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Obama Grants Pay Increase For Members Of Congress, Federal Workers In Executive Order

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

When it comes to US austerity, a very sensitive topic as framed best by the “spending cuts” portion in the Fiscal Cliff debate, the ideas range from the surreal to the outright idiotic: as an example in the most recent Obama proposal spending would be “reduced” in the form of $290 billion in interest savings – not an actual spending reduction, but a hope and a prayer that because rates are lower, the government will “save” money with rates continuing to be lower (something which immediately causes a #Ref! explosion for anyone not using government math), $130 billion in savings that would come from once again rejiggering the definition of ‘inflation’, as well as “savings” from not funding extra defense spending because the US is not engaged in a pro forma war.

Like we said: surreal and idiotic, or in other words, no actual real cuts to spending. Yet even as the nation is gripped by the melodrama of fake spending cuts offset by the threat to tax millionaires more (all of whom will merely find more creative and effective ways to hide their wealth and income offshore), spending increases are all too real, such as last night’s order by Obama’s just issued an executive order to end the pay freeze for federal employees, which is the equivalent of a wage increase. A truly deserved rise in wages for a job well done by the most dysfunctional Congress America has ever seen.

Among the workers to receive a pay increase is Vice President Job Biden. As the Weekly Standard reports, citing disclosure forms, Biden made $225,521 last year and after the pay increase, he’ll now make $231,900 per year. More: “Members of Congress, from the House and Senate, also will receive a little bump, as their annual salary will go from $174,000 to 174,900. Leadership in Congress, including the speaker of the House, will likewise get an increase.” Somehow we have the feeling that Congress will be quite united behind this “order”, just as the Senate was very united yesterday in its decision to continue spying on America’s citizens.

From the Weekly Standard:

Here’s the list of new wages, as attached to President Obama’s executive order:

“A new executive order has been issued providing for a new pay schedule beginning ‘on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after March 27, 2013,'” reports “The pay raise will generally be about 1/2 of 1%.”

Jeryl Bier points to an example of the pay increase for average government executives:

“Not much of an increase, but an increase all the same,” Bier notes.

And the timing isn’t great either: Just as President Obama and Congress try to avert going over the “fiscal cliff,” he doles out pay increases to federal workers.

UPDATE: According to a senior Republican congressional aide who has reviewed the executive order and consulted with the Congressional Budget Office, Obama’s pay raise will cost $11 billion. “The CBO told us that the President’s pay raise for federal workers will cost $11 billion over ten years,” says the aide.

The aide explains, “On the cost-estimate, CBO says the (discretionary) cost of the .5% pay-hike the President is calling for in the Exec Order – relative to a freeze – is about $500m in FY 2013 and $11 billion over the ten years from FY 13 – FY 22.  The reason why the FY ’13 savings is only $500 million is because the pay hike as proposed by the President’s Exec Order would not go into effect until April 1st, 2013 – when the current CR expires. So it only covers half the fiscal year. The annualized cost of the pay hike is about $1 billion/year.”

Obama Executive Order

Obama Executive Order

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5 Responses to Obama Grants Pay Increase For Members Of Congress, Federal Workers In Executive Order

  1. BentSpear says:

    Keep feeding the Beast….

    The House & Senate has been bought off with our money by the Magic Messiah. Anything they proclaim, legislate or pass is nothing more than meaningless drivel from eunuchs. As they continue down this current path, they braid only tighter the rope that will end their Treason.

  2. NC says:

    “Obama Grants Pay Increase For Members Of Congress, Federal Workers In Executive Order”

    Executive orders are for emergencies, so can someone please tell me how increasing Congress’ pay is seen in any way as an emergency? Why? Because they need more time to balance the budget so they deserve a raise? So we reward incompetence now? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Hey Obama, how about signing an executive order to tell your corporate cronies to move back here and create jobs and pay me more money? Ever think of that? NO, of course course not. That doesn’t involve screwing the American people. Not to mention that giving raises to Congress goes against the 27th Amendment from what I see. But that doesn’t bother him. Keep destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Obama.

    I can now say I officially will never support a member of Congress ever again until we replace our government. 535 mafia criminals who need to be taken out mafia style. And the Obama administration is no exception, either.

    I can’t wait to get this revolution started and it better happen in my lifetime because I ain’t living my life a slave and dying one, either.

  3. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    The rich and powerful continue their fleecing of this nation.

    There is nothing left to discuss,.. it is time to abilish this criminal enterprise called the US Fed Gov’t, which is a disguised,..”Enemy Force In Occupation”.

    It is time to act.

    Are their any real Americans left here?

    Just let me know with a word,… as cowards always keep their silence when called to duty.

    JD – US Marines – Is there ANYBODY willing to muster an ounce of courage?

  4. Herb Scornwaffles says:

    That settles it. Obama DOES think everyone is a whore.

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