t stooges.. but EVERY worthy veteran, veterans that WILL fight when the time comes, does deserve the chance to do so,.. and the means to do so.

        That,.. and what NC said….

        JD – US Marines – When the time comes,.. will you “lend” a firearm(s) to a Veteran who’s right to own them was stolen by the gov’t? Never answer that publicly as “yes”, or the gov’t WILL take yours too!

        • robertsgt40 says:

          Keep this in mind. I’m a Vietnam vet. A couple years ago I signed up for VA benefits. The doc first asked me if I wanted free flu shot(I passed for obvious reasons, they’re toxic). Then he asked me if I was depressed(digging for possible PTSD). I told him I was a happy camper and the world is just fine. What they are really doing is looking for ways to declare us a hazzard and releive us of our second amendment right. My tip is to dummy up and NEVER give them reason to take your weapons. The doc would have been more than happy to get me on some meds. Not

          • Angel-NYC says:

            Yes, my husband is drilled with those questions at every visit to every clinic at the VA hospital (often several in one day). The agenda is crystal clear.

        • diggerdan says:

          If I offended you – or any other vets out there – by that reply to you above, and if I did then I wouldn`t blame you – I`m sorry. Like I replyed to NC above ” I had a few too many last night and I made some realy dumb statements I was talking out my backside ya know. I do know some vets though that realy should not have any weapons of any kind, they are dangerou, and those are the ones I ment to say. There are people of all walks of life that have that kind of problems like that though, not just veterans ya know. Once again – sorry to you JD and any other veterans that I may have offended by that dumb reply to ya above. You seem like a realy good guy there JD.

  2. jb says:

    I am encouraged by your words, US Marine and NC. There is zero doubt in my mind that the American people will not survive (the Republic will not survive) the next years without the help of the local police and the veterans. Homeland security has bought their way with federal grants into the state police and local fire departments. I pray they are hip to the subversion.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Veterans like JD and Henry will be our greatest asset and best defense against this traitorous so-called ‘government’ in the dark days ahead.

  4. Joe says:

    I’m a bit confused. If the government is worried about veterans being in direct, armed confrontation with it, how does it think simply making it illegal for certain veterans to own guns will make one bit of difference?

    Do they expect that vets will simply say: “Tsk, tsk, my right to own guns has been taken away, so sad. Guess I’ll just take up gardening now…and leave direct confrontation with the US federal government to those whose firearm privileges the government has chosen not to remove…oh-well…”

    Clearly they’d be expecting wrong, as that’s simply absurd. If a vet, or anyone else has decided to directly confront the government with lethal force, what on earth does it matter whether they can legally own guns or not? In fact, it should have the opposite effect. Forcibly taking away a vet’s gun rights should encourage, rather than discourage confrontation, right?

    And if they honestly believed that a suicidal veteran wouldn’t be resourceful enough to commit suicide with or without access to a firearm I think they’re underestimating most veterans. Not only that, if the government is trying to reduce the number of angry, armed veterans, surely suicide is very practical strategy for removing them from the risk equation, as flawed as that may be.

    So, if I understand correctly, taking legislative steps designed to remove certain societal groups’ access to guns will, if anything, guarantee that those people have every reason to arm themselves against the federal government by any means at their disposal.

    So, I say, let them deludedly write bits of paper that say what they will “allow” people to do and what they won’t. Do they honestly think it would stop a determined foe, anymore than outlawing the Viet Cong would win the Vietnam war overnight?

    Most vets I know could _make_ a firearm powerful enough to “trade-up” by force or stealth, to a real firearm in short order, and as necessary.

    Having said all that, if they tried to restrict our access to milling machines, deep hole-drills, lathes, DOM tube, high-grade steels, and nitric acid I’d be really worried.

    So, it seems that the Federal Government actually WANTS violent revolution to occur, as it’s taking step-by-step to ensure that peaceful revolution cannot. And I suppose that’s where eventual foreign “humanitarian” intervention becomes “necessary” and the US is permanently neutered.

  5. Tucker says:

    There is another stealthy, jewish scheme to nullify the 2nd Amendment rights of our military veterans that needs to be shouted out as loudly and as often as possible.

    It is this: In Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else our jewish neo-cons have managed to send our military combat troops – it is becoming extremely routine for these military doctors to pass out various kinds of psychotropic drugs to our wet-behind-the-ears, embarrassingly un-savvy, gullible soldiers – in order to medicinally help these dupes cope with the arduous rigors and around-the-clock stress that goes along with fighting in illegal wars that were based on neo-con lies and being ordered to kill and abuse the various native citizens inside these nations that we have no legitimate right or business being in.

    So, when these troops – if they manage to survive and leave the military, and return home to the USA – and if they then decide to drop by a gun store to legally purchase a firearm, the forms that they are required to fill out will include specific questions about whether or not they have ever been on any of a wide variety of psychotropic, mood-altering drugs, or whether they have ever visited a shrink to help them cope with depression or psychological anxiety issues. If they lie on those forms, they’ve committed a felony and can go to jail. If they are honest and admit that they were given any of those drugs and if they have a few shrink visitation notations in their medical records, those admissions can (and will) be used to deny them the right to purchase that firearm.

    News Flash, freedom lovers: The enemy we are fighting, right here inside the continental USA is not only diabolically EVIL, but these rats are also devious and demonically clever. They are willing to lie, use deception, plant dozens and dozens of freedom-destroying landmines in our path and hope that we step on one of them, and they are willing to cheat, stab us in the back or kick us between our legs. Hence, if any of us have any remaining naivete left within us, I strongly suggest that we rid ourselves of it and fast.

    For the full scoop on the identity of our enemy, go here:

  6. Dave says:

    Look closely & you’ll see a Zionist hand in almost all the legislation designed to disarm the Goyim (they call us “cattle”).
    The more someone tries to disarm you, the more cautious you must be about them.
    The 20th century created a mountain of bodies proving that lesson, let’s not forget it.

    • Tucker says:

      I think it time that these racial supremacist, tyrannical control-freaks experienced their very own Waterloo.

      Right here in North America. It really is, up to us now. And, the interesting thing is – how these demonic people have managed to convince nearly the entire non-white races of the world to hate White European people – when the reality of the situation is that armed White European mankind are the only thing that stands between these demons and their long coveted Talmudic world domination – which includes the extermination of anyone who is not of their tribe.

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