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Obama solicits ‘gun violence’ stories

Let's see if Obama is as interested in "gun violence prevention" as he is in "gun violence."The Examiner – by David Codrea

Just in time to bolster terminology shiftingfrom supporting “gun control” to opposing “gun violence,” Barack Obama’s new “Organizing for Action” group has embraced the meme to mask its aggressive post-election citizen disarmament efforts. To help with that, they’ve invited supporters to share stories that will give the administration the appearance of widespread public support for grabbing gu …uh… enacting “common sense gun laws.”

Disregarding for a moment legitimate fears of government corruption by the president’s unprecedented new “dark money” group, a concern bolstered by OFA’s recent in-your-face violation of IRS rules against 501(c)(4) organizations promoting parties and candidates, and ignoring the by now expected disconnect between insincere pledges of transparency and the actual stifling of outside scrutiny that is the group’s SOP, there may be some value in participating in this “progressive” group grope.

What they’re doing, of course, is the oldest trick in the gun-grabber playbook, looking at only one side of the equation, abuse of guns, and wholly disregarding protective positive benefits guns in private hands provide. So why not at least try to add some balance to the record, if for no other reason than to expose to the fence sitters that the whole “national conversation on guns” the antis say they want to have is actually code for “monolog” and “dictating the terms of surrender”?

To that end, I’m encouraging Gun Rights Examiner readers to join in the dialog and share your stories of gun defense uses/”gun violence” prevention, or alternatively, to share stories of criminal “gun violence” perpetrated by the “Only Ones” the gun-banners think should be armed, the police and agents of government.

As per my established practice of never asking readers to do something I’m not willing to do myself, I’ll jump into the pool first.

You start out here, on the “Your Stories” page, then click on the green tab that says “Tell Your Story.” That will take you to the entry form page, where they ask for your name, email address, zip code, a link to a story or photo, your story, and topic (in this case, select “Gun Violence” from the dropdown options. You also need to agree to their Ts &Cs, basically assuring them you have the rights to use what you send them and they can use it and don’t have to compensate you for it. Your actual mileage may vary, and with this crowd, don’t be surprised if you end up in aHumancentiPad.

Here’s what I wrote — a true story about life-saving civil disobedience I’ve talked about before on my The War on Guns blog:

I defended my family — myself, my wife and our infant son — with a gun against multiple assailants one night 20 years ago. I did not have to fire a shot, as simply producing it caused them to leave us alone, as happens so many times. I could not report the incident to police because, thanks to evil citizen disarmament laws, I could not get a carry permit in Los Angeles to save my life — literally, and I could have been charged with a “crime.” So thanks for nothing. But for the record, not that I believe you’ll allow this story to display on your site, my ability to get to a gun from a bag in my van enabled me to discourage and avoid violence.

The link I provided wasn’t related to my story, but instead went to the Lou Dobbs interview of Mike Vanderboegh and me, where he credited us for our work on Fast and Furious and focused on our ethics complaint against Attorney General Eric Holder — just as a pointed reminder that it’s tough to achieve more “gun violence” than by having guns knowingly walked to Mexican cartels on the Obama Justice Department’s watch.

As you can see, the entire process took just a few moments, and if enough of us do this, it will not only feel good as an act of uniting defiance, it may create a whole new set of headaches if it turns out the administration is actively suppressing legitimate stories of guns being used to save lives, or squelching accounts of gun abuse by the authorities they wish to endow with a “monopoly of violence.”

Look, you’re already on more lists than Carter has liver pills. Make this today’s “Five Minute Activism” project, and then share it with your friends.

Get started poking them here, and show the world these people have no real interest in the only “gun violence prevention” proven to work when no one is around but a perp and his potential victim.

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