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NYPD Puts Blanket Protection On Israeli Government Buildings, Local Temples

CBS News New York

The violence in the Middle East is leading to stepped up security in New York, and some frayed nerves for those with family in Israel.

There are police officers on every corner near the Israeli Consulate on Second Avenue and in front of almost every Jewish temple across the city, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported Friday.

But at town and village synagogue on East 14th Street, Rabbi Laurence Sebert said he isn’t worried the troubles in the Middle East will manifest in New York City.

“I feel confident in the security team that we have, the people that keep a good eye out for the building, and when things are tense they keep a closer watch,” Rabbi Sebert said.

Sebert said he’s keeping a close watch on the rockets hitting Israel — because his daughter, 22-year-old Aliza, is there working with a youth development program in Jerusalem.

On Friday, Hamas fired rockets towards the holy city for the first time. No one was injured.

“I’m a parent so I’m worried, but the truth of the matter is I also worry about my daughter when she crosses 14th Street down the block,” Sebert said.

At the American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Noam Marans said that’s a common attitude — American Jews willing to share the danger in Israel as a show of solidarity.

“And one of the ways that we manifest that is by traveling to Israel, even when conditions are challenging — maybe even particularly when conditions are challenging,” Rabbi Marans said.

That’s the reason why Marans’ son, Aaron, won’t cancel plans to travel to Israel next month, his father said.

The government of Israel estimates there are 100,000 Americans living and studying in that country.

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6 Responses to NYPD Puts Blanket Protection On Israeli Government Buildings, Local Temples

  1. RobW says:

    I wonder if jewish organizations receiving 90some+% of federal funding has anything to do with this attention; LOL? Of course, so much of NYC is jewland, (no offense Angel), that the icons of the owners of banks, bookie (wallstreet joints), media shills, porn studios, etc., etc., must be first in line for protection. Oh, and heaven forbid, some passerby might witness all the celebratory buggering going on, now that the zionist entity has opened the blood taps.
    Be well, Angel and all, Rob

  2. BentSpear says:

    Foregone conclusion; Knowing who has the most politically criminal clout, knowing who has a persecution complex, knowing who screams “Anti-Semite” when their demands are not met, knowing those who think “goy” are here for their pleasure, knowing who supports a strict Apartheid nation.

    Knowing the difference between a Jew and a Zionist is likened to knowing the difference between good & evil. You only hear of Zionists claiming to be Jewish, but you will never hear a person true to the Jewish faith claiming to be a Zionist.

    • RobW says:

      You’re right about a division between Jews who are true to the Divine God; who believe and live their lives according to the idea that we all share the world equally, and the zionists, jewish supremacists, and the sickening lot who identify as “christian zionists”. Thanks for the clarification. Rob

      • BentSpear says:

        IMO, it doesn’t matter which religious sect that adds the word “Zionist” as the root. To the point of absurdity for an example, “Islamic Zionist” could be one example. Once that zionist identifier is added, the other sect identifier is moot. I am sure as the Zioturds are I.D.’d, the word “Zionist” will be dropped & another will take it’s place. The original root, using Biblical reference material, is “Kenites” (Sons of Cane). I found this (as some other posters here are discovering also) long twisted trail of deception on the Zionist part of infiltrating into the different peoples & basic Christianity.

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          The sad truth is that ALL the mainline ‘Christian’ churches have been infiltrated and corrupted by the Enemy.

          Christian churches that have remained faithful to the Scriptures are becoming increasingly rare – at least in this country, unfortunately.

  3. Contrary Mary says:

    I would say A-men, but he is an egyptian god, and I don’t wish to praise him. But RIGHT ON! Glad that you are awakened.

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