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Police and Military being asked if Willing to Confiscate Guns

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“This update is current and may be shared as you see fit.”


This is first hand intel, verified by one of my trusted unit members. I take it as gospel. You can take it however you like. He visited a local gun shop ( a regular stop, my unit frequents this shop) and the following event occurred. Some portions redacted for persec.

Report from SPC XXXXX: received 01/10/13, 14:00

“I was in a gun shop last night called XXXXXXXXXXXXX.  The one with the owner I was telling you about. (a patriot)   The Owner was talking to a man about 28-30 years of age who had his wife with him.  He was buying a gun for his wife.  I heard them talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying.  At one point their voices became very quiet but they continued to talk.   After the man and woman left, I talked to the owner about a XXXXXXXXX for a rifle.

He asked me if I saw the couple he was talking to and went on to explain that the husband was an Ohio State Patrolman for Gallia County.  The patrolman told the owner that he was at a State Police meeting (Time frame unknown, but recent) in Columbus (OH)and they were asked by the State HQ how they felt about confiscating guns from citizens.  He also told the owner that TSA agents (or perhaps DHS?) had been to Gallia County earlier in the month (January) stating that there might be civil unrest and asked them (State Troopers), The County Sheriff, and local township law enforcement the same question.

The patrolman told the owner that he was in Columbus with 10 other patrolmen from the area.  He told the owner that he stated he wasn’t willing to confiscate weapons and that if they came to his house he (the State Patrolman) ‘would kill them’.  He stated the other 10 patrolmen conveyed the same message.

My unit member left and reported to me asap. We have elevated our alert level as a result.

Ohio Valley Minutemen

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20 Responses to Police and Military being asked if Willing to Confiscate Guns

  1. Truthurts says:

    God bless the good men and women in Law Enforcement and the military.

    It seems a growing number of them are going to resist this NWO gun grab.

  2. Kinny says:

    The easy answer here is not gun confiscation. Just stop now.

    The answer is truth commissions, indictments, jail time and clawback of financial assets, all done by an impartial judiciary. Just deal with it.

    There is much information out in the blogosphere that any attempt by our politicians and security forces acting unlawfully to abrogate the second amendment will be met by fierce resistance, and given the huge number of decent, but determined citizens who are well armed (in the tens to 100+ million range), those on the front lines attempting to enforce unconstitutional, clearly illegal orders will be met with lawful and appropriate, but severe force. Just stand down now.

    Jim Kirwan has written about this quite often.
    Here is a list of his articles, you should familiarize yourself with.

    Good citizens always support their law-abiding officials and law enforcement officers. When they take their positions they swear on oath of office/employment. Read it. Familiarize yourself with it. Know it.

    That ends the issue.
    It’s time for indictments.

  3. CXJ says:

    I am closely associated with the local and state law enforcement agencies and I can truthfully state that I have not spoken with one single officer that would enforce a gun confiscation order, not one. The men I associate with are honest and brave individuals that can be trusted and depended on when push comes to shove.

    The current administration has got it’s “Thing In The Ringer.” If Obama is bluffing he is about to lose big time. If Obama is not bluffing he is about to lose everything… He can kiss his “Glorious Communist Revolution” goodbye!!!

    When Obama loses, which he will, the NWO guys are going to throw him and Michelle under the bus. Obama had better keep Air Force One gassed up and rearing to go. Beijing would extent open arms to you comrade Barky.

    Adios Barky! Oh! Be sure to take Bill “Capital Bomber” Ayers with you!

    Good day

  4. REDHORSE says:

    I have spoken to two guys i was in redhorse with that have been cops sence we all got out.They have told me that they wouldn’t do it eather;
    1.Because its unconstitutional and,
    2 Because they don’t want to end up dead.
    They have said that most of the cops they hang around with won’t eather.

  5. Ben Bernanke says:

    Gold, Bttchez!

