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Obama will Kill more School Kids to get your Guns

Published on Jan 12, 2013 by David Lory VanDerBeek…
The only thing that will stop Obama is we the people in full political offensive this day and every day. It is not time for violent resistance. It is time to make your voice heard and to prepare yourself and your family physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually for the rebirth of America. America is pregnant with an idea, an idea that Obama has been assigned to kill. America is pregnant with the idea of freedom. You must fight and protect your freedom as if it was your own child and realize that Obama is here to kill it. Obama is willing to kill whoever it takes to get his way. He is willing to shoot up school buses and show the bloody bodies of children on TV if that’s what it takes. He will do it.

I think about what comes out of my mouth very carefully, so that I’m ready to put my life on the line for it. I’m not speaking here out of anger or rage. I’m speaking out of unconditional love and compassion for you the American people. And so I am issuing my own executive invitation to all the patriots of the United States. I say to you all. Come to Nevada. Come to Nevada. Nevada will ignore any more gun restrictions issued by Obama. Come to Nevada, where you will always be able to buy, sell, and exchange your fire arms freely including assault rifles with which we may need to fight the traitors in the federal government because Obama hopes to declare martial law this year. Come to Nevada and gather under the safety of the banner of the Constitution. Come to Nevada and establish yourselves as a free people. Come to Nevada as we change the State motto to “Restoring the American Dream.” Come to Nevada and we will fill it to over flowing with patriots, where we will watch over and protect one another. Come to Nevada where we will restore sound money and the free market.

Come to Nevada, where I will fight for you and next to you against whoever Obama sends. Be it federal traitors in TSA uniforms or UN and NATO “Peace keepers” from Russia and China, because they will show the American people no mercy. Obama especially likes the Russian troops because they are so brutal but they are Caucasian, so he can just put US Army uniforms on them to deceive the people. Come to Nevada where you will never become a disarmed slave to corporations or be placed in a FEMA concentration camp.

Come to Nevada. It’s full of patriots and there is still miles of empty land to fill up. I work in Vegas, but did you know that the valley next door just over the mountain is Pahrump Valley. It’s actually bigger than Las Vegas valley and currently there are only 40,000 people living there and its home to Frontsight Firearms training which is the largest firearms training facility in the world and owned by Constitutional patriots. I go to church with three friends who work there. One of them is one the fastest gunmen on the entire planet. We true Nevadans are absolutely committed patriots. If there is a civil war or martial law, Obama will have to drop a nuke on us, because they’ll never beat us and we will never surrender our freedom. We train the military and police from all over the world. People think the military is all that. No they’re not. We the people are all that. If the federal government ever tried to invade Nevada it would become the new Afghanistan war because we’re covered with unforgiving mountains. Obama will never get his dictatorship as long as you are armed. Sure Obama can drop nuclear bombs on us and kills us, then he will have our dead bodies, but he will never have our obedience.

Obama is far too weak, sniveling, and pathetic to ever be an actual dictator, but he is absolutely a set up man for someone far worse. I’m satisfied that he is the forerunner to an iron fisted Soviet Russia style dictator. Obama has worshipped and bowed to Communist China. Ultimately, if Obama gets his way, he will open the gate for their armies to enter the US to wage war in the name peace and they will ravage our nation like pirates. Russia and China are waiting for us to disarm.

But that will never happen, because right here in Nevada we are going to castrate the Presidency and legacy of Obama. As governor of the state I will arrest anyone who comes to Nevada to enforce Obama’s executive orders.

In closing, patriots everywhere, the threat of martial is real and looming. Obama is only waiting for the right moment to trigger his disaster. We do not have to repeat the sad history of so many other nations.

If you cannot come to Nevada, start now to organize a community of supportive Americans that you can count on when Obama initiates his staged crisis. You are Americans. Talk to one another. Communicate. You’ll quickly find that you’re not alone. And remember, no good deed is wasted.

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4 Responses to Obama will Kill more School Kids to get your Guns

  1. RobW says:

    obama, obama, obama….Does anyone really believe things would be different with a different puppet? Would a bush, clinton, mcpain, romney, palin?, really change anything? As far as the Nevada pitch goes, its just rhetoric aimed at desperate, ill informed citizens looking for a panacea, an easy solution. I think the article is humorous at best, targeted disinfo at worst. Rob

  2. Well, Rob, see, thats the problem. Most People will never take anything serious. The feds will be dragging their family to the regional FEMA Camp (those don’t really exist, right?) while fetal-positioned in the corner chanting “My government loves me and wants me to be happy, safe and healthy.”

    A different set of sympathizers (to which I used to belong) cheared when GW Bush was gutting our rights because he was a conservative, you know! I really believed back in the early 2000s that the right or the conservatives had Americans’ best interests in mind. By 2004 I was wavering. By 2006, I was done. I am no longer a lefty/righty and realize that is the wrong division and has been created to divide us to conquer us. The true division is more government or less government of which I am firmly in the camp of the later.

    The fact is, Mr. VanDerBeek is not complaining because of The Kenyan’s “party” affiliation but because of his statist, communist, marxist, fascist actions. The fact is, VanDerBeek realizes, as you do, that it doesn’t matter who is calling the shots, if those shots are the wrong shots, we need to kick up a fuss. I really don’t think he was slamming “democrats” just The Kenyans policies.

    As for me, now, I’ll be visiting Nevada. I won’t stay there, but, I’ll drive out there and take a look at the place just because of his invitation.

  3. HD,

    He’s not a “nig” as in Nigeria. He’s a Kenyan. Border sign there clearly says: welcome to Kenya, birthplace of Barack Obama.

    Now, you may not believe it, but if you dont you’re calling an entire country full of really nice Africans liars.

  4. RobW says:

    TCC, thanks for responding.
    I take this very seriously. That’s why I call out those who blame the kenyan (your term), for the problems we have. I’ve disagreed with democrats since LBJ, but what have any “smaller govt.” republicans brought us? Bigger govt., in every case, including state and local. They’re all part of the same gang, and politicos, such as obama, are just the front men.
    How did the “kenyan” get where he is without the gang promoting him, with ulterior motives in mind? They did that with jr. bush, bill clinton, and all the rest of the front men they put up. If we criticize obama, we’re “racist”; that’s why they put him there.
    As far as what to do, I’m still at a loss. For now, will just keep trying to keep in touch with others who care. Have fun in Nevada, been there a number of times. To those who live there, no offense, but I think the place sucks.
    Be well, Rob

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