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Oppose Obama…Prepare to Die!

obama dronesWeb Commentary – by Sher Zieve

By now, most of you are likely aware of the 16-page DOJ memo outlining Obama’s plan to kill US citizens at will…whenever and wherever he likes. The “rules of law’ the Obama syndicate members appear to be using are those laws consisting of Obama’s plans to bring them into existence via Executive Orders and existing law that he and his attorneys will deem–whether they are or not–supportive of their master’s “right” to kill anyone he says is a terrorist, a potential terrorist or someone he thinks might be a terrorist in the future.

In other words, via Obama and New World Order ‘logic‘, Obama can kill anyone he deems dangerous…even ideologically to himself, personally. That of course, includes anyone and everyone who opposes him. Currently, the memo pertains to killing US citizens without charges or a trial or even legal assistance for the targeted citizen outside of the country.

Under the US Constitution killing US citizens without due process of existing law is not allowed–whether in or out of the country. All it would take for Obama to decide to kill US citizens in their homes–those who “offend” him–would, apparently, be another swipe of his pen in the form of yet another illegal Executive Order; the same type of Executive Order that most members of Congress have, thus far, patently ignored.

Regarding the memo, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated: “It basically says that the president of the United States can authorize an ‘informed, high-level official of the U.S. government’ to strip the constitutional protections of an American in a foreign country if the informed official is satisfied that the American is an imminent danger to American national security and his capture or arrest would be impractical, That is basically the power claimed by kings and tyrants. ‘I can suspend the law to get you if you are a danger‘.”

Note: Please remember that in the 1970s ObamaFriend and real terrorist Bill Ayers (via FBI informant Larry Grathwohl) said that over 25,000,000 (that’s 25 millions, folks) Americans would likely have to be exterminated because they would be too loyal to the US Constitution, too capitalistic and would not be able to be “reeducated” Soviet style. It would seem that, in true Obama fashion for his friends, one of Bill Ayers’ fondest wishes is about to be realized. By the way, in that same video (see source material below) the references to giving China and Russia US land on US homeland soil was and still is one of Ayers’ desires. Via Obama dictate–and a willing and/or cowed Congress–China is already setting up camp in various portions of the USSA and is planning to set up more of them. Colleague Eric Rush offers excellent insight into portions of this and Obama’s determination to disarm the American public in his recent column “The Darkest Design of Barack Obama.”

Every day now, Barack Obama is doing more to destroy our country and us. Each day, said destruction becomes bolder and bolder. If bullies and tyrants aren’t stopped this is what, inevitably, happens and lives are summarily destroyed or ended. Alexander (the Great) did it. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mao did it. Pol Pot did it, amongst countless others. Now, Barack Hussein Obama is working to do it and become more tyrannical than any of the rest. My column in 2008 “Is the USA ready for an American Stalin” was more prescient than I realized at the time. Few of our “leaders” have been or are currently willing to take on the would-be greatest tyrant of them all. It appears that we columnists and those web sites that continue to fight the beast are, almost, the only vocal ones left. We can only pray that there are a few true leaders who will light the torch of freedom–once again–in order to bring back both sanity and liberty to the God-fearing country that was once a beacon and safe harbor to the world. For, we cannot truly continue, at all, on our present course; a course which already includes death. So, either way, Obama plans to “get” US citizens and those on the federal level–think Boehner and the other RINOs–have already told us they are powerless or unwilling to stop the onslaught.

It, again, is up to We-the-People. How many are willing to put on the armor of God, pick up Obama’s gauntlet and slap him back?

“For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death”–Psalm 48:14

DOJ 16-page memo:

Judge Napolitano On Drone Strikes: Nowhere Justifiable Under The Constitution Or Federal Law:!

Napolitano: Obama ‘stealing’ American lives:

Larry Grathwohl on Ayers’ plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions:

The Darkest Design of Barack Obama:

Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?

Sher Zieve

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7 Responses to Oppose Obama…Prepare to Die!

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    F%$k Obama, and his drones. Every drone needs an operator, and that’s a seriously weak link in that chain of command, because someone will find out who and where they are.

    Will Obama be in charge of his own drones, or will those champions of the joystick jump on the winning team?

    Before you start “fearing the drones” like they want you to, just remember that a lot of people are “going through the motions” of doing their job to maintain their present source of food and shelter, but when things start going south there will be a quick reassessment of who is on whose side. Drone operators have to live here too, and they’re going to remember that fact before they start firing on American targets.

