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Newtown Movie

Published on Dec 30, 2012 – by Ken Truthurts

Sent in by a reader.

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17 Responses to Newtown Movie

  1. Patrick Conway says:

    I would have to revisit the original picture as I never noticed this and don’t want to give credence to a second hand view. I do recall the Medical examiner’s words but had paid no attention to them as I was so shocked about the , …”all of the children were shot with a rifle”… statement, knowing that they had reported the rifle being found in the trunk of the car. Interesting. Does anyone know where the original picture is?

  2. NC says:

    The Sandy HOAX reminds me of the Holo HOAX. Next, they will be saying it was an ALL Jewish school. lol

  3. TranceAm says:

    According to a neutral eye i consulted on the original picture, her left leg might be behind the todlers leg inbetween his legs. (white leotard.), Her right leg can be on the other side of his leg. She doesn’t have big legs considering her arms. Disclaimer, for what it is worth.

    • Ken says:

      Sorry, this is a poorly photo shopped picture. I spent hours analyzing it in Photo impact and sent it to an couple of experts before I went ahead with this.

      It’s in your face, just like the Soto Family outing Illuminati sign guy. I especially like the Owl.

      • TranceAm says:

        Sorry, You have been had on this picture. My source does say, if it is really photoshopped then it is expertly done, upto the last pixel and the pixelating..

        Poison in the well.. There is enough to focus on that obviously stinks..
        This picture has before popped up on WRH, since the girl on the left “looks” the same as the Girl inbetween Obama’s legs… It was retracted a little while later. The little black dress saying nothing since it is a very cheap Wall-mart piece of clothing.

        Saying nothing here about that Bohemian Grove Owl.

        • Truthurts says:

          No my friend. If anyone has been “HAD”, it’s the entire mainstream media that circulated this FAKE PICTURE.

          It’s a FAKE, just like Obama’s birth certificate, selective service card, SS#, and on and on. Or maybe you still believe all those proven FAKES are real too.

          Get used to it. As long as suckers buy into their “made for TV’ specials, they’re going to continue until they get all the guns.

          And BTW, Mike Rivero, who I’ve corresponded with since 1996, thinks the girl with no legs in the photo shopped pic is Emilie.

          Every MSM outlet has identified Emilie as the girl to the far right in this picture. So, Rivero is completely clueless about this from the start.

          My brother emailed the FAKE picture to Rivero.

          This is Rivero’s reply back to my brother:


          He read it, now I just have to get him to READ it

          > —– Original Message —–
          > From: Michael Rivero
          > Sent: 12/29/12 09:12 AM
          > To: ‘Doug W****r’
          > Subject: RE: WRH $$ supporter Doug W****r’
          > It is the girl on the left, in the white top with red pull-over, that was killed.

          > Michael Rivero, Peace Activist and Talk Show Host

          WRONG Mr. Know it All.

          So there’s your EXPERT. He doesn’t even know who Emilie is.

          “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hoover

  4. Patrick Conway says:

    Judging by her angle to the inside, it would appear that her legs actually should be to the inside, so that would make more sense. Look at the angle of her butt and you begin to see. The government is evil enough without posting things before they’ve been analyzed in order to make them appear more so.

    • Ken says:

      “The government is evil enough without posting things before they’ve been analyzed in order to make them appear more so.”

      Wrong. You obviously haven’t seen any of the absurd fake Obama family photos that were taken directly from the WH web site.

      How about the childishly fake Obama birth certificate, Selective Service Card, fake SS#……..?

      Millions of people know about it, but what’s happened?

      WTF has been done about any of that?

      • Patrick Conway says:

        I did see it. I don’t disagree at all that this is a super psyop and very possibly, no one was killed. I’m saying that her butt is turned in a way that indicates it may not be photoshopped. I’m not an expert. Are you? I am not fighting you but enough damned mis/dis info is already out there.

        • Truthurts says:

          I know. We’re on the same side. But experts have looked at this and it’s a SLOPPY fake just like all Obama’s documents and family pictures from the old days.

          I can’t understand why people think, after all the actors deployed in this psyop, and Obama’s fake stuff, that this poorly done fake, is any different.

          • Patrick Conway says:

            I don’t know about the experts and that wasn’t stated. I do a lot of genealogy and the one thing I have learned is to have sources and quote them. I believe firmly that this is a fake. I saw that guy do his act for the cameras. I don’t want to give fodder for the “Conspiracy theory” baiters. All I’m saying is that I can see where it may not be faked. I also said that I am not an expert, but the little video didn’t quote any expert sources.

            I will take it with a grain of salt. I will not jump on every presentation as though written in stone without something to back it up. We are on the same side but let’s not give the opposition a forum if we have nothing but an opinion.

            Experts have deemed it a poor photo-shop? Great! Considering the other stuff we’ve seen it is probable and likely. I have questioned every inch of this since it started. Not being an expert, I never even noticed it in the beginning. Since the disagreement I have looked very closely and can see both ways. Hell, I’m not even good at taking pictures, much less analyzing them.

            Who are the experts? I hate these bastards as much, if not more, than most of you, but I also know what they are capable of. I was trying to warn people what was coming long before most of you were born.

            I appreciate discussion. Nothing is ever solved if we start getting angry because we think somebody doesn’t believe us.

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This is the at least the fourth or fifth article I’ve seen on this one aspect alone.

    The jury’s DEFINITELY still out on this one.

    No bodies, no blood…….

    NO SALE!

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