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Newtown NUKE! O’Reilly & 10 Channels FAKED Sandy Hook!

New smoking gun footage drops a nuke on the fake “Newtown CT shooting.” But 49 States never saw it. Only 1 State saw TV footage that shatters Sandy Hook’s gun hoax.

PART 2 smoking gun footage (above) tops the shocking TV clips of PART 1 (below):

Together, both videos destroy the made-for-TV “Sandy Hook shooting”:

(Part 1) Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ CAUGHT Playing SWAT

(Part 2) Newtown NUKE! Smoking Gun Footage, 10 Channels


Ed Henry (FOX) reports from the White House, while (known actor) David Wheeler strolls around Newtown in “SWAT” costume:


Was Wheeler paid – or blackmailed – to participate in Newtown’s gun-grab hoax? Wheeler also starred in the 2001 movie, FAITHFUL:


After the Newtown shooting, “SWAT” David Wheeler changes costume to portray “grieving father of slain child.” How did Wheeler expect to play 2 roles in 1 hoax without getting caught?


Wheeler’s friends include Obama and top DNC Officials. Tragic “Sandy Hook parents” are apparently Obama’s lobbyists – pretending their kids got murdered. Here, Wheeler rides Air Force One on the Gun Grab Roadshow – lobbying Congress to disarm Americans.


Mainstream channels (CBS; BBC; CNN) broadcast the Sandy Hook scam – pretending it was “real.” The Wheelers appear on Bill Moyers, Rachel Maddow, and Oprah:


Even PBS and AP carry this fraud, to disarm Americans. Every MSM channel lies to America – the smoking gun videos prove it.

Watch Wheeler get caught on CT Channel 8 – cramming his “SWAT helmet” down, to cover his face:


As Wheeler crams his helmet down to fool TV cameras, a photographer snaps this picture:


The day kids get “gunned down,” Geraldo Rivera joins the O’Reilly Factor. As O’Reilly speaks, we see actor David Wheeler strolling around Sandy Hook, pretending he’s a “SWAT sniper”:


Francine Wheeler (the wife) is also an actor:


Francine Wheeler was Personal Assistant to Maureen White. Maureen White was Finance Chairwoman of the DNC – and National Finance Co-Chair of the Hillary Clinton For President Campaign:


MORE smoking guns expose Sandy Hook as 100% fake:


Dozens of news outlets run this photo of David Wheeler (center) disguised as “SWAT”:


NY Post and CNN print the altered (Photoshop) image – to keep you fooled while the Regime grabs your guns:


Zooming reveals razor-sharp Photoshop edits on Wheeler’s taller “SWAT” partner:


But Newtown isn’t the only Fake Shooting. The Gun Grab Roadshow does fake shootings every week. Goals include (i) Gun grab laws; (ii) Diagnosing your children (via ‘Mental Health Laws’) to disqualify them from becoming gun owners, and (iii) Ending Home Schooling, so public schools become your only choice.


10 channels worth of TV footage is undeniable. We’re not doing friends any favors by letting them stroll into danger. We have a moral obligation to warn them about Fake Shootings.

Please watch both videos, and show your friends.


Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of “Barack Hussein Obama.”

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2 Responses to Newtown NUKE! O’Reilly & 10 Channels FAKED Sandy Hook!

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    so, when will charges be sought ?

    because until than..this will continue to grow into a larger circus
    and Obama will keep fake crying to us all . and personally im sick of it all

    • Jolly Roger says:

      yeah, me too. And as long as brainwashed Americans spend four hours per day staring into the TV, we’re pissing against the tide.


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