    Please remember that the tools they’re using to scare you now will likely be pointed in different directions than originally planned by the tyrants. They think they have more people fooled than they actually do.

  2. diggerdan says:

    I can never forget when ronnie reagon said ” If you smoke just one joint that you support terrorism”. Yep that is what he said at the sttart of his just say no thing. In other words obama could use that phrase from reagon and say that you should be droned and killed for supporting terrorism. Litterly.

  3. sc00ter313 says:

    Phuck Obama and his minions. The premiere liar of all time. What a crock he is. His earlier spiel about “hope” and “change” sounded too good to be true. Like Bernie Madoff: his schemes were “too good to be true”. Many took him at his word. With friends like that filthy, yiddish gangster, Rohm Emanuel, Nazi Israel and the way he threw his preacher, Jeremiah Wright, under the bus for telling the truth about this empire, should have raised suspicion.
    Supporting this Idi Amin wanna-be was one of the biggest political mistakes I ever made. “fool me once”.
    I thought most of the opposition to him in the primaries was racially motivated. It appears that was not the primary motivation.
    Obama isn’t fit to clean my bathroom.
    His human rights record is much further off the rails than G. W. Bush and Darth Cheney ever dreamed of doing.
    HATE THEM ALL. TRAITORS SUPREME. They have sold us out to the “jewish lobby”, can’t get any more unAmerican than that.

    • SteveApple says:

      You supported this african ??????????? go from me/us(if any others agree) and REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN.The shame that a vote for this commie piece of crap has brought on my country and a blight on the world is beyond calculation.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Steve, voting in this country is a TOTAL fraud, so support, or non-support is virtually immaterial, at least as far as him being elected is concerned. It would have happened anyway. Just remember one thing – the ONLY choices we’re given are THEIR choices, so the bottom line is: the other candidate would have been no better of a choice, insofar as the NWO’s agenda is concerned (except that he was actually born in this country)

        Morally, though, it’s another story.

        • SteveApple says:

          I can find no excuse for voting for their(PTB) selection dem or repug.The salient point is LEAVES IN THE WIND cant be counted on when the GOING GETS TUFF I want someone who wont waver, who know shit from shinola, who doesnt vote for pretty hopey changey words that really dont mean diddly squat. If you want your ass covered by a mush minded individual(fair weather friend) more power to you #1 call me hard but refer to the old addage FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU fool me twice shame on me. We as a nation are in dire dire straits,and have no time for sunshine patriots let alone those who didnt get “their free cellphones” anyone who voted for this african IS A TRAITOR to me ,you, our kids, ancestors ,forefathers and the idea that is america and will be given no quarter. If you want to allow this “buyers remorse type” into your fold then that is a choice I hope you dont regret. I will hold to the age old adage that a leopard does not cannot change his spots.

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            Steve, he’s OBVIOUSLY referring to the FIRST time Obummer ran for office, NOT the last election. He has since discovered the true nature of the matrix, and also OBVIOUSLY has no love for those involved. You can’t tell me that you’ve known all your life about the NWO, that would be far from credible at best, a blatant lie at worst. Most of us are in various stages of awareness, and it is apparent that this poster had experienced his awakening at some point during Obummer’s first term.

            I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve ONLY voted TWICE in my ENTIRE life, once to recall Gray Davis ( and NO, I did NOT vote for that idiot actor to replace him), and again for Bush in his second term. It was not until he was well into his second term that I discovered the true nature of the world we live in.

            So, are you saying I am any less of a patriot for not discovering this information any sooner than I did? I have spent literally thousands and thousands of hours of research in the years since then, and can honestly claim that I’ve personally met only two people with my level and depth of understanding of the NWO and the extent of their agenda. No brag, just fact. Yet, I do not deem myself superior to others because of this, just more zealous than most in my desire to know the truth about all aspects of my enemy. My main goal in achieving this level of knowledge is so that I am able to educate, not denigrate, others who are not as well informed. That is what I appreciate most about FTT, because many of the posters here are very well informed, and I’m extremely grateful to Henry for maintaining this site.

            So, unless you can walk on water, you’re no more perfect than the rest of us. If I were you, I’d lose that holier than thou attitude, because I, for one, do not appreciate such arrogance, as that is trademark of the very people I hate most, the NWO.

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