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Obama Initiates Snitch Network within Federal Government

Before It’s News – by I. M. Citizen

Under cover of the Thanksgiving holiday, Obama issued a short “non-news” memo calling for central planning to develop “effective insider threat programs.”

The stated goal is “to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.”

Basically, Obama wants a snitch network inside central planning. He is instructing the heads of departments and agencies to develop a work-place culture “to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security.”

Is this a reminder sent from the supreme ruler to his central planning stooges that they need to tighten up operations, effectively timed for release just as the pretrial of doc-dumper Bradley Manning re-enters the news? Perhaps.

Maybe the snitch-network is related to Benghazi.

But both of these motivations are conveniently placed before you by the propaganda press. And they are both bullshit.

There is only one motivation for this directive.

Think about it. The supreme ruler’s lust for power is well documented. He now knows he has four years to execute whatever perverted plans he and his handlers have in their sick and twisted minds. If they are planning tyrannical things what better way to guarantee cooperation from the Big Brother bureaucrats than to let them know that Big, Big Brother is actually watching them. To consolidate ultimate power you create an environment where no one dare to act. You negate challenges by intimidating your opposition, your supporters and your bureaucrats.

First, it was the tea party movement. Recall? They are hard-Right, bible thumpers that cling to guns. Then he went after all civilians. Americans are selfish and spoiled. They are lazy. So bad are they that we need to issue public apologies. Next, it was ex-military men and women that were labeled as possible threats. Now, if you work within the Executive Branch, it is your co-worker that may be the villain.

The idea behind the memo is to create extreme conformity within a self-policing system. Central planning becomes a system within which everyone is a snitch.  A simple four level structure would have bureaucrats monitoring each other. They, in turn, are monitored by department heads. The department heads are monitored by your inner circle. And you monitor your inner circle. Ultimately, the number of layers is subject to the size of your operation.

Within this structure, it is loyalty, or lack thereof, that is monitored, not necessarily productiveness. When human error occurs it analyzed based upon allegiance, not on an individual’s training or competency level. Implemented effectively, workers are more worried about doing their job than what they are doing. It is blind obedience that is valued and enforced.

Information, then, is gathered, processed and passed up the chain of command with no evaluation until it reaches the very top. This allows the supreme ruler and select advisers to determine what is a threat to the government. And because this memo is specifically addressing “internal threats” to the government, then we are actually talking about treason.

So, the Executive Branch snitch-network is actually a framework to allow the supreme ruler to determine what is, or is not, an act of treason. The problem with this is obvious. Central planning becomes an environment dedicated to pleasing the ruler — avoiding at all costs the possibility of being seen as treasonous. It is now about allegiance to the leader, not allegiance to the county. And as we all know, what is good for the supreme ruler is almost guaranteed to be bad for the people.

Even the hard-Left, as close as you can get to Communist propaganda website, the Daily Kos, expressed concern related to this, saying this initiative will silence whistle-blowers.

No fooling?

Now just add the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) and you will see the big picture.

NDAA 2012 gave the president the authority to grab, indefinitely detain or eliminate Americans if they are deemed a threat to national security. And who makes that determination? The president. NDAA 2012 includes no requirements for evidence, hearings, warrants or trials. The supreme ruler is the judge and jury. If he says you are a threat, off you go. This is awesome if you are the supreme ruler. But if you are a peasant, well, it’s not really that great.

And now his “insider threat” memo, creating a snitch-network culture inside the government, which, mind you, breaks no laws, will eventually allow him to target government workers because he will define treason. If the president says leaking evidence of a government crime is treason, off you go. If he says speaking out against a tyrannical policy is treason, off you go. Again, if you are the supreme ruler this is great. But if you are a stooge in central planning, not so good.

Candidly, you can love Obama or you can hate him but you can not deny NDAA 2012 and an “insider threat program” are deeply troubling developments. Allowing Obama, or any president, the ability to label Americans as treasonous without evidence or courts — based solely upon his definition and at his discretion — is more than a violation of our “innocent until proven guilty” sensibilities. It is, in fact, the most critical element of establishing a dictatorship.

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4 Responses to Obama Initiates Snitch Network within Federal Government

  1. It is I only says:

    & Obama is calling it, “The Secret State Police”!
    How does it sound in German? anyone know?

  2. pierre says:

    cheka in Russian.

  3. Staats Sicherheit says:

    The direct translation to German is “Geheime Staats-Polizei” which is usually shortened to GESTAPO.

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