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Obama Poised to Carry Out Hostile Military Takeover of US

War on America3jpgGodfather Politics – by da Tagliare

I’ve been told by a number of people that it would be impossible for any person to stage a military or hostile takeover of the United States.  Ten years ago, I would have agreed with them, but not now.

In the past year, President Obama has taken a number of actions that when added together clearly indicates his plans for a military or hostile takeover of the United States.  And for the first time in my life, I not only believe it could happen, but I am firmly convinced it’s going to happen before the 2016.

To begin with, Obama has been tailoring the US military to his personal agenda.  He is filling the ranks with gays and lesbians who will now follow him to any extreme because he is their champion.  He has all but shackled chaplains from preaching Christianity to the troops, who by the way, aren’t even allowed to have Bibles in some areas in the Middle East or any other semblance of Christianity. For the military coup de gras, he has been tailoring his top military leaders by asking if they are willing to shoot Americans.  Those that answer yes, are put in key positions while those that answer no are basically seeing the end of their military careers.

Next, the Department of Homeland Security has been stockpiling millions of weapons and billions of rounds ammunition.  The federal government even has NOAA stockpiling weapons and ammunition and they aren’t going to be using it to predict the weather.  This is unprecedented in American history and has no purpose or basis other than the use against the American people.

The massive push for gun control has only one purpose and that is to disarm the American people.  There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the US.  That would make a hostile takeover more difficult, costly and time consuming.  However, the stockpiles of weapons and ammunition are just for that purpose, because Obama knows that there are a lot of Americans who will not give up their guns so easily.  Attorney General Eric Holder has already warned gun owners to cower like smokers.

One of the problems with the guns in the hands of people is that the government doesn’t know where they all are.  That’s why they are pushing for complete gun registration and background checks for everyone who owns a firearm, regardless of any grandfather clauses.  Under Obamacare, they are pushing doctors and medical staffers to gather information on their patients as to whether or not they own a gun.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the federal government has the legal right to indefinitely detain anyone they deem to be dangerous to the country.  They do not have to produce any evidence, they do not have to obtain a warrant, and they do not have to give you the right to an attorney.  All Obama or Eric Holder have to do is say you are a threat and that could be the last anyone sees of you for who knows how long.

Obama has also issued an executive order that gives him absolute power and control over all means of communication for any reason including an emergency.  The executive order includes all television, radio, cable, internet and cell phone communications.

Lastly, Obama is already placing drones in the skies over America.  His chief puppet, Attorney General Eric Holder has ruled that not only are the drones legal, but that Obama also has the legal right to use them to shoot Americans on American soil.

When you put this all together into one package, it’s obvious that the stage is set for Barack Hussein Obama to use force in a hostile takeover of the United States.  All he has to do is declare a state of emergency (mostly likely prompted by a forced economic collapse).  This will allow him to control all forms of communication.  Both military and DHS trained personnel will then start rounding up everyone that has or still opposes Obama and detain them under the National Defense Authorization Act.  Those that resist will be face lethal force from the drones and/or the heavily armed military and DHS troops.  Anyone resisting will be shot, since he has been given the legal authority to do so.

If Obama fears a threat from another nation, he would not be slashing military spending, cutting our nuclear arsenal down to a third of what it was and he wouldn’t have NOAA stockpiling millions of weapons and ammunition.  Everything Obama has being doing and putting in place is pointed inside the US, not outside.  We are his target, not Iran, Syria, China, North Korea or al-Qaeda.

If you don’t believe this will happen prior to the 2016 election, then please explain to me the purpose of all these things that have been strategically placed at this time.  Also, I suggest you do a little studying of history in nations like GermanyRussia, China and other socialist nations.  They all thought it could never happen to them and it did and it all started with a tyrant just like Obama gaining power and outlawing guns!

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18 Responses to Obama Poised to Carry Out Hostile Military Takeover of US

  1. David Kidd says:

    Barry and his family better go underground and never surface again.

  2. European American says:

    It’s definitely ALL falling into place, the question is when? What’s important to understand is, they are in no hurry to pull the plug. Through incrementalism, they methodically dismantle the Constitution without the sleeping masses hardly stirring. It may or may take place under Barry’s watch. But most definitely no later than 2020.

    2016 to 2020 is their window, I predict. They may not even need the military to accomplish their goals. Americans, what’s left of them, have become so weak and lethargic.

