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Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine

Infowars – by Adan Salazar

CNN host Piers Morgan is likely wanting another chat with daytime talk-show host Dr. Oz. for an explanation on why he got sick just days after having a flu vaccination administered on live television.

According to his recent interview with country music star and actor Dwight Yoakam, the host is admittedly feeling under-the-weather and has a sore throat.

Morgan asks, “You’re a singer; you must have had sore throats over the years. As you can tell, things are deteriorating. Is there any advice you can give me?”

Yoakam tells Morgan, “Don’t ever take a flu shot again,” referring to Morgan’s recent public stunt in which he and Dr. Oz attempted to dispel the “myth” surrounding vaccines that one can acquire the flu post-vaccination; however, Morgan’s “deteriorating” condition does anything but support the TV doctor’s claims.

Morgan told Yoakam, “We’re both doing the math, so I mean, we both saw him put that thing in my arm and within 10 days I’m struck down.”

Yoakam replied that he was skeptical about their efficacy and that he himself had never been vaccinated: “…I’m not a medical advisor…I don’t believe in them.”

Days ago, the folks at CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight thought it’d make for an entertaining segment to have Dr. Oz shoot Morgan up with the flu vaccine on live TV.

In the segment, Morgan rolls up his sleeve for his “first ever flu shot” as he nervously asks Dr. Oz about the “myths” surrounding the vaccine.

“So the myth about these, and I’m told it’s a myth, is that you can actually get flu or flu-like symptoms simply by having the shot. Is that true?”

As if reading straight from the CDC’s own seasonal flu vaccine fact guide, Oz brazenly replies, “You cannot get the flu from the flu shot because the material is actually dead flu virus. So it cannot cause a problem for you. It’s based on whatever virus was present in Southeast Asia a few days ago.”

“So that is a myth?” Morgan asks.

“That’s a myth,” Oz reassures.

After he injects Morgan with the dead flu strain, Oz. turns to the crowd and takes a bow as if he’s just performed some tremendous feat.

Morgan’s very public onset of illness following his inoculation doesn’t do much to help the image of the vaccine industry who many have argued may be doing more harm than good. Past news items don’t seem too reassuring either.

For instance, a few days ago, Reuters gave an account from one of nearly 800 children in Europe that had developed narcolepsy as a result of being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine produced by the British drugmaker, GlaxoSmithKline in 2009.

Emmanuel Mignot, a specialist in the sleep disorder at Stanford University in the U.S., stated that there was no doubt in his mind “that Pandemrix increased the occurrence of narcolepsy onset in children in some countries – and probably in most countries.”

In October 2012, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Switzerland’s health regulator imposed an immediate ban on Novartis AG’s flu vaccines… after possibly contaminated flu shots were found in batches in Italy…”

This past September, a study led by Vancouver’s Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, found that people who received a flu shot before the outbreak of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic were more likely to get infected with the swine flu virus than those who didn’t take it.

Also, in July 2010, a report from Australia’s The Age found that influenza vaccines sent 100 infants into life-threatening convulsions, after which Australian health authorities were forced to reiterate a ban “on the use of Fluvax for children under five as a result of the convulsions which occurred at nine times the expected rate.”

The CDC also lists seizures in children as a “moderate” side effect of injecting the Influenza vaccine, while listing adverse reactions like fevers, headaches, and hoarseness as “mild.”

The list goes on to say, “Life-threatening allergic reactions from vaccines are very rare. If they do occur, it is usually within a few minutes to a few hours after the shot.”

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9 Responses to Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine

  1. rhumstruck says:

    So the best we can hope for is that this seditious foreigner gets sick enough to be off air for a few days?

    • NC says:

      Oh…come on. We all know he’s just taking one for the team.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Some people HAVE been paralyzed by the flu shots, you know.

      Some have even died from them.

      I’m rooting for the latter.

      • rhumstruck says:

        The list goes on to say, “Life-threatening allergic reactions from vaccines are very rare. If they do occur, it is usually within a few minutes to a few hours after the shot.”
        The buggering idiot made it past the critical stage. 🙁

  2. Patriot247365 says:

    Let us all bow our heads in prayer and pray that this filthy corrupt redcoat agent gets stage IV cancer today, from breathing chemtrails.

  3. Fred says:

    HA HA! The vaccines are poisonous and Piers was warned by
    Dwight Yoakam on his show. Now he’s sick!

  4. It is I only says:

    Why didn’t they give him a triple shot?

  5. Lou says:

    Wow. Folks we have just seen an important lesson in Karma.

    What was supposed to have been a propaganda push for the “flu vaccine”, perhaps a very “special flu vaccine” this year, turns out to be a great lesson in what happens when you TRUST the US “health” Care System.

    Good luck Morgan and if you end up in a hospital make sure to watch out for the Death Panels.

  6. gov-watcher says:

    I think Morgan and Oz inadvertently decreased Big Pharma’s profits for the year by a hundred million dollars. People do need to wake up, vaccines are a lethal hoax, a con-game that’s been going on for almost a hundred years. The media are willing/eager accomplices. The damage that’s been done to the too-trusting public is beyond tremendous. Vaccines, fluoride, aspartame, pesticides, GM food are all WMD’s. The PTB do want to seriously cull the population and because peeps are too trusting, always deferring to authoritarians and TV news talking heads, the assault on the people continues. One irony is that we pay for all the things that are killing us in droves.

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