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New Drones Rape Your Mind

Before It’s News – by Adam Strange

An almost invisible drone hovers over your home and activates its sensors. It begins to probe your environment, your computer files, your telephone voice and text messages. And then it kicks in the Level Two Artificial Intelligence Scanners and begins to rape your mind. All the while you have no idea anything has invaded your most private inner sanctum: your brain.

Science fiction? Unfortunately no. This is the next stage of drone technology the U.S. Air Force is working hard to perfect. Everyone you know could be a target soon, including you…

Operation brain drain

Once the venerable U.S. Air Force set its sights on the wild blue yonder, now it wants to peer into brains.

President Barack Obama has greenlighted the Pentagon project first dreamed up by geeks in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) labs and now snapped up by eager Air Force generals.

Since the USAF has access to greater funding (including black project funds), DARPA handed it off to the flyboys. Now it’s full throttle ahead.

Some worry that the emerging technology the faceless men at DARPA have tweaked together might inevitably lead to Terminator-like Skynet drone systems spying on American citizens.

Going far beyond the new face-recognition technology, the new brain-scanners will be mated with sky drones creating an unholy fusion of privacy-busting, omnipresent, stealth surveillance.

RQ-170 Sentinell artists impression [Wikipedia]

The project is dark, but not black, and actually appears on the Department of Defense Resource Center Selectionsprojects page. It all seems quite innocent on the surface until a little digging and extrapolation uncover the disturbing specifications and technological architecture the mission is built upon.

Scroll down the page to Soar Technology’s proposal for a project named “ESPRIT: Schemas for Intent Recognition.” The project’s been awarded a hefty contract.

What exactly is the function of ESPRIT? A clue might be in the initial letters of the acronym itself which can be twisted into a hidden play on words and acronyms: ESP.

Or put another way: Extra-sensory Perception (ESP) Recognition of Intent Technology.

Maya drone a USAF concept that can be adapted for ESPRIT

Reading the intent of an enemy or a criminal—in essence reading their minds—is a lofty goal. But as SoarTech explains, their goal is nothing less than to “design and implement a system for Explanation, Schemas, and Prediction for Recognition of Intent in the TAO (ESPRIT). ESPRIT provides an intelligent situational understanding capability for UASs that uses knowledge and reasoning techniques to infer the intent of other aircraft. At the core of ESPRIT’s executable system will be the Soar cognitive architecture, providing efficient implementation of memory management, pattern matching, and goal-based reasoning.”

But SoarTech’s not the only company that’s entered the AI mind-reading field. A competitor, Stottler Henke is developing drone software with exotic mind-reading algorithms. They intend to weaponize the system and their marketing literature advises that mind-reading programs will work the best when weaponized for combat, police surveillance and crowd control.

“Many of the pilot-intent-analysis techniques described are also applicable for determining illegal intent and are therefore directly applicable to finding terrorists and smugglers,” Stottler Henke proudly boasts. “finding terrorists and smugglers” domestically, that is the United States, as the systems can be adopted to non-military crime control in urban areas. Or anywhere else a police state may choose to investigate.

The description “police state” is used because it’s accurate. Should such a system be deployed (as is the intention) America would become nothing more than a tightly controlled, constantly monitored police state. And unlike Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984, the American version of Big Brother will read minds and deduce intentions.

Not-so-friendly ‘Eye in the sky’

Mind rape by the thought police

Welcome to America, 2030. Now we will bleed your mind:

The smart-drone, part of the greater Los Angeles Police Department’s SkySurv Squadron, picks up suspicious brainwaves from a subject driving on the city streets below.

The AI mind-reading algorithm kicks in and the drone rapidly identifies the subject as a potential criminal planning to rob a convenience store several blocks up the street.

Accessing its memory file, the SkySurv drone alerts the nearest ground-based patrol officers and turns its sensors upon the suspect’s body. In milliseconds it scans the suspect. And then the AI processes the terabyte data stream, rapidly confirming the suspect is armed with a gun.

Police cruisers screech up and detain the man before he has a chance to perpetrate the crime.

The scenario is not a fantasy. The DHS and urban police forces are waiting for the systems to be brought up to speed. Then they will deploy them, you can be damn sure of that.

Will the system be 100 percent accurate? Of course not. People detained, arrested, tossed in jail or killed are unfortunate collateral damage. The price of keeping America secure.


The day ESPRIT, or something like it, is deployed over American skies is the day the thought police take total control.

It is the day you become a slave.

[Some source material from Wired: Danger Room.]

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6 Responses to New Drones Rape Your Mind

  1. NC says:

    Boy #1, with all of these new drone gadgets articles you are posting, why don’t you just skip it all get an article that officially says, “WE’RE F**KED!”? lol

    Once again, these people are complete monsters.

    As the CIA guy says in the movie, “Under Siege II: Dark Territory”,

    “Sane people don’t build these things.”

  2. uninformedLuddite says:

    Police cruisers screech up and kill the man before he has a chance to explain that he is always nervous as he is the person who transports the shops money to the bank every day.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    And they’re also working on mind-reading bullets that only penetrate guilty flesh, so the cops can just spray everyone with them. And they can zap any political dissenters with a skull-melting beam from a satellite. And they have special terminator robots that hunt down tax evaders.

    What we have here is not a mind-reading drone, but just some more bad science fiction designed scare you into submission.

  4. Whizerd67 says:

    If they have a need to concept it for drone use, they already have it implemented somewhere.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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