    • Jolly Roger says:

      Do you have any reason or evidence to support your belief that “2016 to 2020 is their window”? (please see my comment below)

      Also: Americans happen to be getting stronger and wiser by the minute, they’re shaking off their lethargy, and the military doesn’t stand a chance against them.

      And if you’re a “European American”, why don’t you go the hell back to Europe? America is for Americans.

  3. Carl Buschmann says:

    I believe the laws referred to in this article are illegal by our constitution and bill of rights. We do not have to obey them. As in drugs just say no and nullify these illegal, unconstitutional laws. We the people can do this. I know for one I did not ask for one of these illegal laws that traitors want us to obey. So spread the the word to citizens to band together and continue to spread the word about these traitors. Haven’t the citizens of this country suffered enough? We have a citizen responsibility to guard against what is happening.

  4. oldvet says:

    I would venture to say 99% of whats been done since 1865 has been illegal…..but its not stopped them from doing it.
    Waking up and banding together is great…..but sheep who are merely awake and not acting are still sheep headed to the slaughter.
    But………many feel TPTB are just waiting for us to make our move…then they will come down hard.
    Unless and until we can move with huge numbers…..we will remain in checkmate as we are now. We can see whats coming. But until we have the numbers……we are cooked

    • Edwin Vieira, Jr. says:

      The only way to get “the numbers” is to devise a plan for mobilizing “the numbers” along constitutional lines, and then work that plan for all it is worth. All of this constant wailing and gnashing of teeth about how powerful “they” are, what “they” are going to do, how “they” cannot be stopped, and so on amounts to nothing less than defeatism of the worst sort. To be somewhat folksy about this situation, America needs less of “Lord Haw-Haw” and more of “the Little Engine That Could”.

      • oldvet says:

        You totally misunderstood what I said.

        If a movement to “get things right” is done by small numbers of groups scattered about the nation then the PTB/Feds will simply come and kick in their teeth.

        However,..if the move is by large groups of the population and in various places,..well …Uncle Sugar does not have the resources to spend on those types of operations.

        Mr. Vieira,..would you happen to be a strategist with a workable plan? We would love to hear it

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    “I am firmly convinced it’s going to happen before 2016.”

    I’m firmly convinced it’s going to happen in the next month or two, and I’m very suspicious of anyone who claims that “2016 to 2020″ is their window.”

    Propagandists (liars) will always push horrible events (economic collapse, gun confiscation, military take-over) far into the future because it will induce people to ignore the danger, or procrastinate, and it convinces them they have years to prepare, which will leave them completely unprepared for what happens tomorrow, or next week.

    Prepare NOW. The economy is collapsing NOW, the gun grabbers are in high gear NOW, and the UN, NATO troops, our military and foreign troops are preparing NOW.

    Anyone who tells you that you have until 2016 is doing all he can to make sure you’re completely unprepared.

    • Joe says:

      Yep, no reason at all to ever be unprepared. JollyRoger, have you got any info about what countries the UN and NATO troops are from, how many there are, and where they’re being garrisoned? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anybody.

      I’m sure that if there were a significant fraction of them, compared with the total force of US soldiers the boss wants to send marching against their neighbors and relatives who resist, that a judicial and well-informed use of resources in the short-term could really jeopardize their morale just when they need to get worked up to start massacre-ing with impunity and zeal.

      • Jolly Roger says:

        No info that I would quote — just various reports from different sources believed to credible.

        The Intel Report is a good source of late-breaking news of that nature:

        • Joe says:

          I wonder how NATO and the UN managed to select in favour of such asshats as would voluntarily (few UN/NATO countries have longterm draft) agree to be stationed in the US so as to slaughter resisters to the NWO? The pay and conditions can’t be that great, so it must literally be a labor of love. How can people love the NWO that much; what’s in it for them? Do they even know?

          How must it feel to be one of these Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Nepalese, Ukranian, Polish 18-34 year old fellows, living in a hot, (or much too cold) wooden barracks in Ft Drum (black flies and mosquitoes and ridiculously cold winters!) cleaning your weapon and training day-to-day for the inevitable targetting of US civilians. I can’t think of anybody I went to basic with (well, maybe 2 or 3) that would happily go into a quiet, leafy neighborhood in Syria, Norway, Germany, Italy, or even Iran and start lighting up the civilians. I certainly wouldn’t feel right doing so, in or out of uniform.

          So, to quote Gen. Paul Kelly “Lord, Where do we get such men?”

          Ironically, he said that to a victim of yet another bloody warmongering false-flag, the Beiruit bombing.

