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Obama’s Gun Control No Longer ‘Under the Radar’

Gun Owners of America

He’s ba-ack!

It took less than 24 hours.  The votes in Florida were still being counted.

But with Obama firmly entrenched for four more years, the U.S. officially went on record this week to support a new round of talks on the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Whereas he once told Sarah Brady he was pushing gun control “under the radar,” now he can openly launch broadsides against our gun rights.

On Wednesday, the U.S. joined 156 other countries in voting to finalize the treaty in March, 2013.  Russia was the only major country to vote against.

Several media outlets have reported that the Obama Administration temporarily withdrew its support for the treaty this year, amid fears that such support could hurt him in the November elections.  According to Reuters, “Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney.”

Gun Owners of America worked with Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) earlier this year to get 50 other Senators — some of them Democrats — to send a letter to the President opposing the treaty.

It was this letter, says Reuters, which prompted the Obama Administration to start “derailing the effort back in July.”

But now, with the President firmly ensconced in Washington for another term, the President is going to press hard for this gun control treaty.

So Gun Owners of America will be working hard with the new Senate to oppose the treaty.  And should the President sign it — and begin lawlessly implementing the treaty through Executive Orders — GOA will press the House and Senate to begin defunding his efforts.

We’ve done this before … we can do it again … together.

It’s going to be a long, hard battle.  And while we know this is going to be a tough economy, we really need you to stand with us and help us have the resources we need to fight these battles
Thank you for all your help.

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14 Responses to Obama’s Gun Control No Longer ‘Under the Radar’

  1. Smilardog says:

    Now that we don’t have to worry about all the people going back to sleep under a Romney Regime. Thinking falsely that everything would have been okay under his rule. We can now continue to wake people up to the truth of what the globalists have planned for us. The mask is coming off now and it will be seen plainly by the whole world what the agenda really is. So, now we can continue to spread the word of Truth and prepare for the battle ahead… Get your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids in order cause it’s going to be either us, or them. Slavery or Freedom

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      I’m hoping this latest ‘election’ (charade) will piss off a whole lot more sheeple, with the result that they’ll start looking for avenues of information other than the lying MSM, and finally start waking up.

      That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.

      • Smilardog says:

        I noticed almost immediately a new awakening in the psyche of everyone I’ve talked to. Obama winning the election is the best thing that could of happened to America. It like the scales have been lifted off of everyone’s eyes and now they can see. They bumped their heads and knocked a few brain cells together and now they can think. They watched what happen to Ron Paul. They saw Romney forced down our throats as the lesser of two evils. They got out and voted in recorded numbers, to supposedly stop the communist in chief, or at least slow it down for awhile and it failed them miserably. Now, they are in shock and unbelief at what just happened, and now they are scared. Now, they see the fraud that the system is. They don’t really understand it, but they know it is wrong. They knew in their hearts before that it was wrong, but now the reality of it is a painful pill to swallow.
        Now, when I mention that the only way is civil war and revolution, as I have always done. Instead of getting the laugh, and the, “oh, you’re to paranoid”. I get looked right in the eyes and told you are probably right, and I need to start getting my kids and family prepared. I am also quick to mention that immediately, not 24 hrs after the election, the vote are not even finished being counted in some states. They are starting talks with the UN on weapons bans. You can see the brain cells processing now. Where as, before their eyes would just glaze over.

        There is big change taking place right now. We have Obama right where we need him and want him. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He can’t make a move now without every Watchman shouting from the wall.
        I have heard that some of America’s greatest legal minds have been putting together the crimes of Obama Regime case and that they needed him to be in office to get the most effective legal impact , and each day proof of new crimes mount against him just tighten’s the noose even more.

        But, now is the time for us to personally talk to as many people as you can, while they are in shock and awe… because we know how easily they will go back to sleep.

        The Preppers are the new Prophets!

        • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

          Unfortunately, even if they DO manage to take down Obummer ( and I’m not holding my breath on THAT one), Biden is DEFINITELY NOT a viable alternative.

