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One family vs. Wells Fargo

When Marjorie Gibson passed away from cancer, she left her house to her daughter, Gail, to raise her children and grandchildren. At 65, Gail works full-time to support her family, and can afford to make her monthly mortgage payments.

But Wells Fargo won’t let Gail make her payments, because they say the house belongs to Marjorie, even though Marjorie is dead. Now Wells Fargo is trying to foreclose on the home Gail’s family has owned for two generations.

When Wells Fargo sent Gail notice of foreclosure shortly after her mother’s death, she was shocked. Gail says she tried to explain to Wells Fargo that she now owns the home and wants to pay the mortgage, but Wells Fargo just says they’ll look into it and never gives her any information.

Gail started a petition on asking Wells Fargo to stop the unfair foreclosure on her mother’s home. Click here to the sign the petition and stand with Gail.

Gail says Wells Fargo claims to have spoken with her mother about the home as she lay stricken with cancer, but Gail cared for her ailing mother to the end and says Marjorie was too weak to speak to anyone. Gail has contacted Wells Fargo for six months to get more information on the payments needed to keep the house, and says they continue to refuse to speak to her while moving ever closer to foreclosure. She even sent the bank a check for $5,000 and says it was returned.

Wells Fargo has already shown that it is responsive to public opinion. Just two months ago another family stopped foreclosure from the same bank after they got close to 180,000 signatures on Gail is confident that if enough people sign her petition, she can get Wells Fargo to listen, too.

Click here now to sign the petition asking Wells Fargo to stop the foreclosure on Gail’s mother’s home.

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12 Responses to One family vs. Wells Fargo

  1. NC says:

    I worked at a mortgage company before (Bank of America, sadly). They probably need her mother’s will, the deed to the house and power of attorney before they can speak with her. Also, they could take the payment amount if she knew how much it was but that’s about it, unless rules have changed in the past 5 or 6 years since I left. If she did all of this, then Wells Fargo is an ass. I mean I know Wells Fargo is already an ass, since they launder money from Mexico and are a part of the whole financial crisis as well, but that is besides the point.

    • Angel-NYC says:

      Yes, that’s common sense. Surely, she’s offered that already. However, if she hasn’t (which I can’t imagine), at least they could Tell her that’s what they need. When my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I took over all of her affairs, I was told.

  2. Kandy says:

    They can’t own the house for two generations and be making mortgage payments. Either you own it or you don’t . If you’re making mortgage payments, you are not a home owner, you’re a renter.

    • Angel-NYC says:

      Haven’t you seen the commercials for Reverse Mortgages?

    • ChewyBees says:

      Actually, even if you pay off your mortgage, you are still not an owner of anything, you are considered a tenant on your warranty deed. In this system of fascist federalism, you cannot own anything. This is further proof that we are all on the slave rolls of an insidious banking conglomerate.

      Here’s further proof. Pay off your property, and then stop paying property taxes on it. Find out how long you own it. The county will seize it without trial of any kind, hold it for a short period, give you final notice and then auction it off for however much they deem fit.

      Government commands that they own everything.

  3. Jim Stone says:

    OBVIOUSLY the banker bailout, which paid all mortgages off IN FULL 3x over BEHIND OR NOT, was not enough. The fourth payoff has got to be the charm – Oh wait, no, we can’t let them finish it. Let’s just call them RENTERS and GIVE THEM THE BOOT.

    Randy, I hope something blindsides a little sense into you. Perhaps it will take the loss of Your home for a reason you cannot predict.

  4. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    The sad truth is, that even if the mortgage is paid off, the state still owns it, regardless.

    That’s why I’ve never ‘bought’ property of any kind.

  5. Jayson says:

    It’s when I see things like this that my disdain for major banks grows. Unfortunately, these days it seems that people have to contact local media to get any help in situations like this. And banks wonder why we don’t trust them; what a shame this is.

  6. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    The daughter would have been better off using that five grand to hire an attorney. If there was a will, Wells Fargo could be standing on thin ice.

  7. Dm Ancruem says:

    Yikes…That is horrible!!
    Well, I don’t quite understand why the house is still being paid for after all this time. Maybe they took out loans on the property for something or other…

    It scares me to think about what you all have written about home-ownership in the USA. You can spend hundreds of thousands on gaining a home for your family and then the state can still take it away because of land tax!?

    Where does the paying stop and ownership begin?

    It sounds like you never really stop renting…

  8. rhumstruck says:

    When does the paying stop….?
    Having been down that road several times in my life, I’ll give you the short answer. IT NEVER STOPS, and you never truely own it.
    Cynical of me? YES!
    The Banks and courts have screwed me over a couple of times. All nice and legal. And NO,I DID NOT HAVE second and third mortgages on my homes.

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