  6. chris says:

    Without their enforcement arm they are nothing but assholes in suits issuing edicts on paper and the people know it

  7. robertsgt40 says:

    I hope that’s not a scope on that shotgun in the pic. LOL

  8. DL. says:

    In the county in which I live, no way would gun confiscation occur (simply because most every one in this county owns at least one firearm, including children, and know how to use them). But in places I like to call “soccer mom central” (or, as Eric Peters would call them, “clovers”)…most of which are in the so-called “blue states,” the answer to gun confiscation is likely the cops would do it. Either that, or they’d get MS-13 or Crips or Bloods to do it. It could get interesting in, say, El Paso, Texas….

  9. Logan Fyfe says:

    I’d like to think most military and police would refuse gun confiscation orders effectively nullifying the effort on the basis of unconstitutionality. Going further, undeclared wars are unconstitutional. If the cause is just, a declaration of war should occur before forces are deployed and the objective should be unambiguous victory. Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc. are/were undeclared unconstitutional wars.

    Now consider WalMart’s pledge to hire all honorably discharged veterans and to suspend further ammo orders. This on the heels of meeting with Biden. I smell an attempt to placate veterans hornswoggled in these wars, with good reason to be disgruntled and possessing the skills to resist additional abuses.

  10. uninformedLuddite says:

    There are so many posters that I haven’t seen posting before letting us know that our brave, loving and ever resourceful LEO’s would never f#@k us over in any way as they always have our best interests at heart.
    Doesn’t it just make you swell with patriotic mucous?

    • oldvet says:

      yeah uninformedLuddite,..their talk is cheap…lets see what happens when push comes to shove….glad you brought that up ..ive been thinking the same thing here

      • uninformedLuddite says:

        Once a law is passed and on the books the majority of those sworn to uphold the constitution will forget about their oath and enforce the law as they have been told.
        I think the only thing that will slow them down is when they start to take casualties. Initially it wont it will just make them use bigger nastier weapons and tactics which as you well know only leads to escalations in tactics and levels of violence. I doubt it is going to be very pretty it will separate talkers from walkers very quickly.

    • oldvet says:

      A part of me wants to believe that LEO’s and Service members would refuse that order.
      The other part says they would go for it.

      The Military is swollen with young-dumb Nintendo jockeys today who wouldn’t understand constitutional law if the Book hit them in the face. Many would follow along with their comrades by peer pressure and the thoughts of feeding their young brides and small kids.
      All most of them know is that Uncle Sam is their mommy and daddy…much different than when we were in uniform…but even my generation carried out the KENT STATE massacre. And before that it was the BONUS ARMY killings in DC by MacArthur and young Lt. G. Patton…go back even longer and see Shea’s Rebellion or the WHISKEY Rebellion.

      We have made gods and heroes of the military these days…the prevalent attitude amongst the lower ranks is one of superiority over the citizen. Their Idea of “serving their country” is not the same as was yours or my generations.
      Most look at citizens with contempt or disdain, even more so for the public joe who does not support the never ending ME wars. That person, to them is as much an enemy as the insurgents.

      What about cops? I hear how most are good folks and the bad apples are very few…I say bullshit!!
      Before any of this gun grab crap was brought to light cops were already an elitist arrogant bunch of thugs…JBT’s?
      Even before Aurora or Sandy Hook,…ever tried to just talk to a cop? You couldn’t….they would stand with their hand on their piece and look down at you and word play you to try and find a reason for your arrest…..or they would ask you out of the car to strip you of all rights at a roadside check point…now they are enforcing blood samples at traffic stops,…and cavity searches on women ,but hey,.they are on your side remember???.

      YOU ARE A GUILTY PERP to them!!…PERIOD… don’t believe it?? Call 911…see what transpires…..
      Ask NC how that sh*t turned out.

      Good decent cops?? gimme a break, they are still enforcing illegal laws with Gestapo style tactics…….don’t believe Id want one of the California OWS cops with the cans of mace telling me he was on my side.

      So ok,..even if they did join us…after all that’s been done…you gonna trust them?? I sure as He** will not.

  11. rhumstruck says:

    Yes sir UL!
    I’m thinking I might need breathing treatments after sucking in some of that mustard gas.

  12. hp says:

    Well they just missed their chance to confiscate (haha) a couple of million fire arms in Pennsylvania in one day.

    Opening day of deer season there were 800,000 men and women out and about armed with high powered rifles, pistols and shotguns.

    I didn’t see a cop in uniform the entire day.

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