          Revolution – the only solution.

          • Smilardog says:

            I believe that O’Biden would be included in the treason, high crimes, and misdemeanors. If not, he will be later! You know what I mean?

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            Hang ’em all, and let God and the Devil sort ’em out.

            Of course, there won’t be much sorting involved with that bunch, as Satan will undoubtedly receive a 100% return on THOSE investments.

          • Whizerd67 says:

            OMG…dont even think that way…if Obama goes….it’s Biden…and if something happens to Biden during it all…then It’s HILLARY…Right?
            Hell no!
            This shit goes WAY beyond any president. Even if all the political figures that need to be held accountable in this country were unseated/jailed/whatever(now there’s something I don’t see happening unless drastic measures are taken almost immediately, along with other more important issues)..TPTB are still in control.
            And people better focus on that in this country, or just let it go under. If there is no focus on the money eradication from the banks/reserves/too big business/and the too wealthy/etc., and the troops getting away from unwanted and unneeded lands, any impeachment/revolution/civil disturbance/etc. will be for almost NO reason.
            And if those two things aren’t done soon, I will have to say it is too late for anything to be done anyway.
            I still say there is time to get it done…but there damn sure isn’t MUCH time.

            ~Blessed Be to all~

        • NC says:

          They have been putting up legal cases for every president. Each one is treasonous in his own way. Obama is no different. The legal team won’t do a damn thing during or after his term is up. Stop thinking with the legal system and start thinking with the patriot system. Throw that Kenyan asshole out of office by force and nothing less!! That is the only way. The ONLY way.

          • Smilardog says:

            Well, you could be right. But, let’s let the Patriot legal minds do what they do best. At some point we will have to bring a legal case against them all. So, we might as well let them get there cases prepared now, and practice running them thru the courts. At the same time it will let us know who in courts also, will be charged later. I guess you could call it flushing them out to let them hang themselves for later. We give the judges and courts a chance to commit treason also.

            I believe though, that some of these cases will be held in international courts, for the war crimes and international banking fraud crimes, anyway.

            We will see, but in the mean time all of these people covering for them are committing crimes as well.

            Those who we will be against us in the trenches will never see court, theirs will be double taps gorilla justice.

          • NC says:

            Eh..the International Courts are no better than the regular courts, so don’t expect too much out of them when the time comes.

          • Smilardog says:

            One way or another it will be tried… either here on Earth, or at the Holy of Holies Courtroom in Heaven by God

          • Whizerd67 says:

            I agree..but I feel that even doing that would accomplish very little. There are more important things than the presidency to focus on…believe it or not.
            Whoever is in that seat, in the present state of the U.S. and the world, would either submit to tptb that really runs things, or would be killed-off.
            Romney would have been NO different…
            As much as I hate to admit it, even RP would not have been able to do much other than uncover some things before getting killed. Theres too much corruption internally, and externally.
            I think that is why he didn’t say more than he did while in political office. He didn’t fight the blatant illegal ousting of his bid for POTUS. He knows. How could anyone in political power NOT know?

            ~Blessed Be to all~

      • NetRanger says:

        I’m right there with you guys! Can’t stand Obama. Certainly don’t support him, but, a Romney win would have put the opposition to tyranny asleep. In reality, having They Keyan bastard boy back in the white house is the best thing to happen. The puppet strings go to the same people. Obama is an overt idiot and we have his number. Romney is much more skilled. Under the cover of his appearance of a less socialist/marxist administraiton, he would have been able to further the bankster agenda.

        I wonder sometimes, because Obama is such a moron, if he’s really not that stupid and he’s really trying to derail the system. (…not a bad thing in my opinion.)

        Get those preps in line. We may need them sooner than later.

  2. Whizerd67 says:

    Theres only one thing that comes to mind for me about this issue….

    Hey U.N and anyone else approving of this..

    Sorry if thats a little extreme wording for the comments Hatr and Henry and all others…but dammit…

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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