    • David Kidd says:

      You are spot-on. I really feel that Obarry care has a lot to do with this in 2014. It’s an economic nightmare on top of the nightmare we have already seen.

    • oldvet says:

      Same kinds strategy the Churches use telling folks not to worry they will soon be “raptured” out

  6. European American says:

    @ Jolly Roger

    First of all, I seriously doubt that those who frequently come to this site haven’t prepared ad nauseum for what’s looming on the “near” or “far” horizon, as well as those who happen to drop in occasionally. So you’re probably preaching to the choir in either case. (I’ve been “preparing” since ’81, fyi, but so what?)

    I also suspect your just itching to put someone in the crosshairs of that high powered rifle that you love to fondle in between times you’re sharing with the audience here your deeply biased, for better or for worse, opinions. But my opinion on that particular matter is purely conjecture.

    “I’m firmly convinced it’s going to happen in the next month or two, and I’m very suspicious of anyone who claims that “2016 to 2020″ is their window.””

    So here is my question to you. If the Military Takeover that you’re “Firmly Convinced” will happen, does not occur “next month or two”, does that make YOU a “propagandist liar”?

    You seem to be hell bent on making sure Americans are prepared for the imminent collapse, the one we can expect “next month or two”. Yes? With your strong point of view on the subject of preparations, let’s say someone new to all of this, who isn’t prepared comes to this site and reads your strongly worded statement with it’s clear cut deadlines. Well, if they were to believe you and have any hope to deal effectively with the collapse in the next two months then why shouldn’t they, since it’s all going to hell within two months, according to YOU, go out and max their credit cards to get the various provisions necessary to directly or indirectly ride out the catastrophic storm, about to unleash it’s military might on them? They should believe you, right? You do know what’s coming and when it’s coming, right? You wouldn’t be intentionally fear mongering, would you?: Let’s say they take YOU seriously and borrow money to get the provisions. THEY BELIEVE YOU. You’ve influenced them to prepare. BUT, then IT doesn’t come when you say it should and they can’t afford the payments on their maxed out credit cards. Then what do you recommend they do? (Oh, sorry, hold on, it will happen by July, for sure, just keep the collection agencies at bay.)

    Let us say it gets “postponed” (incrementalism), for another month, then another month, then a year or two or three? Who does one believe, then? Who is spreading propaganda?

    The reality is that neither of us know. So we make a prediction and see what happens. The difference between me and you is that either way, I’m prepared as best as I’ll ever be, considering the veritable kaleidoscope of possibilities headed this way and I’m open to any of the various possibilities, whereas, not only do you want to criticize anyone who has a differing opinion than yours but you want to call them “liars”, “propagandists”.

    So let’s see Jolly Roger. Today is the 9th of March. On the 9th of May I’ll get back to you and we will see, as you put it, who is the “Liar”. (Although “Liar” isn’t really the proper term for mispredicting the future, but we’ll let it slide)

    The reality is, I don’t really care. But you made this an issue, and we have plenty of witnesses, so let’s see how this unfolds, okay?

    But if nothing significant happens, i.e. no martial law or the likes, then hopefully you’ll get a strong dose of how TPTB are “incrementally” dismantling the Constitution and have all the time in the world to see their PLAN come into fruition, while the sleeping American masses remain intoxicated on their illusory pleasures of life, i.e. anything that keeps them distracted from reality.

  7. Bill in IL says:

    It is hard to get a handle on when any of this will happen, but I am convinced it will. Some are saying by the end of April, some are saying this summer, some are saying 2014, some are saying 2016, etc. The economy is in bad shape and could collapse at any time. One thing that strikes me as peculiar is the increase of “how great the economy is” lies bleating forth from the MSM propaganda machine.

  8. David Kidd says:

    A mobilization plan with any chance of success will require the people of this country to drop their cushy lifestyles and get serious. When we joined the service or were drafted, we left our civilian lives to fight for this country. If people don’t stop worrying about their “stuff” and their pensions and their lifestyles, it’s not going to go well for this country.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, I think the attachment to “stuff” is an achilles heel for many Americans. Not wise to take undue risk protecting it unless losing it would kill you immediately, like a water jerry in a desert.

      And a canny .gov type would know of this attachment to stuff, and exploit it.

      • David Kidd says:

        Joe, don’t you think that Americans will only fight after TSHTF? It’s like were just waiting to be provoked…waiting for a reason to react. It’s like two people saying a lot of smack back and forth until one person ups the level of threat from verbal to physical…That’s my simple example.

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