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New York newspaper to list more gun permit holders after uproar

Reuters – by Noreen O’Donnell

A suburban New York newspaper that sparked an uproar among gun enthusiasts by publishing names and addresses of residents holding pistol permits is now planning to publish even more identities of permit-toting locals.

Further names and addresses will be added as they become available to a map originally published on December 24 in the White Plains, New York-based Journal News, the newspaper said.

The original map listed thousands of pistol permit holders in suburban Westchester and Rockland counties just north of New York City.

Along with an article entitled “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood,” the map was compiled in response to the December 14 shooting deaths of 26 children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut, editors of the Gannett Corp.-owned newspaper said.

The next batch of names will be permit holders in suburban Putnam County, New York, where the county clerk told the newspaper it is still compiling information.

Some 44,000 people are licensed to own pistols in the three counties, the newspaper said. Owners of rifles and shotguns do not need permits, the newspaper said.

The publication prompted outrage, particularly on social media sites, among gun owners.

“Do you fools realize that you also made a map for criminals to use to find homes to rob that have no guns in them to protect themselves?” Rob Seubert of Silver Spring, Maryland, posted on the newspaper’s web site. “What a bunch of liberal boobs you all are.”

Republican state Senator Greg Ball of Patterson, New York, said he planned to introduce legislation to keep permit information private except to prosecutors and police.

A similar bill that he introduced earlier as an Assemblyman failed in the state Assembly.

“The asinine editors at the Journal News have once again gone out of their way to place a virtual scarlet letter on law abiding firearm owners throughout the region,” Ball wrote on his Senate web site.

The newspaper’s editor and vice president of news, CynDee Royle, earlier in the week defended the decision to list the permit holders.

“We knew publication of the database would be controversial, but we felt sharing as much information as we could about gun ownership in our area was important in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings,” she said.

Some critics retaliated by posting reporters’ and editors’ addresses and other personal information online.

Howard Good, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz, called the critics’ response childish and petulant.

“It doesn’t move the issue of gun control to the level of intelligent public discussion,” he said. “Instead, it transforms what should be a rational public debate on a contentious issue into ugly gutter fighting.”

Good said the information about permit holders was public and, if presented in context, served a legitimate interest.

But media critic Al Tompkins of the Florida-based Poynter Institute wrote online this week that the newspaper’s reporting had not gone far enough to justify the permit holders’ loss of privacy.

“If journalists could show flaws in the gun permitting system, that would be newsworthy,” he said. “Or, for example, if gun owners were exempted from permits because of political connections, then journalists could better justify the privacy invasion.”

Tompkins said he feared the dispute might prompt lawmakers to play to privacy fears.

“The net effect of the abuse of public records from all sides may well be a public distaste for opening records, which would be the biggest mistake of all,” he said.

(Editing by Ellen Wulfhorst; Editing by David Gregorio)

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17 Responses to New York newspaper to list more gun permit holders after uproar

  1. chris says:

    This childish bullshit is not going to f#@king stop…

    This shit is beyond retarded.

    They are goading us, trying to get us worked up against our fellow citizen.

    • BentSpear says:

      Yes…and the law abiding citizenry being held hostage by a bunch of 3rd rate wannabe journalists. I would not put it past some government Alphabet Agency to employ such tactics & stooges.

  2. Hikma says:

    If these “journalists” did this in Israel, they would not be able to leave the office. In fact, they could only hide in the office of the newspaper for so long also, before the citizenry came for them and overwhelmed them.

    And we all know how this scenario plays out in “the shining light on the hill”…

    But, maybe the Israeli people are right…the Israeli people are afforded the right to behave in a NORMAL human fashion…

  3. Joe in JT says:

    By posting all the names of lawful gun owners and putting their lives in danger, the Journal Newspaper did one thing. They inspired all Americans to purchase MORE guns but this time “do not register” them. Way to go you idiots.

    • It is I only says:

      Do you think that a psycho gang banger will invade a home where there are guns?
      Psycho gang banger are only brave against an unarmed person, mostly women,children or old people disarmed!
      But going to invade a home with guns inside? They may be crazies, but they are not stupid!

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    It’s an unknown, and probably bankrupt newspaper trying to jump on the gun-grab bandwagon to increase circulation, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if unarmed New Yorkers were bribing the editor to get their name on the list so they don’t get robbed.

    • chris says:

      The ole piers morgan technique spiced with a bit of operation mockingbird style propaganda.

      This is desperation.

      The time to stop prepping is coming soon.

  5. Eomer says:

    I just see this as proof these people don’t really care about saving lives or protecting children. If they were really trying to prevent gun crimes and ultimately gun deaths, they wouldn’t have published these names. Logically, we’ve all brought up the possible scenarios that could occur as a result of their actions. Either people are going to show up at these adresses trying to steal guns and cause trouble or they’re going to use the process of elimination to find non gun owners homes and commit crimea there. A well intentioned, peaceful group of activists who would really want to stop violence wouldn’t use these tactics. This proves we’re up against hateful, violent, control freaks who will do whatever it takes to destroy freedom.

  6. NC says:

    Who’s got the names and addresses of this newspaper agency so we can post their houses on an online map and tell all the criminals to beat the shit out of them and destroy their houses? These people deserve no mercy for their crimes against humanity.

    • NC says:

      THANK YOU, EOMER!!!!

      EVERYONE please pass this info around and flood the bitch and her employees with calls and if that doesn’t work, egg her house and place a sign saying, “We don’t have guns, please rob us! Here’s a map of our house inside and out.”.

      • NC says:

        Haha! Her Facebook page is taken off after this, yet she is still insisting on posting more. Some people never learn. She probably got death threats and harassed up the ying-yang. Now she is hiding in her office somewhere compiling more data to screw people over. Damn woman looks like a guy for cryin’ out loud. I don’t think her husband has a big enough gun to show her a good time, if you know what I mean. lol

  7. Drutch says:

    The employee of this corportation that is authorizing this smear peice on lawful permit holders should be fired imediately and a smear peice written on them to ensure that they are never again employable. WHat they do is completely irresponsible for many reasons, two being; they encourage retaliation by others posting their staff’s home addresses and enouraging retailiation by force. The posting of staff member’s addresses alone is not dangerous but it does encourage nut jobs to wack a couple of their staff. Secondly, if that were to occur then there would me more call for control. I beleive this is their goal. They willingly endanger their staff to further the gun control agenda. The staff should sue their employer into the stone age.

  8. Lady Liberty says:

    Turn about is fair play

    Map: Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?

    Blogger Creates Interactive Map of Employees of Paper Which Published Names and Addresses of Pistol Permit Holder

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