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NY SAFE Act of 2013 – “overpowering the extremists”

American Everyman by Scott Creighton

This bill was rushed through legislation in less than 30 hours. The senate in NY didn’t even have time to read it before they voted in favor of it. The Assembly had some minor discussion on it and then voted immediately with the governor rushing over to sign it in front of the cameras as quickly as he could. There was no public debate on it, no hearings, no committee meetings.

Gov. Cuomo said this upon signing the bill that by-passed out legislative process and is clearly extremely unpopular in his state:

“Common sense can win, You can overpower the extremists with intelligence and with reason and with common sense.” Gov. Cuomo NY

Those of us who support the 2nd amendment are now regulated to the class of the “extremists”. It’s little wonder that of the 23 comments on the bill, not one single comment is in support of it.

I found this at the NY Gov site. You should go read the comments. Here is an interesting part of the bill for all of you New Yorkers who rushed out thinking you could buy and keep a legal assault rifle or semi-auto handgun before they signed this into law:

“Current owners of these banned weapons may transfer the weapons only to a firearms dealer or transfer to an out of state buyer. All registered owners will be subject to a review of disqualifiers by the State Police.”

The “disqualifiers” aren’t listed in the bill. What they will end up being is anyone’s guess.

If you wish to know where this is all headed, check out what they say about Indonesia’s firearms laws. You know Indonesia… it’s where Obama’s mother worked with the USAID program after the brutal dictator Suharto was put in power by the CIA.

“Under Indonesia’s gun laws, only citizens employed in select professions can be issued a gun permit. Among those allowed to legally pack heat in Indonesia are doctors, public officials, lawmakers, members of the military and police and corporate heads.” Jakarta Globe May 2012


S2230-2013: Enacts the NY SAFE Act of 2013

Same as: A2388-2013 / Versions: S2230-2013

Enacts the NY Secure Firearms and Ammunition Enforcement (SAFE) Act of 2013.

Read the act here:


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